The Story of Shadows of Argus, Patch 7.3 - Part 1 [Lore]

By: Nobbel87

This video is brought to you in colaboration with Duh duh duh duh, duhduhduh duh duh. Hello everyone! The heroes of azeroth have assaulted the tomb of sargeras, used the pillars of creation to seal of the gateway created by Gul’dan while Illidan used the Sargerite keystone to tear a massive rift in reality, showing the world what he had always known. “Sometimes the hand of fate must be forced!” To truly stop the Legion, we’lll have to take the battle to them, have to take our forces to Argus, the ancestral home of the Draenei turned into the homeworld of the Burning Legion. Seeing Argus in the sky is quite a shock for a lot of people as some of the citizens in dalaran voice their concerns and try to get their possessions out of the bank before it’s too late. The Draenei try to calm everyone done and are looking forward to go home while The doomsayers, quite validated, speak about the end of the world as they always do, handing out pamphlets to any willing to listen. Some believe that bowing down and surrendering to Sargeras, who has done nothing wrong btw, is the way to go. Others like Galywix and dalaran apprentices try to make a bit of coin out of the situation while one message does stand out. An emerald sun dawns in the vault of the heavens, but it casts no shadow.

– Argus in the sky. The world lifts her voice in terror, but only one can hear her cries. – The titan spirit within Azeroth with Magni Bronzebeard acting as her speaker, having us help him with calming down her dreams and confirming that we have to go to Argus, that the dark titan is on his way and our destiny will be found on the Legion’s homeworld. From the space that is everywhere and nowhere, the crooked serpent feasts on stars.

It has no eyes to see, but it dreams of infinite endings and beginnings. – Hard to say what this one is specificly talking about, perhaps related to the void lords in the great dark beyond or perhaps N’zoth waiting for us down below. A story for another day, right now we have the Legion to focus on and it’s the Draenei that have worked on getting us there so both factions travel to Azuremyst Isle. Velen: “At long last the vessel that will usher us to Argus is complete.

Make way to Stormwind Harbor at once. The time has come to bring an end to this war. “ Vereesa: “We will soon see if the Horde heeds Velen’s call. Those savages lack any sense of honor, but they do know how to fight.” Arator: “We must find the Army of the Light.

The Story of Shadows of Argus, Patch 7.3 - Part 1 [Lore]

With them fighting alongside us, the Legion will fall. We must find...” Boros: “Your mother and father yet live, Arator. I am sure of it. But for now, stay focused on the fight to come.” Boros: “Prophet Velen will be pleased that you answered his call. We draenei have long awaited this day.” Liadrin: “The Legion has run rampant on Azeroth for too long.

It is time to see this done.” Aethas: “I see the alliance answered the call as well.” “Looks like they showed up after all.” Vereesa still has no love for the horde despite our forces teaming up against the Legion, not after they took her Rhonin while Arator desperately wants to find his parents, alleria and turalyon. We’ll talk more about their history later on since Velen is waiting for us. “I’ve never seen the draenei assemble a force of this magnitude.” “Argus is our ancestral home. We will not see it in the Legion’s hands any longer.” “Then my parents can finally return home.” Velen: “Fellow draenei...champions of Azeroth...the time has come to invade Argus. We will save our world and put a stop to the Burning Legion...once and for all.” Illidan: “The Legion grows desperate. We should strike now while their attention remains focused on Azeroth.” “You are right, Illidan. This may be our best chance to gain the upper hand.” Despite the Exodar supposed being repaired as mentioned in Velen’short story, that is not the vessel we’re going to use to get to Argus. Instead they’ve focused their efforts on a brand new vessel called the Vindicaar.

Forces like Illidan, Velen, Romuul, Lothraxion, Khadgar, Muradin, Aethas, Silgryn, Arator, Vereesa, Liadrin, Boros, Light’s Heart, troops from the hand of Argus and of course the champions of Azeroth board the ship and take it into the very heart of the Legion. “All forces are on board and accounted for. The vindicaar will be ready to depart shortly.” “After we reach Argus we will meet with the Army of the Light and begin our invasion.” Cloenk, cloenk, cloenk, cloenk oeee look at me. I’m illidan, swoon. Aight best move out of here, he’s gonna be a Illidan. “Does he understand what you’re truly asking of him? Do any of them?” “We follow the path of the Light no matter where it leads.” “He, your faith has always been your weakness.” “When you closest allies fell to darkness, you didn’t stop them. When the Legion swept over your world and took your people, you didn’t make a stand.

