The Story of Chromie (Chronormu) [Lore]

By: Nobbel87

Hello everyone! Chromie has been summoned to battle within the nexus so I thougth I would be a good idea to sit down and talk about what this bronze dragon has done for the story. Let’s begin shall we?! Chromie the female gnome is called Chronormu within her bronze dragon form and she’s part of the bronze dragonflight. They’re charged with safeguarding the purity of time as in the old days it was said that there was only one true timeline which they had to protect.

WIthout the truth of time as it meant to unfold, more will be lost than you can possibly imagine. The fabric of reality would unravel so it was up to the bronze dragonflight, chromie included, to observe the timelines and make sure that time flowed the way it was supposed to. Her leader Nozdormu was given this information as the blessing of the titans was placed upon him and on top of that, they also showed him his moment of demise to teach him that despite his amazing powers, he still had to answer to time itself. It was a terrible burdon but a wise lesson all the same and we’ll get back to this later on in the video, let’s first talk a little bit more about chromie.

The first time we see her show up in the game was during classic world of warcraft in one of the more tragic storylines. It all begins with Marlene Redpath, a spirit that died during the battle of Darrowshire. So many died that day, yet she can’t find eternal peace since she was told to hide her little niece Pamela and she doesn’t know what happened to her. Adventurers are asked to investigate and within Darrowshire we find out that fate wasn’t kind to Pamela either. She too has become a spirit, bad people whisper to her and she wants her daddy to make them go away, but her daddy isn’t there. Sometimes when it gets dark and lonely, all she wants to do is play with her little doll which she left in town.

We can’t bring back her daddy right now, but the least we can do is bring back her little doll and inform her aunt of what happened to Pamela. Marlene is devestated to find out what happened to her niece. She wishes that Joseph could once again be with his daughter, but this isn’t possible. His soul was twisted by the Scourge and he became a monster and yet...perhaps there is a chance to change his fate.

The Story of Chromie (Chronormu) [Lore]

A strange historian, a strange gnome by the name of Chromie has taken up residence within Andorhal. We’re told to collect Joseph’s wedding ring from his grave and bring it to her. Perhaps with Chromie’s aid, we can do something to help reunite Pamela with her father.

Within the andorhal inn we find the bronze dragon and thankfully she is willing to help us, yet she didn’t come here without a reason and she also requests our aid with a quest of her own. Someone has been tampering with the timeline, most likely the scourge, and the bronze dragonflight, they've set up a base of operations to mend the damage. They’re working from a different timeline to not overly contaminate the timeline they’re trying to heal, but to continue to do this, to continue their spel, they’ll need some trinkets found within lockboxes accross the ruined city. On top of that, we’re also asked to aid with the healing by rooting out temporal parasites that infest the silos of Andorhal. Upon finishing the quests, chromie rewards us and she says “I see no harm in rewarding you for your assistance, mortal. Your greatest feats are to come, and the awarding of a bauble will certainly not alter your future destiny. Your continued aid, however, is something that I and the dragonflight could use...’ It seems that rewarding us in that moment would not tamper with the overall timeline and with that out of the way, we focus once more on reuniting Pamela with her father.

After obtaining the annals of darrowshire we read about the battle at darrowshire and what exactly happened to Joseph redpath: The Battle of Darrowshire took place in the middle of the Second War, when scourge forces rampaged across Lordaeron. Darrowshire was cut off from the bulk of Alliance forces, but the town was bolstered by a company of troops, a contingent of paladins of the Silver Hand, and a staunch group of local militia led by Captain Joseph Redpath. The Scourge's first assaults on Darrowshire were sparse. Small groups of marauding skeletons and corpses wandered the outskirts of the village and were repelled.

