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Hello everyone and welcome back to another daily GTA 5 video! Today I am going to be teaching you guys how you can make millions of dollars in GTA 5 storymode or singleplayer. This is a cross platform… [..]
Hey, holmes, I'm up here. Go around the back! Hey man. Nice job getting that phone message. What's up with Jizzy? Dead. So, what's the plan? T-Bone's security got here real early. They've… [..]
Oh yes, it's Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC. People have been waiting for this one for more than a year! This game has everything! A gigantic world to explore and fool around with, so many vehicles… [..]
All mods demonstrated in this video may cause banishment if used in GTA: ONLINE. then to avoid such disorder, Do not use the ONLINE. Hey there guys, welcome to another video I am HeltonFonias, and today… [..]
Here we are again guys with the new episode of Hot Topic. I'm Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew and in today's show we'll look at all the latest announcements from Rockstar Games on the… [..]
Hey everyvone how's it going my name is Usman & today I have the best Dinka Thrust Customization guide along with the general stats & information about this vehicle! So before I start this video I… [..]
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After five years on the East Coast, it was time to go home. Welcome to the Los Santos Airport. 'Sup? Carl, it's Sweet. Wassup, Sweet, what you want? It's Moms..She's dead, bro. Passenger,… [..]
Sorry, babe. I'm an ambitious girl and you, you're just small time. Liberty City is in Shock today, As the Police and Emergency Services deal with the aftermath of a devastating attack on a Police… [..]
The real question is, did you turn up to rescue Maria or to get me back? Well I got news for you, shooting you will be a pleasure but dating you was only business. You are mi pequeño amigo! (small time… [..]
Tommy Vercetti? Huh, shit! Didn't think they'd ever let him out. He kept his head down, helps people forget. People will remember soon enough. When they see him walking down the streets of their… [..]
J: I want you to imagine the sun J: Rising over the Sahara B: So beautiful! J: And there's a bunch of animals... J: That are standing underneath a stone J: And one animal steps forth J: Then he takes… [..]
Hey guys! In my last video I showed you an application called GTA V cheats, which is an application that has all the known cheats for the game. Though this application is a little bit different. It's… [..]
Damn, that bitch is bad! Oh yeah! Sup, y'all! What's up, CJ? Turn that TV off right quick. Listen up, fellas, like we were saying. No more base in the streets. Peep this - we're gonna unite… [..]
Hey, Carl, keeping busy I hope. You know me, Officer Tenpenny. Yeah, I know you Carl, I know everything about you. Don't touch me. Get your pig hands off me... That's right Carl, I got my eye on… [..]
You are a CEO and have got a storage and you want to make some money with Import/Export? Than I have some tips and tricks with I make you Simeon program No seriously, here are a few tipps & tricks how… [..]
Hey guys, how's it going, Greyleaf here, and today we're gonna be running Potshot on hard. You'll get 1400 RP and $7000 cash each time you run it. And it's the best pause menu mission to… [..]
Hi everyone, this is Aeldro. A short video guide on the first setup mission of the Fleeca Job heist. When I say guide, it's gonna be more of a presentation than a tutorial since there is little to… [..]
Hey everybody how's it going my name is Usman and today I'm gonna show you guys probably the easiest mission to play to make money in GTA 5 Online, so to start off you wanna head over to Rockstar… [..]
HoestOnline Gaming. GTA 5 Online Tryhards: Insurgents eat Rockets for Breakfast what is up my awesome viewers welcome back to my youtube channel this is HoestOnline and today guess what we're gonna… [..]
Hi everyone, this is Aeldro. Welcome to this last video of the Fleeca Job heist. After dealing with the two setups for this heist, we are going to do the final stage. In the heist's lobby, the team… [..]
How's it going, folks? Welcome to a new episode of Hot Topic. As always I'm Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew. This video shines the spotlight on the latest news, images and official trailer… [..]
This is Gary 7MT with the GTA Series Videos Crew and we have news for you! After the first batch of info and images, today Rockstar Games has knocked down a few new details about the next GTA Online update:… [..]
GTA 5 Online Rare Car Mexican Mariachi Car GTA Online Rare cars GTAV Rare Car GTA 5 rare car GTA Online Rare Cars GTA 5 Online Rare Car Mexican Mariachi Car GTA 5 Online Rare Car Mexican Mariachi Car to… [..]
Contact! *Shooty shooty gun noises* Target Neutralized! Changing Mag! In Position! *Floosh Rockittt Flies By* *Radio Noises* Capturing Bravo *Boom* *Pew Pew Pew* Under Heavy Fire! *Beep Beep ima Tank*… [..]
Over two millenniums ago, an army of Greek soldiers found themselves isolated in the middle of the Persian Empire. One thousand miles from safety. One thousand miles from the sea. One thousand miles with… [..]
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Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of GTA online Now first of all apologies if the quality seems a bit weird I'm doing this on the Xbox DVR which isn't always that reliable I haven't… [..]
*enthusiastic generic intro* Hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA online Guide, where today we're gonna be taking a look at the bomush... ummm bom Bom, Bombushka Hello?? Bombushka We've… [..]
I hope yall having a good time in the world of GTA. With the new addition of the adversary mode “Entourage” I certainly am having quite some fun. Also had I learn many thing about this new game mode as… [..]