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Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is Anthony John Angelo, Senior Social Editor at GamesRadar+. If you are wandering out into the Wasteland, for the very first time, there are some things that Fallout 4… [..]
Hey there my Fallout 4 friends. Today, I have another legendary weapon twofer for you. Along with my Fallout 4 Monster Match-Ups, my weapon twofers are actually becoming popular. Lovin' it! In fact,… [..]
Zion National Park was a nice place to visit back before the war, a valley where folk came to turn off their PIP Boys and pretend they were “Roughing it”. Some of the people in the back when times didn’t… [..]
Firing bullets, lobbing grenades, shooting lasers; The number of ways you can deal death in fallout New Vegas are nearly endless. Each weapon type has it's own unique appeal, but the ones that always… [..]
Hallo everybody. My name is MeHow and welcome to Fallout 4 Tips - 13 quick tips for the early game. Fallout 4 tip nr.1: collect bubbleheads and magazines that will give you a permanent buff. Right at the… [..]
While traversing the Mojave wasteland one will undoubtedly run across a copious number of firearms. Choosing the right one for your tastes can be difficult, especially when faced with the gamut of firearms… [..]
We got a chupacabra with an automatic weapon War... war never changes. Warfare may change, but reguardless of era or time one rule remains constant. The better the weapon, the bigger the advantage. It's… [..]
Song name: The Hero - One Punch Man Artist: Jonathan Young ONE PUNCH!! 3... 2... 1... Killshot! I'm here for fun I'm number one (what are you saying?) (frustration) (no one can stop me!) One punch!… [..]
This is the story of Fallout in 3 minutes. Let's begin! In the 1950's all cultural progress in the US stops In the 1950's all cultural progress in the US stops for no reason. Technological… [..]
The Automatron DLC has been released, and this week we have robot mods, we have robot helmet mods, and we even have.... Whatever that is. Welcome to Episode 18 of the Fallout 4 Mod Vault. For the last… [..]
I've traveled much of the Commonwealth in my day. Here's some basic survival tips from one wanderer to another. To survive in the wasteland, you’re going to need to equip yourself with the best… [..]
Fallout New Vegas is the sequel to the first fallout game, that for some reason has a 3 at the end. But is it better? Is a debate we are going to stay far away from. Because people get violent. New Vegas… [..]
Resident Evil is a franchise that has lost its mind more times than all other franchises combined. I was hoping the 7th one would be the silliest game of all time. But Capcom failed... I like the Franchise,… [..]
What's up boyos, welcome to week 48 of Fallout 4 Mods Weekly. Bethesda has just released a high resolution DLC pack. What a time to be alive! I guess all texture mods are now null. What, what's… [..]
RobCo presents... Tomorrow's technology TODAY! The world is a dull place, with billions of boring people. Not you though! You're interesting! You're special; a unique and beautiful snowflake!… [..]
Hi everybody, welcome to Week 19 of Fallout 4 Mods Weekly. I understand that my audio is a bit echoey, ya know I just moved into a new apartment. It's really empty and guys, I've been trying my… [..]
Within the game Fallout New Vegas there are an incredible number of guns, and they can be categorized in a variety of ways. However, the most common method of dividing the guns up is by type. Hand guns,… [..]
Hi everyone, Damien Fate here and if you're like me you've been enjoying building some cool things in Fallout 4. Unfortunately, I've run into this little fellow, the size meter. Yep, there's… [..]
Hi guys. In this video I'm going to show you how to use TES5Edit to clean up the master files - the official master files - for Skyrim. Now, this is a video aimed at Mod users rather than the Mod makers.… [..]
Hey there my fellow Fallout 4 players. Today I'm going to explain how to romance Cait as a companion. First of all, let's very quickly talk about romancing companions in Fallout 4, and what that… [..]
Greetings earthlings! MadqueenShow here And Mr Ruvver On today's menu, we're going to start building our new vault at Vault 88 with the new Vault Tech workshop DLC pieces And some pieces that are… [..]
So if you haven't seen this This is why i don't get ad's on my videos any more Advertisers just click on one button And BOOM! I'm f****d The fact that I just said the F-word there Already… [..]
Hey there my fellow Fallout 4 players. It's Paul back with another tips & tricks video. If you're new to the channel, welcome to the Skooled Zone.I wanted to take a quick pause from Far Harbor… [..]
When it comes to weapons In Fallout New Vegas two things can be stated as indisputable fact. First there are a LOT of guns, and second finding the cream of the crop can be a incredible task. To help ease… [..]
Dear Bethesda, I’m afraid of heights. You know, I don’t even know why I bother saying that. I feel like that’s a perfectly natural human instinct to be afraid of heights. Heights are dangerous.Hell, you… [..]
Hallo Everybody and welcome to my Fallout 4 stealth build, which in my opinion is one of the best Fallout 4 builds. This build has two major strengths: first the enemy doesn't know where you at, so… [..]
When trekking across the Mojave wasteland it is undeniable that just about every one will be killing countless enemies. While stopping the opposition in it's tracks is everyone's priority, how… [..]
I've traveled much of the Commonwealth in my day. Here are some basic survival tips from one wanderer to another. Chems can save lives, but it can also destroy them. Abusing chemicals results in addiction which… [..]
Fallout New Vegas is an amazing and expansive game that, like it's predecessor, has more options, avenues, nooks, and crannies than most people can keep track of. However, as incredible and vast as… [..]
Hi everybody. My name is MeHow and welcome to Fallout 4 Top 6 early game weapons. In my opinion these are the best weapons that you can get in Fallout 4 within around 15 hours of gameplay. I have choosen… [..]