But the Scourge were not balked by the defenders' tenacity, and responded in kind; soon after the first wave of attacks a second wave emerged. Champion ghouls, servants of the ghoul lord Horgus, screamed down from the hills and clashed with beleaguered Darrowshire defenders. The Defenders weakened, but were relieved by paladins, disciples of the Silver Hand. Their leader, Davil Crokford, was a native of Darrowshire. He brought his followers to the village when he heard of the impending attack, and together with the defenders they held back the servants of Horgus. When Horgus himself entered the battle, he met with Davil. For many minutes they fought and Davil eventually prevailed, but he suffered a mortal wound and died soon after defeating the ghoul lord.

The battle continued, and Captain Redpath led his militia bravely. And it might have been won, had the captain not been corrupted by the death knight Marduk the Black. In the middle of the fray Marduk rode up to Redpath, and with black magic he tore loose Redpath's spirit, twisting it into an evil shadow of the brave captain.The corrupted Captain Redpath then spread his evil taint among the defenders of Darrowshire, who betrayed their allies and slaughtered them. They then turned on the town of Darrowshire and killed all who hid in their homes. The remaining scourge army, along with the corrupted spirit of Captain Redpath, then left the ravaged village of Darrowshire and tore into Lordaeron, adding to the pain and death of the Second War. That is how history is written and Chromie uses her magic to add more pages to the annels, describing what happened after these events. For example Joseph Redpath, he was eventually taken down by alliance troops at Gahrron’s withering while his brother, Carlin Redpath, he survived and eventually joined the Argent Dawn.

Were told to bring this book to Carlin and after a long quest chain of obtaining relics of the past, relics chromie will use in her spell, we are ready to rewrite history. At Darrowshire we take place in the battle of the past and we´re told that two things must happen. Davil must survive beyond the death of Horgus and Joseph Redpath must survive to be corrupted and defeated.

After defeating the corrupted Redpath, his spirit is saved and we reunite little pamela with her father who she´s been missing for years. The bronze dragonflights duty is to safeguard the purity of the timeline, but apperantly this minor alteration... this was possible and it shows that Chromie has a much larger effinity for mortals then the rest of her kind. She went out of her way to help us and these spirits and this was only the first time that she showed up in the story. Now with the burning crusade we were allowed entrance into the caverns of time and aid the bronze dragonflight with safeguarding the timelines. At first, we aided thrall with his escape from durnholde, we aided medivh with the opening of the dark portal and we made sure that the battle for mount hyjal took place just as it was supposed to happen.

During the first two instances we found out about a dragonflight called the Infinite Dragonflight, yet their purpose and their goals was not really explained. It seemed like they wanted to alter time, they wanted to prevent Thrall from escaping and by doing so prevent him from forming the horde. They wanted to prevent Medivh from opening the dark portal and by doing so, not bring the orcs to azeroth in the first place.

You might say that preventing the war between the alliance and the horde would be a great thing, but apperantly things happened just the way they were supposed to happen and we had to make sure that the timeline stayed pure. During Wrath of the Lich King we also helped out with the culling of stratholm and this is where Chromie showed up once again. The infinite dragonflight wants to prevent arthas from discovering the plagued graine which would lead to his choice of purging the city and him eventually becoming the Lich King. This is apperantly another key point in time, something that has to happen so we´re send on the task of dispelling the illusion, making arthas discover what´s going on and eventually aid him with defeating Malganys. Again it´s the infinite dragonflight that wants to mess around with time so we have to discover who they are, what they want and, most of all, who´s leading them.

At Wyrmrest temple, chromie acts as ambasador of the bronze dragonflight and gives us the hourglass of eternity to protect at the bronze dragonshrine. If we protect it long enough, the leader of the infinite dragonflight should be revealed but surprisingly enough, it's actually the image of Nozdormu that shows up. It doesn´t make any sense to Chromie but atleast she´s happy that we´ve seen the lord of time since at that point in time nobody had any idea as to where or when their leader had gone. Later on, we´re send on the same mission only this time we have to help our past self with fullfilling their mission as our future self helped us out the first time and by doing so we can close this time loop. Timey wimey stuff everybody, but this was the first clue as to figuring out who was leading the infinite dragonflight since it was none other then Nozdormu himself. As I mentioned at the start, Nozdormu was shown his moment of demise to teach him that not even he was above death and the timeline had to stay pure. Yet in one of the timelines or perhaps in all of them, a future not yet shown, Nozdormu was tricked by the Old Gods into trying to subvert his mortality. As a result, Nozdormu shattered the timeways and created the Infinite Dragonflight ... jeopardizing the very future of Azeroth.

