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Hey Peenoise! How was your last game? Red Days, I guess. You should uninstall your Dota if you're getting too much loss. Ok. When I made the Peenoise Part 1, I think I was level 8 or 10. Now, I am… [..]
Itís windy outside and Iím near the Na`Vi office to show you where the guys are now. Letís have a look at this huge house which looks almost like a penthouse. Hey, whoís that? Hi Zeus! Hello! What are… [..]
Hello everyone, I am Ngoc Linh from, today we will have a short interview with the man who just won the first prize in the Dota 2 Cosplay Competition held by Dota 2 Community VN. Hello. I’m… [..]
Good day, dear friends! After a long and hard day, CaspeRRR and Mael, or Maelstorm, call him however you like, are here for you. To call him a man? Does he deserve to called a man? Well, today you did,… [..]
Radiant Camp Keeper of the lights: Your duty is kill Dire enemy Pudge Sniper: Reason, sir? Sniper: It is a impossible mission! Keeper: U borrow me 20 treasure keys, give them back, or go, now! Sniper:… [..]
Hi, and welcome to the ValveTime News for June 16th 2015. Each week, we bring you the biggest talking points regarding Valve and the community. Those who joined us last week will remember us talking about… [..]
So basically you want to get a couple of tangos, clarity, stout and branches. Do creep blocking so you dont end up too close to enemy tower. Axe is a very powerful hero in the start, dont be afraid to… [..]
Hello everybody, this is my short guide on how to get Rosh as Huskar before 12 minutes. The only item you will need is Armlet, and don't forget to buy a smoke. You do not have to do a 1-1-3 build,… [..]
English subtitles enabled Dota 2 is played in matches involving two teams of five players .. .. each of which occupies a stronghold at a corner of the map.Each stronghold is protected by multiple towers… [..]
I am slahser, and this is my way of playing Enchantress. Enchantress is usually seen in the jungle role, either farming there or ganking whenever you get a decent neutral creep. But she is actually really… [..]
I can't believe we fucking crashed the game dude. How many stacks do you think we had? I think we had something like 50. You missed the fucking Trolls. You... you missed one again. You missed that… [..]
Hello and welcome to a new Dota 2 video! In this video, I will talk about how you can counter Necrophos, the items that you can buy to counter Necrophos and which heroes are bad against Necrophos. So, let's… [..]
Queen of Pain is a range character with 550 attack range. Her main attribute is intelligence. Movement speed – 295, initial damage – 53. Extremely small movement speed immediately draws our attention.… [..]
Have you ever watched the Dota 2 Trailer and thought to yourself... man, the star of this trailer isn't some bullshit hero it's the shopkeeper! SHOPKEEPER: Hello, I am the shopkeeper. I've… [..]
Lately we’ve been getting mail in which you’re — AHEM! Lately we’ve been getting mail in which you’re asking, “Just who is Lil?” One of the best supports in the world? Just a regular guy? Or does he have… [..]
Hello, and welcome to a new DotA 2 Report. It's been a long time since I've visited DotA 2, and reported... about it... And I thought I'd stop by and see how everybody's doing Oh hey how's… [..]
NIGEL: Hello and welcome to a new Dota 2 Report. Today we'll be looking at Pugna, a ranged intelligence hero who can be described as a nuker and a pusher. Let's dive right in. Young Pugna was a… [..]
Nothing is known of Enigma's background. There are only stories and legends, most of them apocryphal, passed down through the ages. In truth, Enigma is a mystery for whom the only true biography is… [..]
Hi, everyone. This is a new episode of Dota 2 millionaire. Second season continues. The rules are simple.You have 3 lifelines. The first one is 50/50 where I remove 2 wrong answers. The second lifeline… [..]
They've got the control. The position is theirs. The game is theirs. The series is theirs. And top six is theirs! Team Liquid was one of the all-star teams that we sort of Expected to be maybe even… [..]
— Hello, friends. So you’ve been asking for it, and here he is—our captain. Captain Solo is with me right now after an exciting, absolutely insane game. All of us lost voice and we’re still shaky a little… [..]
Hello, my friends, my name is Yana b2ru Khymchenko. Today is not the regular video for me, I don't film the players today, don't record an interview, but I make a quick review of an entertaining… [..]
Hello, my dear friends, I am Alexandr Jam Korotkov. You may not recognize my face, but a lot of you probably have recognized my voice. For those who don't know, I voice Japanese animation and recently… [..]
Greeting everyone. Dota2vo team proudly present the Elder Titan review who is Tauren Chieftain in DotA 1. Elder Titan is a durable and initiator, strength hero, you can find him in the Radiant's barracks.… [..]
Good time of the day, my friends! We are in the midst of the International and I want to introduce you a person, who helps our team a lot. Please meet Dima "Dakota" Shymko, our analyst. Hello, everyone!… [..]
Lootcrate Gaming June 2016 - "Arena" Subscription Box Unboxing Review - Hey guys join me as we unbox and review our first loot crate gaming box! this time its the arena theme gaming box featuring all sorts… [..]
Hello everybody. Qualifiers to the most anticipated dota tournament - The International - are over. During the past week, all the attention of dota community was turned onto it. So, let's see, what… [..]
Welcome to eSportsViet. I'm Tomia. And now it's time for our next hero in "1 Min 1 Hero".Hero in this episode is Alchemist, the number one game spoiler in patch 6.84. You want to be a millionaire… [..]
Welcome to eSportsViet. I'm Tomia. And this is our new series to introduce heroes in Dota 2 named "1 Min 1 Hero".The hero in this clip is Undying. His name already sounds imba. If you like to play… [..]
Welcome to eSportsViet. I'm Tomia. And now it's time for our next hero in "1 Min 1 Hero". The main character in this clip is Abaddon, a very OP hero but not so flashy, therefore isn't very… [..]