Why Minecraft is so Popular and Addictive?

By: Minecraft: How To Build and Play Survival

Why Minecraft is so popular and addictive? Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game: it takes the term "sandbox" to a totally new level. You can basically build anything in Minecraft. With its endless building possibilities Minecraft has become the most popular game in the World. Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. In Minecraft players use pixelated blocks to create detailed buildings and worlds as well as battling giant spiders and skeletons. In Minecraft You begin with absolutely nothing, no tools, no shelter. From there on, what you do is completely up to you (if you can survive the night).

Minecraft landscape consists of rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys, waterfalls and lava flows, forests and deserts. Minecraft literally goes-on for thousands of miles in every direction. Wandering around a world larger in proportion than the Earth gives you a feeling of being an explorer. When you feel tired of exploring, you can settle down and build a house entirely of glass next some waterfalls. In Minecraft one can carve out his own underground network of tunnels and subterranean shelters. Above ground you can create castles, large towns and cities, mine-cart highways, even spaceships! Also in Minecraft You can create a portal into another dimension called "The Nether", full of its own terrifying surprises. You can also give bones to wild dogs and they love you forever and follow you around and attack bad guys, which is pretty cute by itself. Getting lost brings with it the anxiety of having the night fall upon you, the fear of losing your inventory, even of never seen your home again.

The wilderness invites you to explore, but once you go out, you want to keep playing until you're back safe again. There is a severe penalty for dying in Minecraft. When you die - you re-spawn but anything you were carrying, such as any precious diamonds you found deep underground, will be dropped wherever you died.

Eventually you need to take risks by ranging far afield, but if you die out there: it is likely you will never see your precious items again. You can play in Minecraft creative mode. Once you start, you can literally do anything.

Why Minecraft is so Popular and Addictive?

It is of course always different, but you can just hang out in the trees if you want, since there are no monsters. Ores are distributed very randomly through the Minecraft earth, which means that the player never knows which strike of the pickaxe will find: whether it will be - a gold or a diamonds. Minecraft is regularly updated, so new content is always being introduced. The developers are incredibly responsive to the Minecraft community. It's enjoyable to log-on to Minecraft, see some friends, and begin building. Lots of creative freedom but simple enough to just jump in and start playing.

You can build, explore, mine, fight, craft, escape, set up traps. Solitude, wonder, exploring and building in an infinite world. In Minecraft the worlds are limitless, as the player walks to the edge of its world, more of it is generated.

It is random yet still appears organic, and nobody never knows what is around the next corner. Some Minecraft players like the freedom of having no rules. It is fun because you can choose your own play style. You can shape the world as you like it, and everyone has infinite possibilities. Somehow the blocky, generated Minecraft landscape is as gorgeous as something done by a painter. Redstone and all things redstone related can be used to create logic gates and circuits, much like in real life but without the cost. It is hard to survive and pacify the Minecraft environment.

Everything is out to kill you, we have countless ways to die, and there is never any clear path to victory. But every time you do fail - you learn something new about the most popular game out there: the Minecraft! Please subscribe for more videos about this amazing game!.

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