World of Warcraft Ironman Challenge #1 | THE RISE OF IRONING MAN!

By: M.A.D Gaming

Hello everybody my name is Mike from M.A.D Gaming and welcome to yep to World of Warcraft! This is the first wow video I've done in what seems like forever. In fact the last one I did was the Brewfest guide video back in September, so it's been a long time and too be honest I wasn't going to even make any WoW content until the Legion Beta came out. But I was inspired, I put my hand on my heart and say I was inspired by the death of IronPeon to take up the challenge that is the Iron Man Challenge! Now if you want to check out The Lazy Peon's videos he did the Iron Man Challenge, I'm going to stick a link right here. Just there. So check them out they're a good laugh. But this is my journey so I'm going to be doing the Iron Man Challenge.

You are going to be here all the way with me! Right I'm jumping straight into the character creation screen and we are going to pick a Rogue. One because it's my main class so I'm already familiar with it. Now if your not already familiar with the Iron Man Challenge, the Iron Man Challenge is basically this level a character only using White items no green items no stat gear, no food buffs, no flasks, no elixirs.

You are not allowed to party with anyone, or do any dungeons. There's a whole rule set which I'll link in the description, just in case you want to do the challenge for yourself. Also you can check up on me. There's also a website called WoW I'll also link that there.

My character name should appear on their so you can keep an eye on me. Now I won't be cheating I'm doing this properly because I have Integrity! I will make sure I do this properly. I'm not going to bore you with the character creation screen. So back in a minute! Right we are back as you can see my character's name is Ironing man. So he's a super hero that flies through the sky doing your laundry for you. No really, I picked a Night Elf because of two reasons one, they move faster when stealthed, two they have Shadow Meld which is like an extra Vanish I can use to get out of combat, see I put some thought into this! Right the main aim of this video is 1-10 so obviously that's going to take a little time and I'm not going to make you watch the whole thing. Shut up! I've heard this before! I'm going to do this 1-10 in one sitting.

World of Warcraft Ironman Challenge #1 | THE RISE OF IRONING MAN!

Then condense it down I'll probably do the same with the rest of the videos as well. So let us begin our journey! In the Iron Man Challenge woo! First challenge our newbie Iron Man has got is to kill some cats, which is amazing. I also forgot to turn auto loot on because I'm a scrub. So yea we've got to kill some cats, six of them to be exact. The internet is going to hate me for that, sorry kitty cats. I don't love you that much. Before anyone says anything I have two cats! The main thing with these early levels is they're not going to be too difficult. Now the gear that you get from the stater quests is all white anyway so you're not expected to be in high level green or blue gear.

So these first ten levels shouldn't be to difficult. Right there we go that's 6 cats dead! Again I'm sorry Internet. I thought of another reason why I picked Night Elf is because they have an increased chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks by 2% which is nuts! There we go level 2 that is a new record for me, because I have never done the iron man challenge before so it's a new record. Every level I ding will be a new record though to be fair. Right now I've got to go collect five bags and six fel moss.

Obviously I wont be doing this Iron Man challenge alone, I'm also fueling myself with the beverage of Kings that is Tea! Sweet nectar. Now all I need for the stereotype is some crumpets. But I don't have any in, so you're going to have to go without, sorry. And just like that level 3 another new... I'm going to stop saying that, as that joke is going to get old really really quickly. I've now got eviscerate, something I should point out about the Iron Man Challenge is your not allowed to pick a specialization, so these abilities I've got in my spell book now, all of these you can see here, that is all I'll get. I'm not allowed to pick any specialization I'm not allowed to pick any talents or glyphs. So I've got to use what I've got.

Although as a Rogue my repertoire of abilities are pretty good I've got a nice amount of crowd control in there, a couple of stuns, I can stealth. So I think I should have the tools required to do it. Oh joy I've got to collect some flowers, oh how I do love fetch and collect quests by someone who standing right next to the item I need to get. Oh how I do love them. I love them so much. I've on purposely picked a low population server, I can already see from up here I don't know if you can see on the video but up on top of that ledge is a bunch of people camping the one mob. Nice Thunderfury..

That's inflatable. Yes level 4 get in there my son. I really need to stop being so obnoxious, I'm just really excited this is my way of purveying excitement. At the moment I'm one shotting them which is nice, I can live with that. It's not going to last forever mind you but I'll take it while I can. This series is just an excuse for me to be nostalgic, I mean WoW leveling is just a means to an end, although the Warlords of Draenor leveling was good to start with, the more times I did it the more bored of it I got and I just ended up just not bothering at all. I know this makes me sound really negative about the game. But I'm not, I love this game, I haven't played for 11 years if I didn't enjoy the game. It's just the way it is at the moment I can't get back into it.