You crawl unwitting, like a blind, writhing worm, towards endless madness and despair. I have witnessed the true End Time. This? This is a blessing you simply cannot comprehend. So by abusing his power, by preventing his own death, Nozdormu and his bronze dragonflight became corrupted and he was known as Moruzond. During the events of the cataclysm we teamed up with Nozdormu before he was corrupted as we took on his corrupted form, we claimed the dragon soul from the past and Thrall used it to defeat Deathwing and prevent the hour of twilight, the moment where the old gods would free themselves out of their prisons and rule the world once more.

This seems to be the goal of the infinite dragonflight, mess around with time in such a way that the old gods would be able to liberate themselves and rule the world again. If you prevent Medivh from opening up the dark portal or if you prevent thrall from escaping durnholde then you would have now go´el to assist the aspects during the cataclysm. Prevent Arthas from becoming the Lich King and you would have no armies traveling to northrend and figuring out that yogg-saron was breaking out of his prison. That’s just my interpetation and speculation though.

When it comes to timetravel, there are so many situations to becomes near impossible to predict how a future would go down. Regardless this video is not about time travel in general, this one is about Chromie and during the cataclysm she showed up at the end of the well of eternity dungeon as well as during the Protectors of Hyjal daily quest where she assisted us not in her full dragon form, but in a bronze whelp form. It’s possible that this version of Chromie was much younger compared to the one we’ve seen in for example the culling of stratholme. The chromie that shows up at the end of the well of eternity also says “What Can I do for you stranger?” implying that for Chromie, this is the first time that we meet her. With the defeat of Deathwing, the aspects apperantly fullfilled their destiny and they together with their flights have lost a great deal of their power. Chromie stands next to a fragment of deathwing’s jaw allowing players to see what exactly happened at the end of the cataclysm.

With the bronze dragonflight losing so much of their power, Nozdormu claims that the timeways are no longer their concern. They are beyond their ability to control and from here on out, protecting history would fall upon mortal shoulders. This is described within the novel dawn of the aspects, but the blue dragon Kalecgos doesn’t agree with the others and believes that they can still have a purpose in the world. He reminds the aspects of their history together, of what they were before they were turned into aspects and during Mists of Pandaria, we saw the rise of a whole new faction called the timewalkers. Mortals and bronze dragons worked together to safeguard the timeways at any cost and on the timesless isle, we worked together with a bronze dragon called Kairozdormu. 'The presence of the timeless isle is proof that many things are possible beyond the boundaries of linear thinking.' Wrathion: "Ow?' 'Indeed. After the Cataclysm, my flights connection to the time ways forever changed. 'What if it were possible to shape and mold time as you would a ball of clay? What possibilities await? What new worlds could we create? Wrathion: I like the way you think! Kairoz is quite frustrated with how they lost their power and how they can only see glimpses of the future now, but not all hope is lost.

He has a device called Vision of Time, an hourglass which after filling it with magic from the timeless isle, we can use to see glimpses of the past, future and even possible futures. This is not the only use though and after Mists of Pandaria, after Garrosh was defeated, imprisoned and they placed him on trial, we found out that the Vision of Time was going to be used during the trial itself. The novel war crimes describes how Kairozdormu would assist baine in defending garrosh while chromie would assist tyrande in her roll as accuser as they both used the vision of time to show moments of the past. This was to not only argue the case itself with just words, but actually show the courtroom what had happened.

