The Division Classified D3 FNC Patch 1.8 PTS

By: SunwindPC

Agents, the Public Test Serve for patch 1.8 for The division is live and it's time to take a look at the new classified gear sets. We are starting with the D3-FNC set. This is really interesting as the set has received a major overhaul and the classified bonuses are a lot to take in.

The 2 piece still gives you 15 % Protection from Elites, but the 3 piece now gives your shield 10% damage reselience which is a very strong stat. The 4 piece bonus still allows you to use an SMG with the shield deployed, but now it increases the shield's health by 34% for every 2000 stamina you have, making this, once again, a tank oriented build and removing the need for electronics. However a Shield scaling with stamina removes additional team utility and damage from the player. At the current state of the game a tank is not really needed in the game as 99% of the builds are self sustained and the shield only comes in use for specific mechanics set by the game.

The 5 piece bonus gives you even more protection from elites and more shield resilience The 6 pc bonus is where things get serious.Your melee damage done with the shield is now increased by 2000%. The bonus is nice and you can hit NPC's for around 200k damage but the mechanic around it is so chaotic and requires you to really get in there, I can't really see a good use for this as you'd deal more damage shooting and there's really no reason for you to charge the enemies. Now the second part of the bonus gives players the ability to heal the shield. So basically any overheal you receive, is instead applied to the shield. Currently however, this is bugged and regardless of how weak the heal is, it will instantly heal up the entire health of the eshield. The third bonus gives you a buff.

For every 500k damage done to the shield, you and your group members that are in range of 30 metrees will receive a buff that increases their armor by 20% and weapon damage by 20% for 5 seconds. Not only that, but the duration of this buff is increased by 1 second for every 2000 stamina you have, again babsically making you spec completely into Stamina. The issue here is that the 500k Shield DMG received buff is too random and is uncontrollable.

The Division Classified D3 FNC Patch 1.8 PTS

There's no progress bar to let you know when you're about to receive that buff so you can't really time it with the rest of the tactics of your group in a boss fight. You can only hope that you'll get it often enough. And after giving up all the firearms and electronics, you'd sure as hell want to get that buff. I can't see a good use of the 6pc classified bonus in PVP, you hit for around 50k damage, but again it takes so much effort to try and hit your enemy, that it's just not worth it. That about covers it for the D3-FNC set, I am looking at a couple of builds with barret's chest, that may be viable.

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