How to Fast Travel in The Division?

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The Division has relatively large game map. The deeper you explore it the farther you will have to go from your Base of Operations. It will take you a lot of time running from end-game mission starting point to your base. That’s why knowing how to fast travel is very important! 

Fast Travel Locations

The Division doesn’t allow player to fast travel from any random location to another. You can use only certain points as destination:

  • Safe Houses
  • Starting points of the missions you have completed
  • Players in your Group
  • Base of Operations

Bas of Operations will be your #1 location. You will have to return there again and again.

How to Unlock?

When you start playing the game most of the fast travel locations are locked. You will have to unlock them. The only exception is players in your group. You can always travel to them as long as you are in the group and they are not in their Base of Operations. Traveling to players in group is a very good option that allows to move very fast.

Unlocking new points is easy: all you need is to visit them once. For example after you discover new safe house you can use it for traveling purposes in future. The more locations you discover the better options for traveling you will have.

The missions traveling points work a little bit different. You have to complete a mission in order to use its starting point as fast travel destination. You need to complete the mission at least once!

How to Travel?

Open your map and find the point of destination.  Hover the cursor to the icon and you will see an option to jump to that location instantly in top-left part of the screen (under the title of location). Press required key and you are done.

Fast Travel

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