You might wonder if a trial has any place in the world of warcraft, but in the end it didn’t really matter. The black dragon Wrathion had made plans and schemes with Kairoz to liberate Garrosh and bring him to a different reality. As the trial was coming to an end, Chromie caught Kairoz in the act of tinkering with their device and she askt him what the hell he was doing. Next time she knew, she woke up locked away as Kairoz tossed the device on the floor creating a timeway for him and Garrosh to escape. A massive battle took place at the temple of the white tiger, with chromie herself assisting in fighting of the enemy and she explained to the others what kairoz had done.

“We once knew the timeways inside and out, ‘ she began. ‘We could see the past and the future with perfect clarity. Our flight’s charge, from the moment Nozdormu became our Aspect, was to protect the sanctitiy of the timeline. And we were given vast power to do this. Now...things aren’t quite so clear. We can still travel the timeways, but we don’t have that perfect knowledge anymore. That’s why we’ve enlisted mortals to help us keep the timeline safe.

But there have been some mutterings. Some of us think that perhaps we should use what skills we have left to manipulate the timeways. Alter the past, change the future to something better.’She smiled sadly. “Of course, who’s to say what is ‘better’? Especially when we don’t have the perfect insight we once did. That’s what’s held most of us back.

But it’s obvious now that Kairoz was among those who thought that the bronze dragons could and should change things. He always did like to tinker...”Her voice trailed off. This all seemed to point towards Kairoz birthing the Infinite Dragonflight, altering time to their own desire seems to fit perfectly with that faction, yet things didn’t work out the way they had planned. Garrosh and Kairoz arived on alternate Draenor, but Garrosh didn’t feel like becoming another puppet. He wasn’t about to take orders from some Bronze Dragon and do what Kairoz and Wrathion had planned, namely form the Iron Horde and have that Horde help us with fighting against the Legion. Instead, Garrosh choked the life out of Kairoz and moved ahead to form the Iron Horde, not to fight against demons, but to invade our Azeroth and get him his revenge. This lead into the expansion warlords of draenor where the dark portal turned red, we took the battle to the iron horde on alternate draenor and eventually we teamed up with Khadgar and Chromie and we discovered what happened to Kairoz: And that’s where the story of Chromie or Chronormu ends, at least for this moment.

Some final tidbits that might be fun to mention at the end, Chronormu is actually a male name amongst the bronze dragons. NozdorMU, ChronorMU, that Mu at the end is to indicate a male where as the female names all end with MI, SoridorMI, AlurMI, yet nearly all of the other records they describe chromie as a female. I think it’s left for personal interpetation as to what gender chromie falls under, in the end, what’s in a name. When you use the selfie camera while under the effects of photo bomb, chromie is one of the npc’s that has a chance to appear and she also tossed a coin into the dalaran fountain which reads “Just once, I wish someone would greet me without making a stupid joke about gnomes or time travel”. Hmm...Haven't we done this before? And that’s all we have for Chromie when it comes to Warcraft and now this bronze dragon enters the Nexus to battle.

I’ll play her full cinematic at the end of the video, but during it...this happens... Chromie: 'In the beginning...Uhh wait a minute, that's not. *Sigh* Hold on *Rewind* 'In our most desperate hour... Woeps, no no no, waaay too far." Chromie shows a piece of the star craft universe and we’ve seen many star craft references before. Is this confirmation that the warcraft universe and the star craft universe are connected? Does the bronze dragonflight not only have the power to see alternate realities, alternate timelines but also completely different franchises or is this just a fun meta joke that they decided to pull with this cinematic? I’ll leave that up to you to decide now if you want more information about the whole time travel thing in World of Warcraft, I’ll link a video that I’ve done before in which I talk more about the infinite dragon flight and time travel in general.

As always, thank you very much for watching everyone, subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one and until next time guys.....see ya!.

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