All you did was watch, convinced you were following the Light’s will.” “The truth is, you failed your people. Their blood is on your hands.” Cloenk “You will never understand what I did to save my people.” “The Light is holding you back. It’s time to forge your own path.” “Prophet, we are ready.” “Proceed.” Pam, paaam pam paaaaaam ONWARDS TO ARGUS BITCHES.

Eyooo argus, we’re hoooooome. Ow my, it’s looks rather green. “Where is your army of the Light?” There they are! Surprise “The Xenedar.” Sooo shiny “SOmething is wrong.” “Ahh...the cowards have come out of hiding.

Bring them down!” Oke garrosh, fire ze laser. BAWOESJ, we’ve been hit, ow no, ow no, owww yeaaaa. Perfect landing.

‘The Legion will fire again soon. What are you orders, prophet?” What did illidan say again? Ow yea! “We make our stand. The last battle for Argus...has begun.” Illidan believes the Light is holding Velen back and how cool was it to see the moment in which Sargeras showed and offered them a spot within the Legion. Archimonde was already on board with the dark titan and Kil’jaeden quickly followed. Only Velen realized that this was not the way of their people and with the aid of the naaru, they ran from their home. Chief Engineer Ishkar of the Antoran High Command aims their weapons at the Xenedar, the vessel of the army of the Light. No more running, the time has come to make a stand. We’ll be shot down next if we don’t act soon so a bunker is deployed and our vanguard moves out to establish a front.

The draenei are shocked to see what the Legion has done with their world. One of them actually died on arrival, imagine being on the run for thousands of years, finally coming home only to die. We can mourn for the fallen later, right now we have work to do as the Legion’s devastators are bombarding our forces preventing us from getting any further. By destroying the anchors that keep their shields up, the vindicaar is able to cleanse it with the holy light while we also kill a bunch of the legion forces. On the battlefield we find Chieftain hatuun who’s people have been enslaved by the Legion and are in need of aid.

They are the ones who stayed behind on Argus when Velen and the draenei fled and have been dealing with the Legion ever since, so not the easiest life as you might imagine. We help him out by healing and saving some of his people and then we focus on destroying their siege weapon. “There are no guards this close to their weapon?” “Something is wrong.” “This is no mere siege weapon...” Surprise motherduckers! “We must stand together. For Azeroth.” Antaen Light-Breaker stands up and strikes out. Attack on titan here we go. “The Xenedar’s fall shall not have been in vain!” “Hold fast, Champion.

The goliath wavers!” “Look out!” Down Antaen goes. “Whatever that thing was, I doubt that was the only one in Sargeras’ arsenal. Soon the entire Legion will decent upon us.” “We will hold our ground. I only pray there are survivors among the Army of the Light.” “We won’t be able to sustain another attack from one of those creatures. We must bolster our forces.” “The krokul slaves fled somewhere further down the ridge as they were freed. They could not have gone far.

They could be valuable allies in our fight.” “You assume much of their loyalties. Risk your life if you must. I will prepare our forces for the inevitable counterattack.” “As you wish.

Come hero. I can feel their presence not far from here.” “Be on your guard, champion. The Legion is skilled at deception. We may well be walking into a trap.” “Stay close. We are being watched. This hovel feels...familiar.” “Prepare yourself, champion. We are surrounded.” “Show yourselves!” Krokul pop out of the shadows, haiii Chief Hatuun: “Velen.

At long last, you return to the home you abandoned.” “That voice...Hatuun? How did you survive this hell for so long?” “We changed, just as Argus did. We endured. What choice did we have?” “I have no wish to fight you, Hatuun.

But I cannot allow your bitterness to impede our war against the Legion.” “You turned your back on your people, Prophet. Your world. Such betrayal should be answered with death. But your ally saved many of us from the Legion’s grasp. Perhaps you have changed. ” Turalyon: “Enough!” Ow hai there High Exarch Turalyon. “Stay your weapons! The prophet and his ally are not our foes.” “We must stand together, all of us.

If we are to have any chance of defeating the Legion.” “High Exarch Turalyon...we meet at last.” What’s interesting about Hatuun and the Krokul also known as Broken is that the broken that we know come from some specific mixtures of magic found on Draenor. As the Horde was fighting their war with the Draenei, Gul’dan and his shadow council had crafted a special weapon for the siege of shattrath. The warlocks had melded their magics with the red pox, a disease amongst the orcs with its origin in the curse of sethe who you might remember from the story with the arakoa on Draenor. So they tossed this special weapon at the draenei and the red mist burned the draenei’s skin and choked the breath from their lounges but those that survived, they found themselves devolved into the broken, their connection to the light severed. Nobundu was the first amongst the broken, amongst the draenei even to find his way to shamanism and here with Hatuun and the krokul we see a similar transformation and a possible connection to shamanism as well.

