Elder Scrolls Legends: How to get Beta Invite?

The moment we have all been waiting for… Elder Scrolls Legends is finally at Beta stage! Many game fans were waiting for this news and now are looking information about how to get into Beta. We will try to give you some details.
Beta testing started on the 22nd of April and is still running. The goal of the tests is to find out how the game works in general. Developers are planning to make more tweaks and to make the game awesome.
Developers don’t announce how many players they invite in each beta wave and don’t reveal information about the dates of each wave. All we know is that the Beta is currently running. So if you are going to participate don’t wait, sign up now before it’s too late.
There are several ways to get the invite / key:
  • Sign-up at the official website and hope for the best. This is the most straightforward option. Visit https://legends.bethesda.net/?locale=en and you will dee sign up button in the center of the screen. You will be asked to sign up or to create a new account at Bethesda.net. After this is done you will be asked to confirm your decision and you are now at the list of players who wait for the invite. As it’s said above nobody knows when they hold beta events. If you are selected you will receive an e-mail telling when the event will be.
    TES Legends Beta Invite
  • The second variant is to try to get the invite using Reddit. User https://www.reddit.com/user/DCDeacon is the official representative of Bethesda there. He held a promo and offered beta invites to some of the Reddit users. Maybe he will relaunch the promo, so stay in touch.

About NDA

If you are selected as a tester you should understand that all the information you receive during testing is protected by NDA and you can’t reveal any information to the public. If you are selected and wish to continue receiving invites it’s much better to keep calm. Otherwise you will be kicked off.

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