The Story of Moroes [Hearthstone Lore]

By: Nobbel87

Hello everyone! I’ve counted the votes and the card you wanted me to talk about most is... “Let’s show our guests a good time” Moroes, Let’s begin shall we?! Moroes was added to Hearthstone with the one night in karazhan adventure in which he’s on a mission of bringing back Medivh who’s been taken by Malchezaar. Together we adventure through the tower until finally he manages to open a portal and tries to bring back medivh. The first time he fails, accidently summoning an orc, but the second time works better as Malchezaar and Medivh return. We take Malchezaar out and with that, the party can finally begin. Within the lore, moroes was the one taking care of Karazhan and medivh. Young Khadgar was send to become an apprentice of Medivh and it was Moroes who openend the doors to the tower and showed him the way in. A servant- human, but a servant.

It or rather he, was still wearing black rectangles on the sides of his head, like a set of earmuffs, that extended forward to his most prominent nose. These blinders as moroes called them were to prevent him from witnessing the visions Karazhan often offered. These visions were from the future and the past and in Moroes his experience, the visions of the future come true. In one of them Cook, another servant of Medivh, saw Moroes break a piece of crystal so to prevent it, they hid them away. Months passed and finally the master Medivh asked for that piece of crystal.

She removed it from wits hiding place and within 2 minutes Moroes had broken it, completely unintentionally. She got her rose quartz lenses the very next day, her way of not seeing the visions. It would be the visions of the tower that eventually lead to Khadgar and Garona Halforcen discovering Medivh’s secret, namely that the spirit of Sargeras was inside the guardian and it was he who had lead the orcs into azeroth and started their first invasion.

They quickly fled the tower to get away from Medivh and get reinforcements and on their way out, they ran into Moroes. Excited he noted calmly. Problem? Garona hurdled down past the castellan, but khadgar grabbed the older man and said The master has gone mad.

The Story of Moroes [Hearthstone Lore]

More mad than usual? replied moroes. It’s not a joke said khadgar then his eyes lit up. Do you have the whistle to summon gryphons? The servant raised a rune carved piece of metal. Wish me to summon..

I’ll do it said khadgar grabbing the item from his hands and hurtling after Garona. He’ll be after us, but you had better run as well. Take cook and flee as far as you can. And with that khadgar was lost to view. Flee? said Moroes to the apprentices retreating form;then he snorted. Wherever would I go? When Khadgar returned with garona, Lothar and a bunch of soldiers, they found Moroes’s dead bodyat the lowest level, near the entrance to the kitchen and larder. His crumpled form was splayed in the middle of the hallway, a bloody rainbow arcing along the floor to one side. His eyes were wide and open, but his face was surprisingly composed.

Not even death seemed to surprise the castellan. Medivh had murdered Moroes and that rainbow arc of blood lead to them discovering a hidden door, confronting Medivh and taking him out. Khadghar burried the body of his former mentor outside of Karazhan together with Moroes and Cook at his sides. Death would not be eternal for the servant as we found out during the Burning Crusade and the tower of Karazhan became a raid. Moroes still acts as Karazhan's steward and can be found tending to guests in the Banquet Hall. Along with four special invited patrons, Moroes fights any uninvited guests to the death. It seems like he’s stuck in time since he believes that preperations must be made for the master will return from stormwind soon, or perhaps he just knew more then we did since in an upcoming patch, karazhan will open its doors once again and Moroes will be one of the bosses.

“Our unanounced visitors. Preperations must be made, for the master will return to karazhan soon” In the same trailer we can see Moroes killing some time by killing a man that showed up infront of the tower and that’s not the first time he goes out on the attack. Within the comic Warcraft Legends volume 5. Warrior: united we read about two twin sisters who go into Karazhan to rescue their father and during their adventures, Moroes strikes out and they follow a vision to make their escape. In the end they figure out that there’s no saving their fathers spirit since he’s trapped in the tower, but like him their spirit is unbroken and together they’re able to escape the tower.

Being stuck in the tower is not a fate shared by Moroes since during warlords of draenor he actually showed up at the garrison with a little request. “So many years of waking up as a spirit, reanimated by some unseen force time and again, has left one with certain desires - the comforting, velvet blackness of death being chief amongst them. One will, however, settle for the lesser prize of a solution capable of removing the scuff marks that the commander's wonderful compatriots left behind in the dining hall in their woefully short stay in Karazhan, whereupon they barely had enough time to irreparably damage the priceless furniture. So Moroes is aware that he constantly dies and is reanimated by some force, but death as much as he desires it, does not claim him so instead he’s just looking for some cleaning materials, a horribly acidic solution found within the Iron Docks.

Upon giving it to him he says: “One is eternally in your debt for what is, one is certain, an entirely selfless act on the part of the commander. Though more barrels were likely available, one will staunchly make do with the single barrel provided, comforted in the knowledge that the commander must deal with the great pressing issues of this land, and does not have time to clean up the mud that that so dutifully follows the commander's heroic allies.” As a reward, we get Moroes’ famous polish which is so good and that it will polish the scuffs away and everything else leaving you completely naked. Time will tell what Moroes his roll will be during the upcoming patch, but for now all I have for you today when it comesto this card. As always I’ll leave it up to you guys and girls to decide what card we’re going to talk about next so leave your suggestions in the comments down below and who knows?! Your card might be used in the next video! Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one and until next time guys….see ya!.

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