The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Interview with CD Projekt RED Director: Thank You letter & free DLCs

By: BasedGamer

Hi, this is Mike with BasedGamer. I'm here at E3 2016. I'm here with the CD Projekt Red team. Why don't you introduce yourself. Hello, my name is Konrad Tomaszkiewicz. I'm game director of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. My role is to create the vision of the game, production and the story, all the work elements, and so on. Later, in the production, my role is to playing and iterating the game and shape it this way to achieve what I got in my head. Would you say you're successful in getting that done? I'm seriously surprised.

I mean, you know, I knew that it'd be a great game, but the feedback we get from the players is awesome. Really awesome. And, you know, the multiple awards We get, it's like, really cool.

That is awesome, you know, and you guys had such great reception and yet you went and thanked the fans. What made you guys decide to write that letter thanking customers. You know, we are players. All of us. And, we treat players this way, how we want to be treated by other companies and , you know, by people who are doing the games. Did you expect that Thank You note to go viral? No, no. It was, like, we wanted to do something good. We wanted to, you know, we wanted to thank fans and we didn't expect that it will be So - that there will be so huge response for it. All of this - what we're doing - we want to change industry. Like the days of the first Baldur's Gate and other games.

The expansions were something big. Something really, really cool. You know, the new experience and adventure.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Interview with CD Projekt RED Director: Thank You letter & free DLCs

We wanted to change the perception of DLCs for the people and we released the expansion which [has] around 40 hours of gameplay. You know, if you're buying something, you need to be sure that we deliver you [a] new game, actually. For us, you know, the players are the most important always. And we are players and we want to play games like this. That's really refreshing to hear. And you mentioned how big the Expansions are. You've also done a couple different pieces of free DLCs which many people will know about. What was your decision making Going into that? Well, it's also, you know, fighting through the system, let's say, because, you know, people are releasing DLCs about new horses for the armor - new armors for the horses - or new items, new swords and different things. they're charging people for it and we wanted to give people things for free to show that we care about them. That was things we couldn't do in the full Game because we didn't get time, but we got ideas on how to do it.

And after this we finished those stuff and we [gave] it to the players to make more fun. you give them to the players, I like it. Did you guys expect so much success worldwide, in the West, everywhere? You know, it was like, these days, games are treated like simple entertainment. For me, it's something more and I believe that players need good story, need deeper story, need, you know, emotion. I - I hoped that it will be like this, but, you know, it's like, I keep my fingers crossed. you cannot say it will be a success. You guys have your whole heart in it though right from the beginning, no matter what. That's true. And what about advice for any other developers out there - AAA, small, anything.

Most important thing is hear your players who are playing your games and, you know, evolve and upgrade your games to make it more, you know, fun and more deep. Do you have any last words for your fans or fans of Witcher 3? Well, thank you guys and, you know, I got the energy that I'm getting for you and keep fingers crossed for us and wait for the Cyberpunk and the Gwent. Awesome, thank you so much. Thank you so much. That was great. That was great. We'll put some footage in there and everything. Oh, so awesome. It's so nice talking to you, it's crazy!.

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