Arena Closer: What is This and How to Kill Them?

When you play one of Teams modes in sooner or later you will meet very strong tanks called Arena Closers. They are extremely powerful and it looks like they are almost godlike. This article will explain everything about these yellow enemies.

Who are They?

Arena Closers are special NPC tanks that close servers at the end of the match or if the server needs to be shut down. If you have never meet them go to play one of teams modes in Diep io. After a team wins Arena Closers appear and kill all the players on the server.
Arena Closer
When they appear new players can’t join the server and reborn. If you are killed you will be connected to a new instance. Using these strong tanks is a very solid decision for killing players before the battlefield closes.
Right now we don’t know how many of them appear after the end of the match. One of the players could count some of them and all we can say is that there are at least 13 ACs appear before the server swap.

Their Build

Many of you guys ask about Arena Closer build. Right now it’s unknown but we can speculate that they have all the stats maxed out. Who knows, maybe they have their special build with 20 points in all stats instead of 7. Anyway a player can never become as strong as Arena Closer.

Is it Possible to Kill Them?

Many Diep io players also ask about if it’s possible to take down Arena Closer. The answer it: NO, you can’t kill these NPCs. They are invulnerable to damage and you can’t destroy them. AC don’t have health bar and thus they can’t be killed. Some players say that they were able to take one of them down but it is speculation. There is no proof.


You can’t kill them but you can survive against them for several minutes. All you need for this is luck, good reaction and fastest tank. You can try to do this in Domination mode after your team wins. Move from one dominator to another. If you are lucky enough you will be able to stay alive for several minutes.

Comments (4)

  1. TeslyerPT 31 august 2016, 22:09 # +1
    You're wrong. We can kill them
    1. Paul 09 january 2017, 21:20 # 0
      1. Paul 09 january 2017, 21:22 # 0
        because I had a home team made of 6 annihilators and 5 tri-trappers and didn't even leave a scratch on those arena closers
        1. Paul 09 january 2017, 21:22 # 0
          no joke

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