How to Unlock New Weapon Skins?

By: Admin

When you find / craft / purchase a new weapon it is uncolored. It looks cool but anyway there is an option to make it look much better. All you need for this is to apply different weapon skins. This is the only way to make your weapon look differently. This guide explains how to unlock new weapon skins in The Division.

The skins are just cosmetic feature. They don’t affect power of your weapon. They will not change damage or recoil. They just change the way it looks.


You can purchase skins from Appearance Vendor. This vendor is not available in the beginning. You can unlock him by upgrading your Security Wing in the Base of Operations. The upgrade you need is called Supply Chain. After you purchase this upgrade Appearance Vendor will start working and you will be able to buy cosmetic updates. The cost of the upgrade is different. Some will cost you 1000 while others about 5000 Division Funds.

The vendor usually has at least one skin mod in assortment. Don’t forget that the assortment refreshes on regular basis. If you wish to collect all the mods you have to visit this vendor regularly.

Weapon Skins

Challenge Mode Drops

Right now you can not only buy cosmetic upgrades but also loot them from bosses in Daily Missions. As you know there are 4 daily mission in The Division:

Mission Boss Skin
Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Finch Solid - Teal
Lexington Event Center Larae Barrett Solid - Pink
Russian Consulate Hornet Spray Stripes – Red, White & Blue
WarrenGate Power Plant Keller Solid – Electric Green

The chances of getting a skin in bosses’ loot is pretty high. It is not 100% but still at least one of your team members will get a skin per one mission completed.

Pay attention: the bosses don’t loot any other skins except those mentioned in the table above. Moreover, they are not exclusive for bosses drop only. You can also purchase them from vendor.

It was possible to get new skin mods by helping civilians in Beta. Right now this option is closed. You can’t get cosmetic updates by helping civilians right now.

 List of All Cosmetic Mods

Title How it Looks
Solid - Teal Solid Teal
Solid - Pink Solid Pink
Solid - Orange Solid Orange
Solid - Electric Green Solid Electric Green
Solid - Dark Coyot Solid Dark Coyot
Multicam - Urban Multicam - Urban
Multicam - Rogue Multicam - Rogue
Multicam - Blue Multicam - Blue
Leaf - Blue Leaf Blue
Chocolate Chip - Forest Chocolate Chip - Forest
Tigerstripe - Vintage Tigerstripe Vintage
Tigerstripe - Neon Tigerstripe Neon
Stripes - Urban Snow Weapon Stripes - Urban Snow Weapon
Spray Stripes - Red, White & Blue Spray Stripes - Red, White & Blue
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