Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition (Xbox One / PS4) Unboxing !!

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Hello guys, welcome back to Popngames once again for another unboxing! Today we are going to be doing the unboxing for!!! The Witcher 3 Wild hunt Complete Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One. So from the front cover you can see, wait one second... As a reference I brought you guys the first release for the Witcher 3 the wild hunt. when it came with the sleeve. Here we are, on the front cover of the standard, I mean the one that game with the sleeve it didn't really say anything, it all came on the sleeve. it said bonus content, it came with the witcher universe compendium A world map, a sound track and a wolf-head stickers Alright so that was when it first released and after a little bit they released this one.

where it was basically the world map and stickers. Compared to along with the soundtrack as well. and the compendium So you see they lightened it up a little bit. So now they came out with this guy here, they basically complete edition that includes hearts of stone. blood and win and 16 DLCs So from the front cover you can see, hold up just give me one second The front covers do look exactly the same I don't notice any difference, except that for the fact that the complete edition covers up part of the hilt I guess. you can call it, and it doesn't cover up his hair.

besides that I don't see any difference so let me put these away let's going to the unboxing, here we go M for Mature. developed or published by CD project red and WB games Moving on to the spine, the Xbox One has the solid grey background as usual. while the PS4 has a yellowish background to it. With the logo The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition Moving on to the top, both these copies are y fold copy games.

Moving on to the back Once again we can go back to back side by side with this. Looks like they give you... ok i'm guessing that this one is for this DLC, this one for this DLC. Right or no? No it's not I'm wrong. So they give you different pictures or scenes compared to the older release ones, right? Yes they do. Ok now we know, Ok it says the greatest fantasy adventure of this generation, game of the year IGN, game of the year the game awards, game of the year gamespot. Become a witcher, one of the last monster slayers for hire.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition (Xbox One / PS4) Unboxing !!

Journey throught war-torn kingdoms to track down the child of prophecy. a living weapon capable of untold destruction. Includes all additional adventures. Expansion pack hearts of stone, expansion pack blood and wine and 16 DLCs nice alright, not much left except.

pushing onto the specs, single player game, 50 GB minimum Dual shock 4, Remote play Now moving on to the Xbox one, single player game. The fine print says 50 GB So both these copies, I mean both these game are 50 gigs Now lets take a look at why this game is M for mature 17 and older due to blood and gore, intense violence nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, and use of alcohol. So now let's pop this open and see what is inside.

I wonder if the DLC is inside the disc or on some separate piece of paper. Alright let's pop open the PS4 copy first. I was wrong, it came inside the disc Nice, it says the witcher wild hunt the witcher 3 wild hunt and it says complete edition right there, I guess thats how you can tell the difference, cause I remember the PS4 copy Having the same picture as well, for the disc. So is there anything behind the front cover art? Nope there isn't, there is a couple of pieces of paper on left Ok, lets take a look at this.

It says Gwent The Witcher card game. Rated T for teen, another advertisement for the same game, Gwent. You are the wild card? ok. This one over here says Complete edition, this looks like the manual, right? Yep, seems like the manual Is there anything else to be shown? Nothing much same thing as the front cover art. Lets pop this open As soon as you open it up, it says see important health and safety warnings in the systems settings menu. Getting started, Complete edition The witcher 3 wild hunt Accessing additional content Downloadable Voice overs, voice overs wow ok and technical support some end user licence agreements and I guess a blank page for notes and now lets pop it open to the back, its a solid black background.

that's the end of the manual lets get a quick zoom in of the game disc. and move on to the xbox one copy. here we go, it looks just like the PS4 copy. Nothing behind the front cover art.

we got some piece of papers, we got Gwent the advertisement paper. alright we already saw that, and we got the manual once again. lets get a quick skim right on through. It says warning, important health warnings, photo sensitivity seizures.

Complete edition, I already told you guys what those were. End user licence agreement and notes, yep notes! and a solid black background for the back side Lets get a quick zoom in of the xbox one copy game disc, looks like the same thing as the PS4. Its just the picture looks the same as the standard one, its just the complete edition right there Alright so with that being shown and said, that pretty much wraps up this unboxing for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete edition for the PS4 and the Xbox One I hope you guys enjoyed, and as always thank you for staying in tune with us POPnGames for our unboxings Don't forget to leave a like comment and subscribe Thank you buh bye.

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