The Division Recalibration Station: Re-Rolling Stats

By: Admin

Recalibration Station allows to re-roll gear stats in The Division. It’s a very useful feature! It allows to change 1 stat on a piece of gear in order to make it fit your build or your playstyle better. If you have a piece of gear that is useless because of wrong stats or attributes distribution you may try to modify it using this station.

For example you may want to have a backpack that gives bonus to your firearms, but you have looted a nice one with Stamina bonus. You may go to Recalibration Station and redistribute attributes there to make the backpack fit your needs.

As you see it’s a very powerful and very useful tool! It allows to change stats of your gear instead of searching for new pieces.

Recalibration Station is a great tool for all crafters. Imagine that you have crafted a great item but with wrong Attributes distribution because of randomness. You may continue recrafting the item but you can also go to the station and re-roll Attributes. It will be cheaper in most cases.

How to Access?

Recalibration Station is locked in the beginning and you can’t use it. All you need to unlock it is to upgrade Tech Wing in Base of Operations. You need to reach Recalibration upgrade and once it’s purchased you are free to use the station.

It is located not far from Tech Wing upgrade panel. After you have purchased the upgrade turn around and it will be on your right.

How to Recalibrate?

When you use the station you can see all your gear divided by 6 different categories: masks, body armor, backpacks, gloves, holsters and knee pads. As you see you can’t change your weapons here. The Division allows you to change stats on your armor only. Weapons can’t be changed.

Recalibration Station

You can change only ONE characteristic of the item: Attributes or Extra Bonuses. Every piece of gear boosts your Attributes: Firearms, Stamina or Electronics and has Extra Bonuses (for example +5% increased XP for kills). But you can make changes only within one category. You have to make a decision which category you wish to modify: Attributes or Extra Bonuses.

After you modified the item for the first time you can continue re-rolling it, but the number of options becomes limited. You can continue recalibrating the option you have selected on pervious step only. Other options become locked!

For example if you have modified a backpack from Stamina to Firearms you can reroll it again and again but for Attributes only. You can return Stamina bonus or make it Electronics focused but you can’t change any Extra Bonuses for this item in future. As you see the choice you make is rather important because it sets limits for future item re-rolls.


Every time you modify item you pay for this. The cost varies for different pieces of gear. Rarity also affects the cost a lot. The cost for all rarity categories are in standard Division Dollars.  But if you wish to re-roll High-end gear you will have to pay Phoenix Credits for this.

The more you re-roll the item, the higher the cost for this particular item becomes. You can’t recalibrate a piece of gear as many times as you wish because your funds are limited and every attempt costs more than previous.

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