The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - First Impressions

By: ZeroToHero77

Intro – The Wild Hunt is upon us. To prepare, we must ourselves become the Witcher. As this is the Witcher 3, I would recommend you become the Witcher 3 times. Does that give you 3 times the power? That depends on you. I'm ZeroToHero77 and it's time for a First Impressions video of The Witcher 3, The Wild Hunt, coming to you now on the PS4 thanks to CD Projekt Red. Story – The Witcher 3 further tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, who is, well, a Witcher.

What's a Witcher? If you would just hold on for a second I'd be able to tell you. A Witcher Ahem is a genetically enhanced human, with super reflexes and peak human abilities. They also have the ability to use certain spells, like controlling fire, telekinisis or a shield. This time, Geralt is out in the world taking on various contracts and of course, people confront him for being a “freak”. Geralt has never had a problem handling these things and takes it as part of the job. But upon meeting with the leader of the Nilfgaard Empire and learning that Ciri has the Wild Hunt after her, he demands to know where she is. But wait, that's all there is right? Wrong, Yennefer, Geralts one time lover, has been thrown into the mix as a higher in command with the Nilfgaard Empire. Whoa! Graphics – Now, throughout the waiting process of the Witcher 3, a lot of people were complaining that the graphics are downgraded.

It won't look as good as the screenshots. Blah blah. Take my word for it, this game is BEAUTIFUL. My captured footage doesn't do it justice. It is an extremly vibrant world, and the lighting used only enhances those features. Well the game looks incredible, it had some graphical errors. Some included a girl skipping through the air, but personally I just believed she was a witch. And Geralt knocking an enemy into an unreachable area where I wasn't able to finish them off without some luck. Gameplay – The game takes on the roll of a Action RPG.

When you're in combat, you can switch between various witcher abilities like fire, shield, telekinisis, mind control, and a magic circle. When you use these abilities the game slows down to allow you to make your choice. It's perfect for a newcomer like me who's not sure what these abilities do, or when the best time to use them would be. You also have the option of fast attacks or strong attack, each with their respective buttons and situational calling. The great thing about the action RPG setting is there is no RIGHT way to play, some technique will work better than other, but with the Witcher, you can fight how you like, it's your skill that'll get you to the end of your journey. Completing various quests, and hunting monster allows you to level up your abilities, which will give you a skill point to level up Geralt in various elements. Increasing ability with your spells, attacks or allowing another type of bonus, I don't want to spoil. You can also get skill points from various points of power on the map, which will give you an additional point without TO much trouble.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - First Impressions

You also have the ability to perform alchemy. Which allows you to make various potions that will either give you buffs to different stats, or potions that are nothing but bad for your enemies. Such as poisons. When you look at the screens, it all comes across as a little overwhelming, even for someone such as myself who has played quite a few RPG's. But just like anything, it'll feel like home you just need to give it time. Music – The atmosphere it beautifully set thanks to the music in this game. The game was long in the making, and you can tell music was a very important aspect as it enhances the experience really drawing the player into it. It only took me a few minutes to realize I had stumbled onto an amazing soundtrack, and thanks to CD Projekt RED, I even have a CD as a thank you for my purchase, making all my car rides EPIC. Voice work – I haven't met a character who I thought could have been voiced more appropiatly.

It really is amazing the effort that went into making this game what it is. Each character has their traits, their personality and emotions so perfectly displayed, and hearing the cutting words from some characters who are not paticularly fond of Geralt, really does hurt. cryyyyyy Outro – If CD Projekt Red was a baseball team, and they were up to bat right now, they didn't hit it out of the park.

They hit it out of this planet. The Witcher 3 has been an absolutely enthralling 12 hours of play. I'm always looking forward into playing more, and as someone who is new to the Witcher series, would absolutely love to read the books and play the previous entries. We're looking at a serious contender for game of the year hear.

I raise my glass to the CD Project red. Fans of Action RPGs, do yourself a favor and pick up this game. It's turning out to be a truly incredibly play with so much to do. Sidequest galore, and an absolutely beautiful and massive world to explore.

I'm ZeroToHero77, I really hope you enjoyed the video, and if you were on the fence about jumping into the Witcher, I hope I eased your doubts.

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