TI4. Group Stage Day 3, Review

By: Dota 2 StarLadder

Good day, dear friends! After a long and hard day, CaspeRRR and Mael, or Maelstorm, call him however you like, are here for you. To call him a man? Does he deserve to called a man? Well, today you did, I guess. So, the third day of the group stage at TI 2014 is over. We are here to sum it up, tell you what interesting things happened, sensations or not, comebacks or not. So, I give you a mic, tell us about your today's emotions.

The brightest emotions were on Empire's games. They've been flying out of TI for two days, moreover, they have chances to stay and get to tiebreakers. Pretty epic matches, yesterday was cool game Empire vs iG, today - Empire vs Fnatic and Empire vs NewBee. So, main feelings are about Empire. f course, 6-9 is not what everybody expected. Also, I'd point out Chinese. There are a lot of them here, they play well. NewBee and DK may be not so great, but iG and VG are on the top, Vici Gaming are likely to go directly to the main event.

Asia is dominating over Europe, and America is going well, thanks to EG. - About some surprising results, what do you remember? - Surprising? Very strong play from Liquid, I wasn't expecting so cool performance from them. Demon was failing sometimes, but his chronospheres were amazing and the match against Na'Vi proves it. Despite Na'Vi won, at some moments knees were shaking, if it wasn't for Dendi destroying the whole team at once, it could be GG. Dania was trying hard. However.

their game against DK surprised in a bay way. Remember 5 intelligence-heroes against Storm and Nyx and Nyx cut them in solo. Scheme was simple: Nyx finds somebody, Storm comes, bang-bang, farewell. Nyx took -450 by Mana burn, you can't argue with that. Na'Vi disappointed a bit, but, this day was more predictable, than others. Yes, with some exceptions, but at all, teams that seemed stronger were winning. - LGD were great in some moments, they've made a huge comeback. - They won Empire. - Yes, they won Empire. They had 0-6 and now are in top-10! Let me check it..

TI4. Group Stage Day 3, Review

Yes, they are likely to make it to tiebreakers. 6-8 and one match tomorrow. Buy the way, I can look whom they will play against.

They play against Cloud 9, it's going to be interesting. Well, first of all, let's wish luck to Empire. - They need to win Arrow, who are the last now, pretty much all that they can do. - About surprising results. LGD defeated Empire and there is a "First game factor" at TI. First day was surprising, as well as first games of each day. Empire lost to LGD, pretty surprising, Na'Vi lost to Na'Vi.US.

Na'Vi would win if the game was played later. But at the morning players are still sleepy and that affect teams. It's not the first day when morning matches are surprising. Let's sum up really quickly. Very creative play from DK against NewBee.

You've probably seen video "How to kill Roshan with Snowball" and probably the most intense game of the day: Mousesports vs Fnatic. I haven't seen it all, but the end is amazing. What do you remember from such moments? Well, Na'Vi vs DK, where Na'Vi surprised in a bad way. EG, who raised after not very nice start, after fans started to deny Arthur. xmike88 wrote "Arthur failed all his mids". So that you understand.

But. EG are top-2 now and they guaranteed themselves minimum 5th or 6th. So, they are in top-8, which is 500k, and are in top 5 or 6, which is 639.000 dollars.

EG earned a lot today. The same as Vici Gaming. Damn. VG, these were the easiest matches I've ever seen! More VG matches - earlier to go home.

It's five heroes that smash faces to the minute 15 and finish on minute 18. It doesn't matter whom they are playing against. I don't understand how they lost two games. All I saw was raping, I don't believe you can win them, something like that.

Keep it simple. Teams who kept their style are on top and teams who tried to play like others and pick some sh*t are out. Let's finish. Prognoses for tomorrow. I think, Empire will make it to tiebreakers, as well as Na'Vi. If they perform well tomorrow, they will have chances at TI.

But they won't make it to Key Arena from 7-8th place, it's too hard. Your prognoses? Not much depends on Empire, they only need to defeat Arrow. And I wish luck to others, less tiebreakers so we could go rest earlier. And of course, I wish Empire make to the second stage, it would be awful if they fail to get there. Just to show that they can.

Groups are groups, but the main action is there. They've proved that they can get a grip when they are against the wall. That's our, CIS, style. Well, we finish, cuz we are about to get rekt by vacuum cleaner. It's time to leave for Mael and me. See you tomorrow, on the other side.

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