"World of Warcraft" Basics : Picking a "World of Warcraft" Realm

By: Expertvillage

In this clip we are going to talk about getting actually started playing the game. So once it is out of the package, once you have the game out of the package, and you install it on your computer, and you download the newest content in the form of patches and things like that, and maybe you have put the expansion on there, like Burning Crusade is the current, newest expansion, and so you will want that on your computer as well. Once you have installed everything, it is time to get started by choosing a realm. And the way you do that is, there are a variety of different types of realms, and there are dozens and dozens and dozens of realms you can play in.

And what that means is, there are servers spread around, and like with many other computer systems, each server has a different capacity. So what you do is you have several servers and on different servers you have different realms, so basically a realm is just the place where you play. You can have characters on multiple different realms, but your first realm, if you have friends who play World of Warcraft, the best thing to do would be to pick a realm that some of those friends are already playing on, so you will have people who you already know are playing the game, and then you can play with them as well. In order to choose a realm, you go up here where it says change realm, click on that, and it gives you a list. And one of the things, if you have friends who already play World of Warcraft, and you know what realm they play in, you should just come over here on the left, scroll down, and let's say your friends play in Graymane, well you go to Graymane and you click okay. And you are good to go. You make a character and that would be enough. And then you call your friends and say, hey, this is my character's name and I am on your server or whatever. And they would, you know, invite you into their friends list and so on. But if you do not have friends who already play World of Warcraft, and you are trying to decide what kind of realm you want to play in, you have a few options.

Things like normal. A normal realm is, well, it might be easier to explain PVP first. PVP is player-versus-player. So on a player-versus-player realm, you can fight against other players. If you do not want to get into fights all the time, your option would be, another option would be normal. Normal, you would have to instigate fights or go into battlegrounds and things like that. But you usually would not just be always under the threat of combat with other players.

And then you have role-playing player-versus-player realms which are combat realms where you invite a lot of other players and a lot of different ways of playing, but at the same time, people expect, because World of Warcraft is a role-playing game where you are playing as a character like an elf or something, you might want to go into a role-playing PVP server, which allows you to more get into character and people expect you to be in character more often. So those are your options, and you would choose one of these types of realms in order to play.

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