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Good evening Gwent Players, I'm Cricket and today I want to do a different stream highlight, because it showcases something, I've been seeing a lot these last days. According to Gwent up, Henselt… [..]
Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! Nod’s here. There have been many interesting events and changes happened to Gwent in its first anniversary Community of the game is becoming more and more active uniting creative… [..]
My name is Neil Kinnock, a long time ago I was leader of the Labour party and before that for several years a Labour member of the House of Commons. When I left the House of Commons in 1994 I became a… [..]
(dramatic orchestral music) - A living, breathing world is all well and good but it's not really worth much unless the time you spend there is fun. So for a fantasy role playing game like The Witcher,… [..]
So, RAID primarily is, is an Older Adult Service so we see people over the age of 65 in the General Hospital who have any mental health problems. One of our objectives is to enable people to get out of… [..]
Listening to the coverage of politics you'd believe that Britain is fractured in two or maybe more pieces. Yet day in day out people go about their lives and disprove this narrative. As a city Newport… [..]
What do?! It is time for me to ride you! I like how I ride with sword out like I'm ready to just stab butt. Horse stamina. Can't see a god damn thing! Yes! Spank that horse!Oh get some! He's… [..]
(dramatic music) - If you don't know who One Direction is, I have nothing to say to you. (crowd screaming) - [Tyler] Oh my God. Oh, hey! Welcome to my room! This is where all the magic happens.(laughing)… [..]
Hi, I'm Claire Harding, I'm the Associate Director of Engagement for Aneurin Bevan Health Board and this is our second 'Talk Health' event. It's wonderful to see so many people here… [..]
Hello I'm Alison one of the Senior Sisters here on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Gwent Hospital. I recently worked on the project team for the refurbishment of our new unit. This is… [..]
Rated "MM" for Mature Motherfuckers. KILL THE WITCHER! Can I have a little silence, please? I'm trying to get some work done in here! THANK YOU! Jesus! Please, help us, stranger! It's all right,… [..]
Hi, James. My mate Jules fancies you... Please don't. Whoo! Cara, it's not even funny now. Let me just get his number. Bring an ambulance! Bring an ambulance! Stay still. I can't, I can't… [..]
Hi, this is Dodger, and you're watching my show! It is very bright in here right now. I was supposed to film this last night, but my face was turning into, like, tiny volcanoes. So I figured... you… [..]
HELLO INTERNET! Today I'll enter on the funiest trend of youtube. I'll read comments that criticise me and I'll answer them as sarcastics jokes, to hide my insecurity (Plays the popcorn) What… [..]
Welcome to Gwent: the witcher card game i'm going to buy 3 kegs just to start the video i hope i can get good cards *actual fart sound* bad cards another bad cards and more bad cards but i got moving… [..]
Hello guys, welcome to a video of Paranoia Games channel I'm Wilson Romão and today I'm going to analyze the closed beta of Gwent: The Witcher Game Card. The game Gwent: The Witcher Game Card is… [..]
The Nilfgaarad patch has finally arrived, lot of people are already testing it, playing it AND losing, like myself. It seems like you forgot how to play Gwent Because of all that changes, I will release… [..]
And it's full of joy that I bring you guys the first Gwentar Nilfgaard deck. It's a Control deck, like Radovid, of the last video It's called Milkgaard, milk because it plays the Cow Carcass… [..]
And this deck's keyword is: Control. Either with our RADOVID, or our BALLISTAs, or even our special cards Which means, the opponent plays only the units we let him play. If you'd like to see my… [..]
(start sound, dog barks) - [Eredin] Any last words? - No, that's not what...Damnit, I hate it when he doesn't say it. (laughs) I don't want to give it away 'cause I want you to experience… [..]
Five. That's no bear. However it does have funnier-looking pictures. Four.To be a man that becomes a bear... is impressive. However it's still only homosexual in bear armour. Some say it makes… [..]
Trader, Crows Perch near entrance **More info on my deck in the description below!** Decoy and Commanders Horn cards are a MUST! Hero cards are not necessary. Always play Spy cards first Mysterious Elf… [..]
You strike me as a man of the world. Are you familiar with Gwent? Im hurtin baby. Got toxins now. I need some Swallow-- Swallow, I need it now. When Im without it, I meditate. Ill just be thinking-- thinking,… [..]
All right. So, technically, the actual title for today's topic should be: Free-to-Play mechanics actually work brilliantly as mini-games so long as you don't actually have to spend the money and… [..]
So, first of all, thank you for receiving us here. It's a pleasure. We just saw a bit of the gameplay from Thronebreaker. The first campaign for Gwent. So, how long is it from actually being released, can… [..]
G-Hero the town of Honeywood needs your protection G-Hero the town of Honeywood needs your protection Charmed! Accept! Oh you have got to be kidding me. I play my White Chaos Dragon with nature charm sideways.… [..]
At last we've come to the Northern Realms. Did this faction really get as weak as people are saying? Let's find out on the last video of the Gwentar Series: "The Future of the Factions" with the… [..]
Another strong deck is the Monster Consume deck So you, who love Monsters or just want to know how a Consume deck works, come with me Hello, hello Gwenters Henrique speaking Just one thing before we start,… [..]
Resilient. That's what today's deck is about. In case you don't know, Resilient is when a unit stays to the next round. If you wanna see a non-Dwarf Resilient deck, come with me Hello, hello… [..]