Crafting in The Division: Full Guide

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The Division is loot driven RPG where your items play very important role. Strength of your character depends on the gear a lot. There are different ways to obtain new gear: complete missions, kill enemies, searching everywhere and of course crafting!

Crafting plays important role in The Division. It allows to create different types of armor, weapons, backpacks, weapon and armor modifications, gas masks and many other items. It’s possible to create almost everything except cosmetic items like jackets and so on. As you see crafting is very useful.

A player can create different things at special crafting station. The station can be found at the Base of Operations only. There are Safe Houses on the map but there are no stations there. When you use the station list of all categories appears on the left. There are 9 different categories of items and Material Conversion tab. Every category has different number of available items.

Crafting Station

Materials / Resources

Every blueprint has Resource Requirements where you can see required materials. Here is a full list of materials you can find in the game:

  • Weapon Parts – allow to create weapons and weapon mods
  • Tools – allow to create weapons and weapon mods
  • Electronics – required for gear and gear mods
  • Cloth / Fabric - required for gear and gear mods
  • Division Tech – rare material required for crafting special items using Dark Zone blueprints.

Materials have different categories of rarity. The categories are the same with item rarity scale. If you wish to receive High End (Yellow) item you will need High End materials for this. Here is a list of rarity grades:

  • Worn (Grey)
  • Standard (Green)
  • Specialized (Blue)
  • Superior (Pink)
  • High End (Yellow)

The higher the grade is the more difficult it is to find the material and the better item you receive as a crafting result.

Where to find materials?

You can find resources when you explore the world. Sometimes you will find them after killing enemies, sometimes in crates. Sometimes you may receive them as a reward for helping civilians. There is one thing you need to know: your gear is a very good source of resources. It’s possible to deconstruct items you no longer need and receive materials in return. That’s why you should think before selling your gear. Maybe it’s better to deconstruct it?

Pay attention: when you deconstruct item the grade of materials you receive will not change. For example if you deconstruct Superior (Pink) rifle you will receive Superior resources.

This is important for low level but high rarity items. For example you have found a low level but high rarity gun at early stages of the game. It’s obvious that you will have to replace it with stronger weapon later on. When you replace it you can then deconstruct it and thus receive cool materials for further usage.

Material Conversion

What if you wish to craft high rarity item but you don’t have enough resources? Well, you can always try to convert low level materials. Material Conversion allows you to craft materials with higher rarity using materials of previous rarity stage. For example it’s possible to upgrade Superior (Pink) material to High End (Yellow) level but you will have to spend 5 pieces of Superior (Pink) for getting only 1 piece of High End (Yellow). Sometimes this may be a fair trade. This option is only for “upgrading” material. You can’t create Weapon Tools out of Fabric.

Pay Attention: It’s possible to convert all the materials except Division Tech. That’s because this material is pretty exclusive and very hard to find. Developers decided to make it very valuable.

Where to convert resources? You can do it at the crafting station. Material Conversion tab located at the bottom of the category list.

Material Conversion Tab

Item Blueprints

Blueprints can be found in different parts of the world. Right now there is no information about where and how you can get these blueprints. We only know that if you have found one it will be added to the list of your crafting recipes forever. You will be able to use it for as many times as you wish. For example you can create the same modification several times and upgrade different weapons with it.

Blueprints don’t scale with your character, meaning that the blueprint from early game stages will most likely be useless at the end game. For example you may find a blueprint of Level 4 Standard rarity body armor. It will not scale when you level up.

Thus if you wish to craft High End gear at the end game you must find Level 30 High End blueprints first! And it looks like these blueprints will be very difficult to obtain!

Randomness in Crafting

Imagine you have a blueprint and have collected required materials. Now it’s time to craft! There is one thing you should know: there is a certain degree of randomness in every attempt. If you look at the blueprint you will see that for example Level 4 Body Armor blueprint (Standard rarity) will give you Level 4 Body Armor (Standard rarity) but the characteristics of the armor may vary!

Randomness in Crafting

  • The blueprint tells that the final item may have from 18 to 22 armor rating (randomly)
  •  it will give an extra bonus to one of your Attributes. You don’t know which attribute will be boosted and the amount of the boost.
  • You will also receive one Random Bonus to the item. This can be anything. For example +5% Increase Kill XP.

You never know what bonuses you will receive before the crafting attempt is finished. That’s why creating an item you wish to have may require several attempts.

It’s not only about gear. All crafting recipes in The Division work in the same way. You craft an item but you never know what extra bonuses it will have. Everything depends on your luck.


  • Never sell or drop High End (Yellow) gear!  It’s better to deconstruct it in order to get valuable resources.
  • Use material conversion if you have large number of for low level materials.
  • Always collect Division Tech resource! This resource is very difficult to find and you must always take it if you have such opportunity.
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