Warlord: Assault Rifle for Balanced Build

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Warlord is one of unique named weapons in The Division. It’s a great assault rifle with good characteristics. It’s based on standard model of AK-74 but has unique weapon skills. If modified properly this weapon becomes very dangerous! It is great assault rifle for balanced builds when you have almost equal Firearns, Stamina and Electronics. 

Is this weapon the best? For some people yes, for some – no. Everything depends on your build and on how you play. players with balanced build may find this weapon very yseful. 


One of the reasons to get this weapon is because it comes with good looking silver skin. Almost all metal parts are covered with shining silver except some parts covered with gold. In general weapon looks too shiny. You will be like a real warlord with this gun. Here is how it looks.

Warlord Skin


  • Gear Score: 204
  • Basic Damage: 10 000
  • RPM: 600
  • Mag Size: 30


  • Capable - using a skill improves the handling of your weapon for 13.5 sec. Requires 2597 Firearms.
  • Ferocious – damage against Elite and Named enemies is increased by 14%.requires: 2063 Firearms, 2063 Stamina and 2063 Electronics.
  • Unforgiving – missing health segments increase your damage: 1 missing segment +10%; 2 missing segments + 23.5%. Unlocked by default.

Warlord Stats

Where to Get?

It’s possible to get it as drop from bosses in challenge mode missions. You may get it from boss in challenge mode incursions. If you don't know how about incursions read: The Division: How to beat Incursions?

Keep in mind that it is boss loot, not weekly reward! Weekly reward is an extra reward you receive for completing challenge mode incursion for the first time every week.

The reason it’s important is because you can try to farm the Warlord. You can play incursions as many times as you wish. You may repeat it again and again until you receive this amazing assault rifle. Of course you have to play at challenge difficulty. The weapon is really amazing and it’s fair that it’s difficult to obtain it.

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