The Division: Sentry's Call Gear Set

By: Admin

Sentry's Call is one of the gear sets you can find in The Division. This guide will tell you how to collect it, where to get blueprints for crafting and what bonuses does it provide.

As any other set Sentry's Call gives you amazing bonuses for wearing several items from this set simultaneously. But the best bonus can be unlocked for wearing at least 4 pieces. So if you want to get maximum benefits you need to collect at least 4 parts.

Sentry's Call Set

Set Bonuses

  • 2 Pieces: +30% Headshot Damage
  • 3 Pieces: +20% Damage to Elites
  • 4 Pieces: unlocks Stalker talent. Headshot marks the enemy, increasing the damage inflicted on the target by 15% for 10 seconds each. A target can get up to 3 marks.

Stalker Talent

As you see Stalker talent is really sweet. You can increase the damage by 45% in total for 3 marks! The best thing about this debuff is that the talent increases damage you deal, not your basic damage. That means if you have boosted your damage by using a skill or by hiding behind cover it will be increased even more! Your final damage will be insane.

The other great thing is that Stalker talent works for the whole team! Not only you can benefit from it but also your teammates. They also see that the enemy is debuffed and they can also benefit from it.  As you see this bonus is really sweet. It will help you a lot for beating the incursions.

How to find out if the debuff was applied to the target? That’s simple. Every time you deliver a headshot you will see a diamond marker near the enemy’s health bar. 3 diamonds means the target has 3 marks and no more marks can be added.

Pay Attention: If you want to have balanced group it’s not recommended to have more than 1 player with Sentry's Call Gear Set. The reason is because the single enemy can’t have more than 3 marks from Stalker talent and thus the talent can’t give more than 45% damage increase. It’s impossible to get bigger bonus if other player also has such set! That’s why it’s important. If other member of your team also has Sentry's Call set you are wasting potential power!!!

Where to Get?

The best way to start collecting this great set is to visit Special Gear Vendor. If you are lucky you will be able to buy one or several blueprints. The cost is about 330 – 390 Phoenix Credits depending on the piece. You may try to collect the whole set purchasing the blueprints and crafting items yourself. But there is no information if all the blueprints are sold by the vendor.

Another way of getting items for this set is of course Incursions. Every time you kill final boss there is a chance to get set item as a drop. Farm incursions and hope for the best.

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