Elder Scrolls Legends: Arena

Arena in Elder Scrolls Legends is one of 5 gameplay modes. It’s not a Campaign where you have to play through the storyline. You have to participate in several consecutive encounters there. Your enemies may be either real players or the AI. That depends on what mode you select: Solo Arena is for fightiung against AI while Versus Arena is for playing against real players.


As you know you can build your decks in TES Legends, but when you enter the arena you can’t take your personal decks with you. You have to select a class and the game will give you cards for building your deck depending on your class choice. Size of the deck is 30 cards.


The main reason to participate in this game mode is the rewards. They are much better than the rewards you receive in Campaign or in Battles. You may receive rare legendary cards for your collection or even card packs.

Solo Arena

This game mode if for playing matches against AI. If you feel that you don’t have enough skills for playing against real players this mode is for you. You will face against 8 opponents controlled by computer and one boss. All matches are held one by one. You can lose only 3 times before you leave.

Versus Arena

This is where you can play against real players. It’s much more interesting and challenging. You will face with seven different players, one by one.
More details about these game modes will be added later.

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