The Division How To Use The Recalibration Station | REROLL GEAR

By: Wolverine3277

Hey guys, Wolvie here! This video is a quick tutorial to show you how you can reroll selected stats on your gear. This can be done with an upgrade to the Tech Wing called, Recalibration. Recalibration comes with two talents and one perk. The first talent is called Evasive Action. During a cover to cover move incoming damage is reduced by 30%. The second talent is called Tech support. Kill a hostile while any skill is deployed to extend any active skills duration by 10%. The one we want here is the perk called, Stat Switch. Unlock item stat switching at the recalibration station.

Now the Recalibration Station is located upstairs in the Tech Wing, just to your left and there like the perk says, you can reroll your stats. So the first thing you want to do is select a piece of gear you want to reroll a stat on. You'll see a select bonus and a possible recalibrations screen pop up. On the select bonus screen, there are four stats you can reroll but you can only reroll one of these. Once you've chosen the stat you want to reroll, it is going to cost you a certain amount of credits to reroll that stat. Now when you reroll your stat you have four possibilities to chose from and this is a gamble, you may get the exact same thing you just rerolled.

It could be higher, it could be less or you could get what you're looking for at a certain level. So once you pick the one you want, click confirm. If it happens that you don't get what you want, you can reroll that exact same stat but it's going to cost you double the credits. Then you can reroll again and see what kind of luck you get. When you reroll again you can get another possibility but if it's not one you want you can continue rerolling but everytime you reroll the credits double, so you really have to make your choice early on if you want to reroll it or not, especially with the higher level ones like the superiors and high ends, they cost a ton to reroll, so you want to make sure it is a good choice. So there you go guys, that's how you can reroll your stats at the recalibration Station. It is a great tool and it can help you out a lot, so good luck rerolling guys. Thanks for watching and until next time, take care!.

The Division How To Use The Recalibration Station | REROLL GEAR

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