The DOTA 2 Reporter: Meet Pugna

By: Wronchi Animation

NIGEL: Hello and welcome to a new Dota 2 Report. Today we'll be looking at Pugna, a ranged intelligence hero who can be described as a nuker and a pusher. Let's dive right in. Young Pugna was a little dick-wad and blew stuff up because he felt like it. And then yonder he wandered. Pugna may not be very strong or very agile but he has a very useful kit of spells and the highest intelligence growth per level in Dota 2. Well, tied for the highest. ENIGMA: Wait, am I really the test dummy for all these 'Meet the hero' things? NIGEL: Nether Blast is both Pugna's nuke and pushing tool.

ENIGMA: Could you stop explaining what the spells do because that usually leads to them happening to me. Okay, could I get some help? RUBICK: Help has arrived! ENIGMA: Now if we press our buttons as this Pugna fellow, we would kill him! RUBICK: Maybe... But it looks like there's a Nether Ward around. ENIGMA: a wat? RUBICK: Well, since I currently have the Nether Ward debuff I know that Pugna has placed his Nether Ward nearby.

So if you were to cast a spell, it would activate- ENIGMA: Ow! ...I wonder if I cast another spell if it would happen again? Ah!!! ...Huh... Well, surely it wouldn't happen a third time! *violence* RUBICK: Hi, I'm Rubick. Here with a Dota 2 public service announcement. This is just my opinion, when you are against a Pugna, and you know that he has placed his Nether Ward somewhere, try to destroy it. Here's what it looks like. Maybe consider right-clicking it until its health is gone. Just a thought.

Thank you for your time! Oh no! He's draining my life with Life Drain! I know the solution to this! NIGEL: And that's a basic look at Pugna in a nutshell. If you're against Pugna, you'll want to handle his Nether Ward and maybe consider some magic resist items. And since his strength is so low, one strategy is to punch him in the face to make his health..

The DOTA 2 Reporter: Meet Pugna

..go away. I'm a Dota expert. ANTI-MAGE: *distant kek* Ah, shitty wizard... *generic anime sounds*.

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