After E3, we now have 79 games for the PlayStation 4 set for release between July of this year to the whole of 2018. Here they are arranged by release date: Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. Take a trip… [..]
65 Nintendo Switch games have just been announced. Let’s start with the launch titles. Five games are confirmed to launch alongside the Nintendo Switch this March 3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the… [..]
25. Opening our list of our most anticipated PC games is Call Of Duty: World War II Activision’s latest entry to the Call of Duty franchise takes you to the height of World War 2. Step into these brave… [..]
All right here we go Stopde Nation. It is now time the winners of the Champions league [are] now here. So real Madrid obviously won over Juventus. I thought I was going to be Juventus So I picked wrong,… [..]
FIFA has decided how much prize money it will dole out in Russia for next year's World Cup. The pot will be $400 million ― a 12 percent increase over the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. FIFA President Gianni… [..]
Well.. hello everyone. Long time no see, ahh I don't really know what to say in the beginning of this video but hey, how's everyone doing? It's been a while I know, but I'm getting back… [..]
44 games have just received their PlayScores on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Let’s check them out right now! Battlefield 1: In The Name Of Tsar Now that DICE’s Battlefront II soars among the… [..]
The Road to Russia - 2018 GOAL of the DAY - Tal Ben Haim…no, not that one. This one! Tal Ben Haim, also known as Tal Ben Haim II. Joining a list of totally unnecessary sequels such as Grease 2 and any… [..]
What's your plan? It's my plan, and I decide what goes down. You got that? -Yeah. FROM THE MAKERS OF BROTHERS: A TALE OF TWO SONS Come on, Leo! My name is Josef Fares, and I am the writer, director… [..]
Koenigsegg Regera. Zero-to-sixty in two point seven seconds. We intercept, then grab the cargo. It will be part of the convoy. What do you think? Quick hit-and-run. Get me close to the truck and I'll… [..]
ANNOUNCER: Alex hunter, born to play at this level. NEWS ANNOUNCER: Images emerging this morning of Hunter wearing a Real Madrid shirt. ALEX HUNTER: That is not what happened.MAN: We've been had. ALEX… [..]
THE MAKING OF THE JOURNEY With The Journey we’re very excited because we’re bringing a cinematic narrative mode to the FIFA franchise for the very first time. The Journey is the story of a young, talented… [..]
There is one question on everybody's lips... What next for Hunter?! Everybody's hunting Hunter Alex Hunter is being talked about I think all this Alex Hunter talk, I think that's just paper… [..]
*Intro* and today we are going to start the first floor and hopefully finish the first mission Bankruptcy sucks The first mission will give you a big fat check though! don't worry about it. OMG MENUS… [..]
*Plato Singing* *Plato singing* *Plato Singing* Hey there, everyone! This is Liferake welcome to my Let's Play of Etrian Odyssey 2! In this part we are going to get started with preparations amongst… [..]
Although Japanese Role Playing Games haven’t quite managed to retain the same level of popularity among the mainstream crowd as they did in the late 20th century, the genre is still going strong with a… [..]
In this video tutorial, I'll show samples and guide how to boost your DPS on Templar. To improve DPS, spend some time practicing on a high-level Training Dummy @ Enshar. (Sorry Elyos!) Siegebreaker… [..]
Mod - Rise Of The Reds 1.87 Fan Campaign - GLA Africa Campaign Cursors - Command & Conquer 2013 custom cursors Rise Of The Reds 1.87 for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour is the PUBLIC beta available… [..]
Hello and welcome to my let's play video for synthesizer, my 7 day roguelike game for 2015. The photograph you can see in the background on the title page was a stunning sunrise that occurred one day… [..]
[REBEL SOLDIER] (humming) Uh... [GEN. NILS KEY] Soldier, unlock that door.[REBEL SOLDIER] Uh, yes sir. (grunting) Sir, he's electrified his own door! [RICARDO] Ah ha! [GEN. NILS KEY] Open this door!… [..]
Hi Guys, Ed here with Game Hog’s Top 5. Now forgive the slightly weird vlog style video that we’re doing this time, I’ve been left alone in the office and this is the only camera we have, so it’ll have… [..]
Prior to this, I had played two games from N-Fusion Interactive. Those games are Martian Panic and Dino Strike. They’re both Wii titles, they’re both on-rails shooters, they both have fun reviews here… [..]
Hey everybody welcome back to five nights at Freddy's! Tonight we're going to attempt to get through night three in the first try. So let's get started! Let's put it on pirate cove. Why… [..]
The studio Zero Gravity was founded in August last year. Before that it was made out of the four of us who started the whole story in 2014. We banded around this project and started working.In 2016, last… [..]
Listen! The vultures are flying Behold! Corpses all around For the honor of comrades You need to avenge, soldier Stand up! Hero! Stand up! Inhale the scent of wrath Boils your rage Let's fight to the… [..]
Hi guys, I'm Jordie of 2Demon Gaming and I want to introduce you to my new game; The Painted Man. The Painted Man is a 2D game that combines the combat of a turn-based JRPG with the story telling from… [..]
Closed Captioning provided by Chris Roberts (CR): Hello and welcome to Around the Verse, our weekly in depth look at the development of Star Citizen. I’m Chris Roberts and joining me from our Austin… [..]
What happened?! Interact ok… get out of here. Let’s get out of this thing. How long have I been out, is it like a century or so.. Ah it’s my cryo unit. What’s going on? Oh what’s this. Altair corporation.… [..]
Hellion is a multiplayer space survival game it is set in a distant star system and it's the ruins of mankind's first interstellar colony it combines mystery and survival in a world that feels… [..]
Hello everyone, my name is Milos Zivkovic and I'm the story writer at Zero Gravity studio. Today we want to show you an extended version of our early gameplay footage with some added commentary to… [..]