The Division: Best Skills

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As you know your gear plays very important role in the game. The items you equip and use affect strength of your character a lot. But gear is not the only factor that affects your power. It’s also very important to use the best skills in The Division. This guide will help you with this.

Are All The Skills Great? In general yes, but some are more useful for solo playstyle while others will help you a lot when you play in a group.  


Though this skill is one if the first that you unlock it is one of the most useful. You will find it extremely helpful in Dark Zone. This ability reveals nearby enemies even if they are hiding behind something. This is your threat scanner that allows to look through walls. It is extremely useful when you wish to extract your contaminated loot.

If you want to see all power of Pulse you should definitely unlock Quarantine upgrade in Medical Wing in Base of Operations. This will give you access to great modifications:

  • Recon Pack – Increases range of pulse scans and shows nearby loot containers. Rather good ability for PvE.
  • Tactical Scanner – Increases your damage, critical hit chance and critical hit damage when attacking any hostile targets identified by the pulse scan. Works for the whole team. Must have in PvP, especially when you play in a group. This is one of the most usefull abilities in the game because it gives critical hit chance buf which stucks with other abilities. Read How To Get 100% Critical Hit Chance? for more information.
  • Scrambler – protects you and your team from hostile pulse scans. Useless mod in general. But some players may find it useful.  

Support Station

Support Station is another great ability from Medical Wing. It requires Virus Lab upgrade which can be purchased for 500 Medical Supplies. This skill allows player to deploy a healing station which recovers health of all the allies within range.  If you wish to make this skill better it’s recommended to unlock Hazmat Unit upgrade. This will give you access to special modifications:

  • Life Support - Drops a revival station that not only heals but automatically revives any allies who are downed within the affected area. Useful skill, especially for staying alive when playing difficult missions or Incursions.
  • Immunizer – Drops a recovery station that removes Status Effects and makes allies immune while within the affected area.
  • Ammo Cache – regains ammo of the allies as they reload. Also increases skill cooldowns. 

This skill is one of the best when you are playing in a group. One of team members must have this ability!

First Aid

First Aid is one of the best healing abilities for playing solo. It recovers health of your character or your ally. You may also find it useful when playing in a team. The ability has 3 great mods:

  • Defibrillator – revives downed allies and grant them a portion of their normal health.
  • Overdose – recovers more health and can overheal.
  • Booster Shot – recovers health and gives damage buff.


Turret is one of the most popular abilities in The Division. You can unlock it by upgrading Tech Wing with Control Room for 500 Tech Supplies. The skill deploys a turret that automatically attacks enemies. But the ability becomes really powerful after you unlock Water Purification upgrade which allows you to use following modifications:

  • Active Sensor – boosts turret’s damage and  marks attacked targets making them visible to your allies.
  • Dragonbreath – reduces the range but now the turret shots enemies with flame. Rather good modification, especially if you unlick Wildfire talent which gives 30% chance to apply burn to all enemies in range.
  • Zapper – the turret now shots electrical darts that damage and shock multipole targets. This is the sweetest modification! It’s extremely useful in both PvP and PvE encounters because it allows to stun enemies for short period of time. Many players use this skill for their builds.

Tactical Link

Tactical Link is the best Signature skill. This skill can be unlocked by upgrading Tech Wing. You need to buy the most expensive upgrade called Division Tech which will cost you 1000 Tech Supplies. After this you may use Tactical Link ability. This skill increase damage and critical hit chance of your character and nearby allies. This may save your team from wipe.

The only minus is lengthy cooldown. It will take 14 minutes before you can use Tactical Link again.

Tactical Link

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