So something like this that players have made their own content, this is exciting I'm quite happy to try this out. I just want to see how far I can get. I now have to journey to the top of this tree which is always the best thing ever. At least I believe they added a new way of getting down, so you don't have to run all the way back down you just get slow fall. Woo level five! New chest piece which is butt ugly. I've also got stealth which is always good and I have my little fall speed buff thing.

But that is it for Shadow Glen, is it Shadow Glen this bit? Yea it is called Shadow Glen I'm not a complete and utter noob. Speaking of Combat, I do main a Rogue so I will probably be talking about Rogue stuff in this, I'm really excited for the "revamp" of Combat, now we're getting the Outlaw spec which is awesome. I love the fact that they have pistols and stuff. Combat is normally my favourite spec mostly due to the cleaves.

But it'll be interesting to see how it works out, I honestly hope I get into the Legion Beta so I can have a look, also I can share with you guys as well! My first impressions of, because I'm excited but I'm tempering the excitement because of how Warlords turned out, I was in the Warlords beta and the Mists of Pandaria Beta before that. That was my first beta, in fact my very very first video I ever did for Youtube was a Mists of Pandaria on pet battles in the beta. Then I stopped making videos for a while, families things, I had kids, they sap a lot of time. Ah a Murkadin I've not seen one of them yet. Alright don't let me see him then! Foxxy! You alright dude your not looking so well! You alright? They ambushed you and left you for dead? Alright fair enough see you later then! Sneaky sneaky sneaky, sneaky sneaky sneaky. Stabby stabby stabby, stabby stabby stabby. Birdie birdie birdie. My god you is ugly! Yay there we go level six! I now have Ambush which will help me burst down fools! Ah man I'm out of tea, hold on I'm level six, four levels to go I can do this! I can do it without tea! Oh god I need more tea! Surprise! I should really macro that. I forgot to do the quest that takes me to Darnassus.

While I'm flying I'm going to make another cup of tea! Also any other self respecting Iron Man Challenger will also have a banana. Because it helps improve your mental focus. What? I like bananas! Woo level seven! Right the next thing I'm going to get is evasion at level eight. That is going to come in nice and handy. Probably not straight away but again in the future it will come in really handy. Now this is fun I like this running around chucking seeds at stuff. Ah have seeds bitch! By the power of seed! This is why conkers were banned in schools because they did this to kids! Yes we've got some bracers! I'm also going to get rid of this buff, because I'm not allowed buffs. So clicking off that buff is the right thing to do! I am not cheating Woah there's a secret boss demon dude up here, who's level 10! I'm level seven I am not going near him! No way no way hozey! Hey how come you've got a companion, where'd you get her from? Right ok! I have a friend! So far this is no where near as painful as it used to be! There are a lot of people in here, I on purposely picked a low population server but I'm starting to think it didn't matter because of cross realm zone.

I'm about to ambush an ambusher! Bet you didn't like that did you? Wahey level 9! You're welcome! Now what do you want me to do? Do you want me to kill 10 of them and take their asses? No you want me to kill 10 sprouts and 10 seeds. I was close! What is that glowey goo over there! It gives me a quest so I might as well go get it! That seems like a really good idea putting strange fruit seeds in the earth. What could go wrong? Oh look vile monstrosities that can say kill! There's so much running around in this place. This place is huge! Well it doesn't look huge but it seems huge when you run so slow! Just as I say that someone rides past me on their heirloom mount. You're a dick! I love you.

Right five mossy tumors. Cut out the cancer at the source. As least I get a new dagger which is nice, I'm getting a lot of weapon upgrades which is keeping me going. It actually makes you excited about getting white gear again. There's hardly any of them and I've only got one so far RNGesus hates me! I seem to have found their nest here they're breeding.

Kill them all! This one's level eleven. Oh god this one's a bit tougher! It's actually putting up a bit more of a fight. I have an itchy eye as well which isn't really helping. Look at him he was a little bit of a challenge. There we go five out of five tumors. Now to go fill the vial with the tears of my enemies.

Oh these guys are level 11 as well. Wow these are actually a bit tougher. There health is going down really slowly. I'm actually slightly under leveled for these dudes. These things are too high level I'm going to have to take these a bit slower. This is where sap would come in handy. What level do i get sap, level twelve.

Sap is going to come in handy for these things. I've got to pick of the ones from the outside. Yes level 10! Get in there! As I said I'm not allowed to pick a specialisation but I can use poisons because they're part of the class. Right that is unfortunately all the time I have for today. I do hope that you've enjoyed the series I will carry this on when I can. It is quite time consuming so it might not be, I mean I'll probably do one episode a week.

Depending on how many people like it. If I get a good reception I'll carry on. Anyway thank you everyone for watching if you enjoyed the video please don't forget to like it. Also subscribe to my channel for new videos Monday to Friday! I'll see you all again soon!.

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