The Division: How to get the best Gear Sets?

By: Admin

Gear Sets were added in The Division 1.1 update. They have green color and they differ from traditional equipment you have seen before. This article will tell you how to get the best gear sets in The Division.

Reasons to Get

Why you need sets? Because they consist of the best items that are one tier higher than High-End. It’s the next level. If you equip one of them your Gear Score will be very high. Moreover, you can unlock set bonuses. If you put on at least 4 pieces of the same set you unlock new very powerful talent that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

Gear Sets

This is the list of the sets you can get right now with a brief description:

Is High-End gear now useless? No, the High-End gear you have doesn’t become useless. The reason is special Talents. All High-end items have amazing talents you can benefit from. They add variety. Items from Sets don’t have the talents and boost player in a very specific way.

Where to Get?

The game doesn’t force you to farm only one specific type of content in order to get set pieces. There are several ways to get the best Gear Sets.

  • Incursions – you can get a piece of gear set via completing Incursion.
  • Crafting – it’s possible to craft items using special blueprints.
  • Challenge Mode missions
  • Supply Drops in Dark Zone – this is a new type of rewards added in patch 1.1. There will be random loot drops in the DZ secured by powerful NPCs. Players have to take down the NPCs and then… friendship may stop existing.

Pay Attention: pieces of Path of the Nomad DZ set can be farmed in the Dark Zone only.

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