TYPES OF PEENOISE *English Subbed*


Hey Peenoise! How was your last game? Red Days, I guess. You should uninstall your Dota if you're getting too much loss. Ok. When I made the Peenoise Part 1, I think I was level 8 or 10. Now, I am level 23 and I can now play in Ranked-Match AND, I am on 1K MMR now. It was fun, and you should try that - you'll lose your sanity. Anyways, thanks to those who suggested some of the new peenoise traits on my previous video.

To continue, here are some of the new Peenoise I've encountered. First, Breezy Boys. I think you already know this one. These are the players who acts like it was their first time to meet a Gamer Girl.

When they met a Gamer Girl, they are like - - - Hey, can I get your facebook? Hey, can I get your cellphone number? And give me some items too! These are the players who acts like it was their first time to meet a Gamer Girl. Number 2. Boy KS. Kill Secured or Kill Steal? Kill Steal, of course! These are the players who are converving their skill so they can execute the last hit. They said - it feels good to hear the announcer when you get a score.

These are the players who brags about their score - even if it is only from KS. Guys, just a reminder - In Dota, Team Play is what you need to win - not a High Score. Number 3. Feeding Program. These are the players who loves to organize a Feeding Program in game. That player who just respawned and got killed in an instant, playing carelessly, no map awareness and loves to go solo, doesn't want to cooperate and no buy back. Number 4. Boy First Time.

TYPES OF PEENOISE *English Subbed*

I often bump in this type of players in random solo game. Those players who are making an excuse of their being "newbie" and "first timer". But when you look at their profile, you'll see their level is too high. Your first time, right? Don't us~ (Don't try and trick us) Number 5. Intro Boys. These are the types of peenoise who loves to trash talk and brag when took the advantage in early game.

They feel like they already won but when they lose in late game, they'll just say "You're just lucky!". "Come back is real!" - Keep that in mind. So, don't be too confident, try and end the game first before you brag. Number 6. The Last Pick. These are the players who don't have consideration.

Those players who don't mind whatever they pick. They'll just pick whatever hero they want. They don't care whatever you and your team mates had picked.

They don't care even if you guys won't make any proper execution and combo. That player who will still pick a carry - even if there are already 4 carries in team. Guys, if you're the last pick, make sure to pick something that would create a harmony and combo to your team mate's hero. For example, you guys lack Support, Offlaner or Stunner, pick those missing hero instead. Do not pick Carry if there's already too much Carry Heroes in the team. Hmm. Quotable! Number 7. Boy Rambo.

These are the players who don't know the role of their hero so they'll just go full retard. Those players who are turning their Support Hero to Carry. Those who steals the farm of their Carry and wants to be the priority of the team - even if their hero is a Support. Number 8. Boy Rich Kid. These are the players who loves to brag about their new items.

Guys, remember, the Dota 2 Sets and Items are merely "Decorations" It won't improve your gameplay. It's not like when you buy an Arcana, you'll do good in game. Dota 2 is not a Pay to Win Game. But of course, having a set and decorations are good - just don't brag about it. Because it doesn't measure your skill in game.

Number 9. Boy Piso Net. Based on my experience, they are the burden in the team.

Because, again, based on my experience, they are the ones who gets disconnect easily. Number 10. The Account Buyer. These are the player who brags about their account. Accounts that they just bought. Actually, some people pm'ed me that - - - Hey, i'm on 6K MMR, let's play! Like that, 4k, 5k, 6k and up. But plays like me, 1K MMR. Seriously guys, don't buy an account, it's a total dick move.

Just be yourself, don't feel bad about your MMR. Because after all, you worked hard for it. It is embarassing to show a fake or high MMR because you'll just show a different level of gameplay, like a retard gameplay. And by the way, if you're tired of your MMR Section; There's a new feature in Dota 2 TI6 Compendium. This is the International MMR, this is your chance to escape and leave your current MMR Section if you think you deserve better and higher. That's it, so far I enjoyed playing Dota 2. I've met some new feeder, new peenoise, new alien, new illuminati, and some other new retards. If you guys have a suggestions, do let me know.

So, make sure to subscribe for more Dota 2 Content. Again, this is my "only" Dota ID - 301822171 - If that's not the ID then it's only my apparition. Lastly guys, kindly join our facebook group. We usually host a 5v5 and 10v10 lobbies there. And I really hope to play with you soon guys.

That's it, tag your friend who plays like this. Thanks for watching guys.

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