Perhaps the Legion took the knowledge of Gul’dan’s weapon and applied it on Argus or perhaps it was Argus itself that pushed the Krokul into a similar de-evolution. All the same, we can use all the allies we can get on Argus and those that have been around for thousands of years will definatly be able to help. We also meet Turalyon face to face for the first time who survived the crash of the Xenedar. “Hatuun’s people saved me from the Xenedar’s fall. Many others were not so fortunate. They hold the ground around the crash site fighting for their lives.” There is much to be done before this nightmare can end, but we need to regroup before we draw more attention from the Legion. Turalyon hands over a signal crystal which we use to call down a lightforged beacon to establish a link to our ship.

“Turalyon! I am pleased you continue to thwart the Legion’s best efforts to kill you. What of Alleria? Is she...” “The last time I saw her was on the Xenedar. She was still...under guard. Alleria’s out there somewhere old friend.

I know it. And other survivors as well. But thousands of demons stand between us and our allies. We must thin the Legion’s ranks to have any hope of reaching the Xenedar alive.” “Then that is what we will do, High Exarch.” Turalyon and his beloved Alleria Windrunner met up as the Alliance of Lordaeron was forced to fight the Horde during their first invasion of Azeroth. The alliance was able to win, but the horde would come back for a second round, forcing the sons of lothar to step through the dark portal to take the battle to the horde.

Alleria left behind her two sister Vereesa and Sylvanas while both of them said farewell to their son Arator. They were eventuall forced to shut down the dark portal as Draenor turned into Outland as we know it today. For a long time nobody knew what happened to them, we couldn’t find them, not even when the dark portal re-opened with the burning crusade but that hasn’t stopped Arator from searching. He has a repeating dream, one in which a crimson skyline envelops him as Legion, numbering beyond comprehension, battle in the distance. He kneels before the body of a man, presumably his father, and weeps.

As he is gasping for air, his body wholly crushed, he whispers something. Despite every effort, he is unable to hear what he’s trying to tell him. Not even Khadgar who joined them into Draenor could tell us what happened to them and over the years, as expansion went on, many hints were dropped about Alleria and Turalyon. With Legion we finally made contact again as the army of Light send us Light’s Heart to bring a message to Azeroth and here he tells us that the army of Light has been fighting the Legion for millenia. Of course it’s hard to say if he was a founding member or if he joined later on, but some dialogue through out our adventures seem to confirm that they have been fighting for thousands of years while on the regular timeline they’ve only been missing for around 35 years. This is explained in the hunter artifact questline in which we discover that time flows unpredictably so deep in the Nether. “Was she here for days? Years? Centuries? The mage was right...time has little meaning in this place.” That does leave the question as to how they’ve survived for so very long, especially Turalyon as a human, but for now I’d say that the Light has been keeping him going but I haven’t found a clear answer to that question yet. Together with Turalyon we help out Hatuun and his people by slaying the demons in the Annihilan pits while also setting those that have been taken captive free, freeing them from a life of labor, torture and ultimately death.

Meanwhile Turalyon carves a path to Aggonar’s lair, the leader of this pit who’s dead bones you might remember from Outland. “Whatever happens, we stand together.” Together we fight the mighty pitlord while turalyon constantly screams to keep its attention, until Aggonar is done playing around and holds us down while his fel puppies slowly move in to devour us. “Alleria! Perfect timing, as always.” Thankfully Alleria Windrunner shows up just in time to save our butts and together we bring the mighty demon down. “Are you alright, Turalyon?” “I am. In no small part thanks to our friend her. But Alleria...there’s something else. When the ship from Azeroth arrived, I sensed his presence.

I would know it anywhere, even after all the years we’ve spent apart.” “Arator! He’s here!” Call down beacon “Every day for a thousand years, I’ve thought about what I wanted to say to him. Now, though...words fail me.” “I know my love. I feel the same. But once we see our son, our hearts will speak for us.” Arator: “But...couldn’t you have reached out to us? To your people? To me?” “Arator...not a day passed that your mother and I didn’t –“ “Every choice we made was to keep you safe. It broke our hearts to be apart from you.” They put a lot emphasis on the family dynamic here, while Arator was never really mentioned until they came up with him for the Burning Crusade. I wonder what the reason is, if that dream of his is actually going to become a reality. Time will tell I suppose, for now we check out the vindicaar to familiarize ourselves with the ship.

