Tom Clancy's The Division Underground Leveling Guide

By: SunwindPC

Alright hey guys my name is Sunwind and welcome to another Division video. In this video we will take a look at the leveling system introduced with the Underground DLC. This video is based on a guide published on the website, according to the guide, the data presented here was collected from over 100 Operations using every difficulty setting. First off lets start with XP needed for Ranking Up in the Underground One of the most important findings about leveling up in the underground is the exponential rate at which XP increases. Leveling may seem fast for the first 10-15 levels but it will slow down quickly and you will want to increase your leveling efficiency to rank up more quickly.

Here is a chart to illustrate the exponential XP requirements per level: This reduced speed in leveling will mean that Underground Caches will be much harder to come by as you Rank up. Before you rush to opening all of your easily earned caches you should consider saving them up until you are a higher Gear Score. You want to be at least 225 Gear Score when you open your caches but this 225 Gear Score is not dependent on the items you have equipped but rather all of the items that you own (including items in your stash). These results indicate that you should save up those Underground Caches until you are at least 225 Gear Score for guaranteed 268 gear and 229 weapons. Now, you need to carefully choose the most efficient for you settings for the Operations. Choosing the proper difficulty level does depend on your Gear Score. Initial data showed that Normal Mode yielded much faster clear times than Hard and Challenging.

At low Gear Score, it is still most efficient to run normal mode operations. As higher Gear Scores were obtained, the data showed good improvements in the clear times of Hard and Challenge mode while the clear times of normal mode did not see improvement. Heroic data was added for comparison.

In terms of leveling efficiency you will want to compare the experience of multi-phase Operations in combination with multiple directives to determine exactly how these clear times vary with difficulty level. The chart below is based on the assumption that clear times would not change significantly with the use of the two easiest directives. From this data it is apparent that Hard is the most efficient difficulty setting. From the table above you can conclude that for Heroic and Challenge to be viable for efficiency purposes, their XP reward would need to roughly double. This double in XP would also not even consider the reduced efficiency from failed runs. A 30% failure rate in Heroic missions would mean that the XP would need to roughly triple for the risk to justify the reward. Some Operations Are Faster than Others Operations are supposed to be selected randomly but it appears that they are actually selected pseudo-randomly which means that you are unlikely to get the same Operation twice in a row. This can be used to your advantage on high difficulty settings by strategically cancelling longer missions in favor of faster missions.

Tom Clancy's The Division Underground Leveling Guide

It has limited benefit for multi-phase operations, but some may find it useful. Can you gain XP faster by playing with friends or by playing solo? Underground Operations are designed to scale with the number of players in your party. This means that if you go in solo your enemies should have lower health (or there should be fewer enemies) than if you went in with a full squad of 4 players. The results here show that it is more efficient to level up when playing with a larger party size. The difference between playing solo and playing with a group of 4 is approximately a 15% difference. You will definitely level faster playing with others, but solo players may feel good knowing that the inefficiency is not substantial. How many directives should you use at one time? Stacking multiple directives at a time gives you bonus XP and also loot rewards.The important thing to note here is that a large jump in XP occurs when using 2 directives. While you are below level 25 this means that using 2 directives (Fog of War + Waste Not Want Not ) is most efficient for XP.

After you reach level 25 you unlock Special Forces which is very easy to counter by using Support Station (Immunizer) . This will allow you to use 3 directives (Fog of War + Waste Not Want Not + Special Forces ) which award you a Gear Set item as a completion reward. You should never use directives one at a time and you should not exceed using 3 directives at time. The 4 directive XP is good but the weapon is likely not worth it since they drop frequently. The purpose of this guide is to provide �averages� for leveling efficiency rather than �best case scenario� or �my fastest clear time ever�. Some of you may have better times and that is expected to vary based on the skill of your group, the gear of your group, the coordination of your group, and the specific operation. This wraps it up for this video.

Hope you found this useful. See ya next time.

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