Top 5 Things Developers can Learn from Black Desert Online - Gaming Thoughts

By: RequiestaDeSilencia

Hey there players and developers alike. I'm uncrownedprince91 and I'll be your guide through today's fleeting misery. This will be a more structured video than the last few as we'll be talking about the top 5 things that developers can learn from Black Desert Online. Well no sense waiting, except to boost my ad revenue..

okay, let's go! Number 1: The Controls I have gotten so hopelessly used to the control schemes of Wildstar Online, World of Warcraft, and Dynasty Warriors Online that I actually had a period where I thought there would never be an MMO with comfortable controls. You can understand my surprise when I saw Black Desert Online and realized that there is a god and his name is unspeakable, and he intends to bend us all to his great will and strength of presence and destroy the inferior masses who deign to worship earthly mental constructs within their understanding while ignoring his majesty. Your apocalypse aside, it's a good system. Replacing the mandatory hotbar with key combinations seems overly complicated at first, but once you start getting into the zone it becomes second nature. I also like that your hotbar actually penalizes players for assigning skills that can be used through combinations. I don't hate a game that isn't afraid to make you learn its mechanics. It really shows that you shouldn't always stick to the grain when designing your games. Sometimes the grain is outdated, rough, and the remnant of a bygone era which will be brought to his dark justice when the prophecy is complete.

Number 2: The World I have a soft spot for a developer who can make a world that feels alive, and while I haven't seen a world that beats the Witcher 3 yet, in MMO circles I have yet to see better than Black Desert Online. While traveling the world you'll run into bandits, see NPCs trading goods between towns, watch predatory animals hunt prey, quest characters moving around in expected ways, and a number of other things that don't come to mind while writing this script. The game does have some points which are static, mostly for repeatable quests, but there is a lot of movement in this game. I'm willing to forgive an incredible amount for a world that feels alive and this game delivers well on this front.

Take notes developers, because if you can pull this off you are set for life. Number 3: The Profession System It's been a very long time since I've played a game as deep as this when it comes to professions. Guild Wars 2 always felt very abundant but ultimately lackluster and most other games I've played either lack a profession system or severely limit it. The best way I can describe the profession system here is "involved". You can farm just about every type of resource from the word GO, but processing it further might take knowledge that you can only obtain from a quest, or it might take a different tool, or it might take a completely different resource that you'll have to discover on your own. It's certainly confusing, even 20 hours into the game, but I haven't once felt bored. It also might help that processing is partially dependent on knowledge since energy is linked to that. Just a thought.

Top 5 Things Developers can Learn from Black Desert Online - Gaming Thoughts

In summary, if you're going to put a crafting system into your game remember to add layers. Don't just go from a wooden handle and some iron to an iron sword, go deep or don't go at all. Which is not what she said, she said that it'll cost extra next time. Number 4: Gender Locking Here's where we start getting into the problems with Black Desert Online. A good number of the classes in the game are gender locked, meaning you can't play as a male tamer or hunter nor as a female warrior. I really don't get why gender locking is still considered an acceptable thing.

If you want me to project my story onto a character then you have to let me make the character. Any game with character creation should never have gender locking, it devalues everything and makes the character feel like a loan rather than our creation. Seriously devs, don't gender lock if you have character creation, period. Number 5: Optimization This is also a jab at Black Desert. The game's servers are fairly sporadic, sometimes doing great and other times doing very poorly. The game is incredibly CPU intensive with a lot of players, which is bad.

The processor isn't as easy to upgrade as the graphics card, RAM, or disk space so it could turn people off of playing if their cpu is pushed too far. The developers have been trying to focus more on stability and optimization in the past few updates so we'll see how it goes from here. Optimization is the barrier that separates a well-rounded and freely accessible game from something that could be great but nobody will play. See Planetside 2 for that in a nutshell. Translation: I wanted to pick on Planetside 2 while staying on topic for this video. The recent patches have improved stability a lot in Black Desert Online.

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