Why The Observer is The Best Block in Minecraft!

By: Mumbo Jumbo

Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo Welcome back to another Minecraft video in this one We're going to take a look at the observer block and we're going to take a look at why it is the best block in the game now I know I've done a few of these in the past I put links to those on the screen and also down in the description why I'm confident that this is the new best block? I mean look at this thing it is absolutely fantastic Now this first one has less to do with the block and more to do with Minecraft updates But this is the first redstone component that we have had in ages, take for example the dropper and the hopper introduced in the Redstone updates of March 13th 2013 2013! that's more than three years ago now! We haven't had a new redstone component since then! So this is an absolute blessing now before all of you go crazy down in the comments section Yes, slime blocks are a thing and yes, they are fantastic for Redstone But they're not really a redstone component or at least they were'nt originally intended to be a redstone component So I left them off the list that could be considered a little bit cheaty but, it made my point sound better. Another reason that the observer block is fantastic is that bud pistons still exist in the game a lot of people were absolutely terrified that if mojang added in a Dedicated bud block the bud pistons would be removed which would really ruin a large number of Redstone contraptions but thankfully mojang appear to have listened and they've kept both the bud piston and also Added in a bud block! Oh it's happy days for everyone it has everything in zero ticks it detects the block update and gives the redstone Output instantly, there's no time in between it it all happens within the same game ticks We place the block right [here] And you can see we instantly get ourselves a redstone output there's just no time between it now this is incredibly important because it means We can create things like this This is an [instant] wire setup that I showcase the other day as you can see we've got an incredibly long Redstone line that goes Right the way to the end and all the way [back] when we flick this even right here It has the entire thing instantly and the same thing goes [for] the vertical ones we flip the lever down at the bottom you can [see] our piston extends and Retracts. I mean this is [just] fantastic and totally revolutionary for the [Redstone] community It's so simple [so] [very] fast It detects Redstone updates from one block away as you can see right here this redstone dust is one block [away] [from] the square end of the observer And if we flick this lever it's still detecting the redstone update which is exactly how budded pistons work in the PC version of Minecraft So I guess they've just ported that mechanic over into the observer and it's brilliant I've used it in pretty much every single one of the contraptions. I've built in Minecraft 1.11 Is one of the most useful mechanics? I personally can think of in the game right now.

It's fantastic So mojang if you're watching this please [don't] change it It is one of the few redstone components that can actually be moved by pistons I'm just fully expecting this to be like a dropper or a dispenser that stays still and cannot be pushed by anything But slow and behold yeah, you can move this thing around which once again. Just enables a huge number of possibilities Are you getting the idea yet? I love this thing. this one is a tiny bit more technical But it gives a one tick pulse is its output which essentially turns it into a tiny dual Edge monostable circuit now this is what a dual edge monostable circuit used to look like this was the smallest one you could possibly build and when We flick the lever right here.

You can see that We got ourselves a redstone output And when we flick it back off, then you can see we get a [redstone] output once again now in Minecraft 1.11 Everything is considerably smaller So we have it ladies and gents that runs up-to-date video on why I [think] this little fella is the best block in the game But I'm sure I've missed a few things so let me know in the comment section what things I've missed to do with the observer Also, I'm sure there's a few of you who disagree [with] me? So if you do disagree with me, let me know down in the comment section by saying mumbo You are stupid here on my thoughts, but unfortunately, that's [all] I've got time for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please be sure to hit that like button, and if you really loved it Then make [sure] to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys this has been mumbo, and I'm out. I'll see you later.

Why The Observer is The Best Block in Minecraft!

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