World of Warcraft Garrisons: Overview

By: Kim dG

Hello ladies and gentlemen... and trolls... welcome to my video about garrisons. I am Spellthief, and in this video I shall explain everything you need to know about garrisons, including many interesting things you don't care about or want to hear. For instance, did you know that sometimes it snows in the horde garrison? And that birds are constantly flying over, but the roofs are still clean? Anyway let's talk about the garrison. To start with, this is the garrison report, the icon is perfectly designed to overlap your other addon icons, it's available everywhere you go (whether you like it or not) and will conveniently start blinking while you raid, notifying you that your lumber mill has finished a work order... or whatever. If you click it you will see the Garrison overview - which shows all buildings capable of work orders, and the amount of orders completed and in queue.

On the other side is the Mission list - which shows follower missions in progress and those that are available. Then over here is the Follower list - which is a list, of all the followers you have, and whether they are working or slacking... I mean... available for work, it also shows followers you don't have and where to get them, kinda like pets... actually, quite a lot like pets.

In here we have Warmaster Zog, and his eternal nemesis, the command table. As you can see from his expression, he really doesnt like tables with maps on them. He seems to think that they are the greatest enemy the horde has ever seen.

He has tried daggers, axes, swords, a skull and clearly a few too many headbutts, but the table is still there, taunting him with its map. But let's forget about warmaster Zog's eternal struggle for a moment and check out the command table. If your followers have completed any missions, the first thing you'll see is the mission report. Let's see how they did... It looks like Olin succeeded in this 100% chance of succes mission, which means I get to open the mission reward. If the mission fails your minions get the base experience for the mission, but this lootbox remains closed. So if the reward is particularly good you may want to hold off on sending out some pets until you have the perfect team available. I'll quickly go through the remaining completed missions and show you how to send your buddies back into the field.

World of Warcraft Garrisons: Overview

First you pick a mission from the list. You can see what the reward will be for a succesful run on the right side. The tooltip also shows which abilities the enemy has and how many followers are required to start the mission. Let's pick this one. Here you will see the list of followers again, and as you can see, some of their abilities are also shown. These all help in the currently selected mission, giving you an easy overview of who you should probably pick. In this area you can see more information about the mission, like what level your followers should be, a little backstory for you to ignore and the mission duration. Now since I can't counter some of these abilities with my minions I am not able to get the success chance to a hundred percent so this will have to do.

Many of my followers disappeared through the magic of beta, so you can expect to have a lot more followers and thus a lot more options, if you focus on questing and exploring. If all you care about is raiding or PvP, well... you probably should have skipped this part... Moving on to the architect table. This is where you construct your buildings and upgrade them, and also put your buddies to work, if they have the required skill. In this video I will quickly go over each building, but if you want more detailed information about a specific building, click on the link while it's up, or in the description below the video. Let's start with the main building, the great hall, or town hall if you made the wrong faction choice at character creation. When you start questing in warlords, you will quickly get your garrison.

Barring any server problems that never ever happen with Blizzard games at launch anyway, you should get your garrison within an hour. Then at level 93 you can upgrade it to level 2 and finally when you reach 100 you can make it level 3. Each tier will increase the amount of other buildings you can make, and generally make your garrison look cooler. At level 92 a quest to clear out the mine will become available. Once you do so you will get access to the level 1 mine where you can harvest some mineral nodes each day, even if you dont have mining. When you upgrade the mine, more tunnels open up allowing you to get more mineral nodes each day. The mine does not require a building slot, so there is no reason not to build it.

At level 94 you will get a quest to open up the fishing shack. The higher level it is, the bigger fish you can catch in your garrison pond. Fishing is important for cooking and first aid, you wont be able to do those things without catching or buying fish, so if you are considering these secondary professions, it may be time to dust off that fishing pole you didnt use since unlocking that Azure Water Strider. (or was that just me?) At level 96 you will get a quest to open up the herb garden.

Just like the mine, you can harvest these herbs even if you don't have herbalism so at worst you get free stuff to sell on the auction house. Many professions use herbs now though, like tailoring and leatherworking, so it could be more useful than you thought. And finally at level 98 you will get a quest for the pet menagerie, which is your own private pet battle arena complete with daily pet battle quests and the ability to let those vermin run loose in your base.

You do need to kill a few level 25 battle pet bosses first though, which is quite hard if you dont have high level battlepets. Now let's take a look at the buildings you can fill the plots with. Lets start with large buildings, bigger is better after all. You get a quest to build the barracks shortly after you build your garrison, and you won't be able to replace it with something else until you are max level. The barracks isn't bad though, it gives you extra missions that provide xp for your followers, so you can use it to level them up faster. At level 2 you gain the ability to assign a follower to the barracks as your personal bodyguard. They will follow you around when you are questing and gain reputation with you. When they level up they gain new abilities which include the ability to teleport you to Ashran or to summon a friend to your location.

At level 3 you will be able to change the banners and the guards in your garrison to something less ugly... like blood elves! ... or undead, if that's more your thing. The Goblin Workshop, or Gnomish Gearworks if your base looks blue, produces some toys that in previous expansions would probably have been engineering only items. Think grenades, berserk robot chickens, mountable rockets and of course a little nuke here and there.

