Elder Scrolls (TES) Legends is a new card game by Bethesda. The main competitor for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Here you can find all the guides, tips and secrets for this great game! [..] is an Agario-like browser game. The main difference from Agario is that it’s less PvP orientated. Find many guides and tips here. [..]
Overwatch is multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Bizzard. The game allows fighting against other players or against AI. Here you can find all the guides, tips and other information about it. [..]
Star Citizen is a mix of MMO and RPG Sci-Fi game. You can travel in space, fight against other players and trade. You choose how to live. [..]
The Division is a 3-rd person shooter with RPG and MMO elements. Amazing game with amazing graphics. [..] is one of the most popular browser games in the world. Though it has simple game mechanics and rules, it could attract attention of millions of players all over the world. [..]