The DOTA 2 Reporter EP. 7.00: Reborn... Again

By: Wronchi Animation

Hello, and welcome to a new DotA 2 Report. It's been a long time since I've visited DotA 2, and reported... about it... And I thought I'd stop by and see how everybody's doing Oh hey how's it going? Everything's great here *UNGH* I've just been *UNGH* Working out *UNGHYERERYWETUM* What-? What is happening? What is that?! I have a talent... TREE?!?! *Timbersaw mental breakdown* Oh wow! Look at this moonwell! I mean... healing fountain! I mean shrine! I mean... look! There's a bounty rune! I'm flying away now! Hey! Like my backpack? Just got it! Gift from the uh..

... Icefrog... You know... He loves me. I got a backpack as well! Wait, did I miss something? Were there a lot of changes that happened? Indeed! So many changes! For example: Doom's Infernal Blade Mini-Stun Increased from 0.3 to 0.4 seconds. AMONG OTHER THINGS! Roshan moved... again..

And look! Check out this sweet level 25 talent I got! Look at all these! Now I can feed the other team a lot easier... Mhep! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This patch also introduced a brand-new hero! Woah! So how's everybody coping with these changes? *Explosion* Despite all of these "Radical" And "Devicive" Changes, there is one thing we all agree on. And that's that Slark Caaaaan go f*ck himself! Back in my day, when we got a kill, it said that we'd PWNED their heads! *Wronchi Outro Music* PWNED their heads!.

The DOTA 2 Reporter EP. 7.00: Reborn... Again

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