Uther's Guard - Holy Paladin Legendary Review #3

By: Cee Breezy

Uther’s Guard is a legendary plate wrist for paladins. It’s main stats are strength (or intellect depending on your spec), stamina and bonus stats of critical strike & mastery. The equip bonus is that all of your blessings get their duration increased by 50% and the target of whoever you cast those blessings on also gets healed for 15% of their max health. This was the first legendary that I had ever received and because my main spec was holy, I was relieved that it at least had crit on it which is my main stat! But, after a closer look and using them for a while in combat, I really grew to love this legendary. The fact that it increases the duration of all of your blessings by 50% really comes in handy. While this isn’t the BiS recommended legendary, I still think it’s really solid if you are limited on legendaries. I’ve found it useful mostly as Holy spec, but its also great for me when I do world quests as ret spec.

The increased duration of Blessing of Protection and Freedom has helped me a lot with running away from mobs, getting out of crowd control, jumping off cliffs and more... I got this legendary from an emissary chest after completing Court of Farodonis world quests for the day. Just a quick background, these bracers are named after Sir Uther the Lightbringer who was the first paladin in the Knights of the Silver Hand and led his order against the Horde during the Second War. During the Third War, Uther was betrayed and murdered by his pupil, Arthas, while defending the urn carrying the ashes of Arthas’ father, King Terenas. I put a link to learn more about Arthas in the description of this video if you are interested. I’m going to go over each blessing quickly and how they are affected by these bracers.

First up is Blessing of Freedom. This classic paladin spell places a blessing on a party or raid member and grants them immunity to movement impairing effects. Also, if someone is already snared or immobilized in some way, it will free the person from it and then grant them immunity for the spell’s duration. This is great to use if someone is slowed or trapped in any sort of way. Sometimes casting Cleanse as a holy paladin can remove certain types of movement impairing effects and if so, if multiple people are snared, you can use Freedom on one person and cleanse on another. Second is Blessing of Protection, commonly referred to as BoP. BoP places a blessing on a party or raid member that protects them from all physical attacks. It cannot be used on a target who has the forbearance debuff.

Forbearance is a 30 second debuff caused by BoP, Lay on Hands and/or Divine Shield. So, when using BoP, especially on other paladins, be aware of what else is going on in the fight. BoP also drops aggro on whoever it is cast on so I rarely ever cast it on a tank unless a certain situation calls for it. Oftentimes I’ll cast BoP on DPS who has drawn aggro. In the past BoP used to make you unable to do any melee attacks while it was active, so I would almost always put it on a caster. It was recently changed however so that you can still attack while it is active on you. Furthermore, I use BoP and Divine Shield to protect me against fall damage. If I need to jump off a clff and I don’t have any fall buffs or a glider, I usually just hop on my mount, cast BoP, and jump right off! With the longer duration from Uther’s Guard, this is also another useful feature.

Uther's Guard - Holy Paladin Legendary Review #3

Lastly is Blessing of Sacrifice. This is a holy & protection specs of paladins have this spell but retribution paladins do not. The spell places a blessing on a party or raid member. You cannot cast it on yourself. It transfers 30% of all damage they take to you, the paladin for the duration or until the transferred health would cause you to fall below 20%.

You need to be careful when using Blessing of Sacrifice because without careful use, it can kill you and has killed me in the past. From my holy experience, every time I cast it, I make sure that I have either Divine Protection or Divine Shield ready to use to make sure that the damage transferred to me is mitigated. My usual combo is to cast Blessing of Sacrifice on a tank or someone who I know will be taking a decent amount of damage, and then cast Divine Protection, and carefully monitor both of our HPs.

The longer duration of Sacrifice means you are going to take more damage so just be aware of that. The only other part of the bracer is it’s 15% heal on the target when a blessing is cast. So, for example, my base health is 3,501,000. When the bracer effect is triggered, I will be healed for 15% of my health, which is 525,231 - about the same as a health pot. Not bad at all. One thing to note is for some reason in the combat log, the name of the heal from the bracer is called Thrayn’s Sacrifice, so if you are checking logs be aware of that. What do you guys think of these bracers? Thanks for watching this video! Feel free to subscribe to support my channel and check out the other videos in this series. See you next time!.

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