TontonTouffu - Dota 2 Jungle Guide Lycan 6.86

By: TontonTouffu

The video contain mistakes volontary and a crappy jungle (bad spawn of red potato) to show how to get over it. To jungle well with lycan you need to : -make your wolves tank the least possible or just when their timer will over -Use Iron Talon on full hp creeps with the most of health -secure the Morbid Mask and farm to death Summon your wolves on 0:11 and start going to the first big neutral camp when you have 80% of mana You can do the big neutral camp from level 1 unless it's two big potato. For other creeps, take a tango and be sure to make your Lycan tank and not his wolves. Micro of your wolves is essential to succeed an effective jungle.

Your wolves are your main source of damage but are weak in the begining. You can let your wolves tank if their timer is nearly over. As skill build, always take your wolves in priority and your passive, and take your ultimate at level 6. Potatoes and centaur will use their ability only if there is 3 units in their melee range. You can avoid it with a quick move, move with your wolves close to creeps and then back fast. Don't forget Supertomato's spell make a lot of damage and the centaur can change his target during the stun and kill a low hp wolves before you can make it back.

Losing your wolves mean losing DPS and so time! If you don't have your wolves neither mana and you still don't have your morbid mask, you can manage melee camp with hit and run + Iron talon . Once you bought your Morbid Mask, make the most of damage to the next camp and let you die. You will come back taller, stronger, prettier, glamorous, sexier ..! With Morbid Mask in pocket, everything become easier and faster ! Mistake ! Let my wolf dying while my CD is not nearly up is a lost of efficiency ! With Vladimir and Lycan level 7 (wolves level 4) go back to your base to regen, summon your wolves, use a smoke and go to Roshan ! Don't hesitate to use your wolves to farm when you go back to your foutain Invisibility of wolves + smoke is a combo who can make you avoid bad surprises sending your wolves to left and right and watching the smoke buff, you can check for enemy presence without revealing your intentions. Don't be greedy ! Don't reveal yourself for taking a rune under smoke ! On Roshan, let your wolves tank, their regen level 4 and Vladimir are essential to temporize. When Roshan will stun one of your wolves, the wolf will turn invisible and Roshan will switch of target. Always keep your wolves actives and let them tank the most.

If you fail your micro and it remain only low hp wolves or less and CD of summon is not back soon, don't hesitate to tank yourself to let your wolves regen ! Once you have Aegis, you have two choices: you can destroy a tower or kill creeps above Roshan. In any case, if you have had some luck in the jungle and you made it well, you can be more than level 9 at minute 10, wich offer a good domination . Thanks for watching ! Like, comment and subscribe !.

TontonTouffu - Dota 2 Jungle Guide Lycan 6.86

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