Artifcer Shela’na is standing with the Netherlight Crucible, High Priestess Ishanah, leader of the aldor is offering her services as an inkeeper and Thelbus Wimblenod has conjured a portal back to Dalaran. All seems to be in working order, time to continue our journey and get back to Argus. Any survivors of the army of the light should still be near the crash site of the Xenedar and they’ll need our help. If there’s is to be any hope of victory, we must rally them and also rescue the prime naaru Xe’ra, still stuck within the Xenedar. “Son, there is so much more we have to say, but our allies at the Xenedar will soon be overrun.” “You must go to their aid, Turalyon.

I will scout behind enemy lines and provide a distraction. We will return soon, Arator.” “I...understand. Light be with you both.” “Stay safe.

We will gather the others and prepare for the battle to come.” Teleport out “It pains me to see them go, Aunt Vereesa. I could not bear to lose them now, not after waiting all these years.” “Have patience, Arator. It may take time, but your family will be whole again. I know it.” “No doubt my mother will soon ask about Sylvanas. What are you going to tell her?” “It is a conversation I know we must have, but the thought of it fills me with dread. How can I explain to Alleria what our sister has become? The truth will break her heart.” “My scouts found the remains of Aggonar. We are in your debt, High Exarch.

And yours, outlander.” “The Legion will only fall if we stand together, chieftain. And right now, we have friends facing grave peril.” “There is a way. We will use what power we have to help you.” “A tunnel! So this is how you have survived...” “We have hidden.

We have adapted. In our hour of need, this land still listens to our pleas.” “I will go on ahead and clear a path. The bridge leading to the Xenedar seems to be the least guarded. Light be with us.” Tunnels mate, that’s how you survive the wrath of Sargeras and the Legion, a whole new world just opened up for our man Turalyon. Taraafash: “You’re not going anywhere, ‘champion.’ The master has plans for you!” Captain Fareeya: “Not today, monster! The Light prevails!” One shot lol get rekt.

“Fareeya! You survived!” “You know that I refuse to die while the Legion still stands, High Exarch. Follow me. We’ve set up a perimeter.” The Army of the Light is filled with bad asses like Captain Fareeya who just one shotted Taraafash like it was nothing. They have lightforged warframes to empower them in combat, their eyes are glowing with the blessing of the light and no one demon is going to stand in the way of their objective. They need us to pick up some Argunite crystals used to power their defenses and weapon, we destroy the legion soul coffers to set their fallen comrades free to join the light and while we go around, we slay as many demons as we can. All of them tell us to keep an eye out for Y’mera who was separated from them and will surely need our help.

Turns out she needs us to shoot a bunch of the frenzied plaguewings dominating the sky after which she points us to Baraat the Longshot. To gain entrance into the Xenedar and free Xe’ra, we’ll need a bigger gun to clear the rubble. They have a gun perfect for the job called Light’s Judgement but it’s still attached to the broken Xenedar. Luckily it does come with a security feature to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

We can activate its recall mechanism which teleports it back to a vessel and with the Xenedar out of commision, it will nearly teleport to our Vindicaar. Isn’t that lucky, so we protect the weapon for a bit as the recall procedure goes on, making sure that the gun does not end up in the hands of the Legion. “That should be it! Just activate the console one last time to complete the transfer. I will handle the rest.” Mini cinematic: Teleport the canon to the vindicaar, oe so shiny. So powerful, Be afraid legion, be very afraid. Light’s Judgement is operation and in our hands, with its holy retribution we clear the way into the Xenedar just in time for Turalyon and Alleria to show up again.

“I sense Xe’ra in the central chamber. Thank the Light! We are not too late.” “And what then? I was locked in a cell for delving into the Void against her wishes. Will she make me a prisoner again? Or worse?” “Xe’ra will see that you risked your life to save her. Her faith in you will be restored – I know it!” Turalyon is pretty relaxed about the situation considering his beloved Alleria was put under lock and key for going against Xe’ra’s wishes. “Xe’ra, don’t worry. You are safe now. “Come champion.

Help me guide her to the vindicaar, then we can get out of here.” He is convinced that the prime naaru will forgive her, as we place 3 teleportation crystals around the room, making ready to get her out of here. “Our troops will finish securing the Xenedar. Though we retrieved its most precious carge, we cannot let the vessel fall into the Legion’s hands. Place the beacon at my location. We’re coming home.” Light be praised, this was a dark day indeed. The army of the light nearly lost everything, but it endures. The child of light and shadow has been brought to the Light Mother and her prophecy will be fullfilled.

All is as it was meant to be. “The Light is holding you back. It’s time to forge your own path.” That however is a story we’re going to save for next week as there is still so much to cover for the story on Argus so for now thank you very much for watching everyone! If you want some more details on all the things we talked about today, then check out the related wowhead article in the description down below. Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one aaaand until next time guys....see ya!.

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