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How's it going YouTube, this is a new video on how to Survive Survival Mode in Fallout Shelter. Also, the basics on how to set up a base. So if this is your first time making a vault and you want some… [..]
What is up my fellow Fallout 4 players. My name is Paul from the Skooled Zone. Normally I do trivia walkthroughs on my channel, which are basically longplays interspersed with fun facts about the real… [..]
[Achievement Hunter Intro Music] - Hey-o - Hey! It's Fallout 4 Someday there will be a title, there it is! Fetch The Cryolator Well yeah because you know, there's a Cryolator early on that taunts… [..]
So, I've been fighting, you know, full on to get this echo problem solved Me and the echo are going to straight war, And uh, I think I'm kind of winning, I'm getting there, guys. I'm really… [..]
So Bethesda has announced they are working on an overhaul of the survival mode for Fallout 4 They are going to add far more hardcore elements and people want to know what my opinion is Regarding this news!… [..]
Well... this is awkward. What’s wrong with my outfit. Of all the things those dead raiders were wearing... ...why did you chose to wear... that? Looked the most comfortable.And the least practical. Right.… [..]
Hi guys, I'd like to introduce you to a mod called the DYNAVISION for Fallout 4. This mod was created by MyGoodEye and myself and the basic aims of the mod are to provide dynamic depth of field for… [..]
Hi everybody, welcome to week 20 of Fallout 4 Mods Weekly. So this week was one of the most impressive weeks of modding in a very long time. I don't know if it was because Automatron just came out… [..]
Hey whats going on guys today were going to check out 10 mods that you might have missed. The first mod i have for you is filled weapons displays. This mod is similar to his armor mod i covered in my last… [..]
Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I'm William Hudson. We're in the Directorate Meeting Room in the Institute under the CIT ruins. We've been told that we're meant to have a meeting… [..]
Would YOU like to improve this series and help keep it alive? Of course you would! Zip on by our Patreon page and see how you can do just that and so much more. Act now, and unlock exclusive content, including… [..]
Hey what's going on guys today wanted to take a look at the USS Quincy by Alex Ramon. This really unique player home based off the USS constitution and is located just to the south of the wreck of… [..]
Why do we use bottlecaps as money in Fallout 4? If you’re a fan of Fallout--and, to be honest, I’d be really surprised if you were here and you weren’t, you’ve probably seen the video where MatPat figures… [..]
So the Xbox finally got mod support for Fallout 4 and what should've been a joyous occasion became a bit of a nightmare and a total debacle because a few people decided to ruin it for everyone. Yes,… [..]
There it is, the bridge of death. That man... looks... oddly familiar. What are we doing here? Right. Can’t tell me. Can you at least tell me who that is? That... is the bridge keeper.I guess I don’t know… [..]
Led by Preston Garvey, the Commonwealth Minutemen are dedicated to defending settlers from the many deadly raiders of the wasteland. I mean, in reality Preston mostly just hangs out and asks you to do… [..]
Hi guys, A lot of people are curious as to my thoughts regarding the various aspects of Fallout 4, and I thought I would do a little ramble series where I discuss the different aspects that come to mind.… [..]
Recently I've been getting a lot of messages asking me if I knew that Nuka World was going to be the last DLC for Fallout 4 and what my feelings were at hearing that news. and, uh, the answer to those… [..]
Vsauce, I’m Jake and I’m glad you found me. I was worried I wouldn’t see you again before the bombs dropped. Things have gotten...out of a hand. Ya know, it’s estimated that there are over 10,000 nuclear… [..]
Hey whats going on guys today were going to take a look at 10 smaller mods you might have missed. Grab the damn mag by monkatraz is a mod we have all been waiting for. Now we finally have a fix for the… [..]
We are into the second week of Fallout 4, and the mod are getting better and better, and I thought I'd show you a few that got my attention this week The first mod I'm going to show you may be… [..]
Hi Everyone, This is Phil from Mitt Gaming. And today I'm going to show you how to have all the concrete you will ever need, forever, in Fallout 4. Bags of cement are the only way to scavenge concrete.… [..]
CRAM! It's the mystery meat with a different taste adventure in every bite. Is that pork? Chicken? Beef? You never know with Cram. Cram is made with parts of real animals just like the ones you see… [..]
Hidden History is brought to you by G2A.com and our supporters at Patreon. After months of anticipation, Far Harbor is finally here. Bringing with it an entire island to explore, new characters to meet… [..]
Oh, hey guys! It's me. Your Vault-dwelling buddy, Tony. Uh, I'm out here looking for toilets to drink out of, because if the Fallout games have taught me anything it's that drinking out of… [..]
What's up guys. Time for another one of my Fallout 4 weapon 2fer videos. In this video, I'll show you how to get your hands on two unique Fatman launchers in the Commonwealth. The first one is… [..]
The Chosen One finally rescued the people of their village from the Enclave oil rig, but that’s when they came across the Enclave's most tenacious soldier. Who? Me, Frank Horrigan, that's who.… [..]
If you're just waking up to find out that your world has just been torn up by a nuclear apocalypse Then Its Important that you know the perks and key aspects for surviving the post-apocalyptic world.… [..]
Many of you who have been playing Fallout 4 have probably already encountered this glorious, glorious baseball field. So with all that history packed into one location, let's get it started! Most Fallout… [..]
The Fallout series takes place decades after nuclear war riddles the world with radiation, and the only human survivors are the people who moved into giant underground vaults. Plot elements and ulterior… [..]