If you are one of the 8 million people who was whining about no flying in this expansion, get this building and all your worries are over... just sign this liability waiver first. At level 1 you get a random common item every day, at level 2 you get 2 random items, and the more interesting ones unlock. At level 3 you get to summon a siege vehicle once a day, kinda like wintergrasp, but with actual stuff to kill. The Stables allow you to tame some animals and train them to be mounts.

This will result in daily quests where you have to mount them and kill some poor creature. Half the mounts move slower than yomama from those yomama jokes, but the daily quests give some garrison resources at least and you unlock 6 mounts eventually. The level 1 stables give you the ability to use objects without dismounting, so if you have mining or skinning it could be useful.

At level 2 you will gain the ability to never be dazed while mounted, which is kinda nice for yoloing through the level 100 areas. At level 3 all your mounts will be 20% faster. A must have for gankers. The Spirit Lodge, or Mage Tower if your garrison lacks spikes, allows you to steal waystones from poor unsuspecting ogrecorpses.

Once you have enough of them you can open a portal to one of the zones in Draenor, allowing you to pretend you are a mage. It also sometimes activates runes of power, making you even better at pretending to be a mage. Levels 2 and 3 of the building allow you to open 1 more portal each, so you can have up to 3 portals open at the same time. Now all you need is magefood and a pointy hat.

The War Mill, or Dwarven Bunker if your faction didn't get a free motorcycle, allows you to loot orcs. "But I could already loot orcs". Well, now you can tug on their corpse until you have a handful of armor scraps. You can then turn these scraps into transmog armor... somehow. This building will also double the chance of getting a better quest item, which is funny since you can't build it until you're maxlevel hehehe, good one Blizz! At level 2 more tranny items unlock for your armor scraps and you get the ability to produce armor and weapon upgrades for your followers, in exchange for garrison resources.

At level 3 you get 1 seal of tempered fate for free each week, which is a bonus lootroll. That's all for the Large buildings. Remember, you can only build 2 of them in a level 3 garrison. Now let's take a look at the medium buildings. The Barn is the place where animals go to die, after you trap them and make your peons drag them there.

It will allow you to capture animals for fur, leather, meat and blood. These are used in various professions, like tailoring, leatherworking cooking and the blood is used in every profession that makes equippable items. This building is great if you want to earn money on the auction house, or if you are serious about those professions.

The Tavern is also a good place to earn money. You get dungeon quests here each day that provide you with toys and gold. At level 2 you can get a headhunter to find you a follower with a specific trait once per week. This is useful if you need for instance a miner, but haven't found one while questing. At level 3 the tavern adds follower missions to your mission list that have lots of gold as a reward. The Gladiator's Sanctum is the perfect PvP building. At level 1 it provides you with a buff that allows you to regenerate health much faster when out of combat. At level 2 you will gain the abilities to take less damage from falling and to breathe underwater, as if the breath timer we have isn't long enough. You also get quests to kill opposing players of a specific race.

Finally at level 3 you will take 50% less damage while you are below 35% health, and you gain access to the gladiator's tournament, which is an instanced free for all battle with only 1 winner, no silver medals here. The Lumber Mill is great for those who want to get many garrison resources, or those who just hate trees and want to kill them. Each tier allows you to murder bigger trees, which can be turned in for work orders to produce garrison resources. Works great in combination with a trading post or war mill.

At level 3 you also gain the ability to defeat and enslave a special follower who will increase the yield of each work order at the lumber mill. Finally The Trading Post will allow you to trade garrison resources for trade goods, like ore, herbs, fur, leather and fish. At level 2 you get the ability to collect items to build your own auctioneer, and you get access to your factions trade partner who sells some useless cra... erm... wonderful things. At level 3 you get a passive buff that increases your reputation gains by 20%.

Those were all the medium buildings. You get to build the first of these when you upgrade your garrison to level 2. Then another medium slot opens up at level 3. Now I'll talk a little about the small buildings, although because most of them are tied to a profession I will only give some general information.

The Salvage yard is one of the 2 more unique buildings in the small category. When your minions finish a mission, it occasionally gives you a bag of... well... mostly crap. At level 2 the chance is increased and the bag turns into a crate that sometimes contains upgrades for your followers, still mostly crap though. At level 3 the chance for a crate is increased even more, and there is even a chance the loot inside is an item for yourself.

The Storehouse is for alts, or those who don't log in that often. It increases the amount of work orders for all your other buildings by 5, which adds almost an entire day to their maximum queue. You also gain access to your personal bank in this building. At level 2 you gain access to your guild bank, and at level 3 the storehouse provides you with access to the void storage and transmogrification. It also increases the amount of work orders again, for a total of 10 more work orders per building.

The rest of the small buildings are tied to a profession. They all grant pretty much the same advantages. At level 1 you gain access to a vendor who will sell recipes for that profession. They also allow up to 7 work orders for that particular profession's daily cooldown material. Yes you heard that correctly, each profession now has materials that can only be made once a day, even yours. At level 2 the amount of queueable work orders increases to 14, and you can set a follower with the corresponding trait to work in the building, this not only doubles the output of work orders, but it also gives you a bonus depending on the profession. If YOU don't have the profession of the building you also unlock more recipes for the vendor when the building increases in level.

Then at level 3 the maximum work order limit is raised to 21 and if you didn't have the profession you can buy some moderately interesting stuff from the vendor now. You get 1 small building plot for each rank of the garrison, so that is 3 of them in the end. That's it for the buildings, and this video.

Thank you for watching and thank Blizzard for making such awesome games.

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