The Division: How to beat Incursions?

By: Admin

Incursions are new ultra-difficult missions in The Division added in 1.1 update. It’s the next level of end-game content available for level 30 players.

If challenge mod in standard missions is hard for you than the incursions will be hell. They are designed to be really tough and they can be completed by good groups of players with amazing gear, good strategy and synergy. This group content still has matchmaking. But you wish to be good in this type of end-game you will most likely need a regular group.


The main difference from regular missions is that there are no Checkpoints. If your group fails you will have to start all the activity from the beginning! That’s why having a good group is important. All participants must know how to play the game.

They come with two difficulties: Hard and Challenge. First of all you need to complete them on Hard mode and then you get access to challenge mode.  

Why to Participate?

These missions are the hardest and thus will reward you with the best items in the game. Moreover, they are the main source of Gear Set pieces. There is no weekly lockout. You can complete them as many times as you wish. If you are hardcore farmer you will get good rewards.

This type of content has extra weekly reward on Challenge Mode. You receive it when you complete mission for the first time this week.  Weekly rewards are the best. However these rewards are per character so if you have 4 characters you can benefit from it 4 times per week.


Incursions are tough! There are strong enemies and there are no checkpoints. That’s why you need to get prepared before starting them.

  • Hard Mode. If you wish to try Incursions on Hard mode it’s recommended to have Level 31 gear. If you don’t know how to get it read: How to get the Best Gear in The Division. If your items are weaker you will most likely fail. There is a gear score recommendation in every mission.
  • Challenge mode. If you wish to try them on Challenge difficulty you will need one of the new gear sets. They are much stronger!!! Incursions on challenge difficult have Gear Score requirement! If you don’t meet the requirement you will not be able even to start the mission. Match making also takes it into account and doesn’t allow players to participate if they don’t meet the requirement.
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