The Division How To Get Phoenix Credits FAST | How To Get LIBERATOR & VECTOR 45

By: Wolverine3277

Hey guys, Wolvie here! In this video, I want to talk about Phoenix Credits. What they are, what they can be used for, how to get them and a way to them very fast. Phoenix Credits are a type of currency in The Division and are used to buy high end gear, weapons and blueprints from the special gear vendor located upstairs in the tech wing. Now before I show you what this vendor is selling I'm going to show you all the ways that I know of, of collecting Phoenix Credits.

The first is in the Ubisoft Club Store where you can get thirty free credits that can be used in the game and you can pick these up at the rewards claim vendor. Now in game, the first way of getting these credits is from named bosses. When you kill them they'll drop either one to three credits. You can find these bosses everywhere, they're in hard missions, walking the streets in the regular area and in the dark zone. The next way of getting these credits is by doing the dailies. If you do a hard daily you'll get fifteen credits and if you do a challenging one, you'll get twenty.

The last way of getting these credits that I know of is doing missions on challenging difficulty. This will not only give you thirty credits but you'll also get a high end drop. Now guys I want to share with you a way my friends and I found to get these Phoenix Credits fast and easy. This can be done by grinding the challenging missions, like the Lincoln Tunnel for example. You get thirty Phoenix Credits and when you're done, you can go back and do it again. The more you play it, the better you're going to get at it! My friends and I have done this enough that we can do this mission in about 45 minutes, so thirty Phoenix Credits for about 45 minutes or so and you get a high end item, your Phoenix Credits can add up really fast. Alright, now that you have your nice shinny and new Phoenix Credits, you can go to the Special Gear Vendor and see what you can buy.

Here you can see he has a variety of items, weapons, gear and mods but the one that's really good, if you scroll down, you'll see all the high end blueprints he is selling. And there are a lot of them to chose from. I've been lucky enough to buy about five or six of these now. I've been able to buy the two weapons that people are talking about right now, the Vector 45 ACP and the Liberator. They were great purchases because these things are really good.

The Division How To Get Phoenix Credits FAST | How To Get LIBERATOR & VECTOR 45

They absolutely shred enemies, even in the challenge mod. So I recommend those and try to buy as many mods as you can, like, muzzle breaks, magazines and grips because they not only help you out a lot but when you craft these, you get a very high percentage. I just recently crafted the extended mag upgrade and it gave me 100% magazine. So there you go guys that's Phoenix Credits, I hope this video was helpful to you. Thanks for watching and until next time, take care!.

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