The Witcher 3 video review

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Greetings friends and welcome to our video review for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The third chapter of the series focuses on Geralt and Ciri stories. After the end of The Witcher 2, Geralt or Rivia learns that Wild Hunt, a group of enemy mobs, is hunting his stepdaughter once again. Your goal is to search for her across the land and find her as she can't work alone against the blood-thirsty army. During your search for Ciri you will face many challenges. Drowners and Nackers will attack you from marshes, bandits will steal you and kings would like to use you to fulfir their own desires.

On the contrary your allies will try to reenforce your efforts, by either giving you information or helping you in boss fights. Dialogues during cutscenes have a lot of fun. Geralt is well known for his humour and his irony. The Witcher 3 lasts 40-100 hours which depends on how long you will focus on the main story or spend time completing side quests in the huge world which is 35 times bigger than Withcher 2. I would personally suggest that you explore every area as this Action RPG was created with the purpose of spending months on it. The good aspect of Wild Hunt is that the world is full of activities.

Try fist fights, horse riding and other minigames are there for you if you have the will to search for them. The best one is Gwent which is a card game than you can play with most NPCs. You can collect cards and build a strong deck. Your actions will change the route of the storyline. For instance, if you see a fight, you can either help and gain allies or go away.

The game itself will make you feel that there are no good or bad options but just your choices, which is something that misses from most RPGs. Main questline is what matters, although The Witcher 3 urges you to make side-quests. Your main quest might be finding Ciri but you must not forget that you are a Witcher. Your main mission is to kill monsters and be paid well for this. You can find Witcher contracts and quests in NPC cities. In most cases each job can be made by only one Witcher. For instance a monster threatens an area and you must kill it. It's easy to find each monster by using Witcher sense which highlights red footsteps and gives clues that will lead you to his hideout.

The Witcher 3 video review

Geralt has multiple ways of avoiding hits using backstep, roll or parry. Attacks are either heavy or light, while you can use your signs combined with sword For those being new to the series, signs are magic skills that Geralt can use. Combat system has become easier and reminds me of Batman.

THis might annoy you as most battles become easier, but it might also annoy you because boss fights are much more difficult. Bosses have a good A.I. and multiple phases. Playing quests gives you xp and raises your level. Levelling up grants you a skill point, which you can spend in one of four available trees which are Combat, Signs, Alchemy and General skills. You also gain gear with higher stats as well as slots so that you can upgrade. Same goes for the two swords that Geralt holds, Silver and Steelsword.

If you wish to play the game in a higher difficulty level then upgrading gear is one way road. For the first time in series you can play with a second character. This time we have Ciri with which we are going to spend a couple of hours.

Witchress can defend herself well, as other Witchers taught her. As Witcher has the Elder Blood, gene of Lara Dauren, she can transport whenever she wants. In PS4, The Witcher 3 runs in 1080p with 30 frames, having not too much frame drops.

Environment is magic with huge forest and beautiful cities. Characters are well designed while emphasis is being given even to single NPCs. Weather is dynamic and monsters come out of nowhere which makes you think that you live in a living world, no matter what you do.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is one of the best RPGs of the last years. Playing it you will have a good time for 40-100 hours, having lots of memories. Read our review in at the description link. Also if you liked our video review Like the video and leave your comments. See you in and in our Forum!.

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