Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Guides, Tips, Secrets

Hail to thee, feudalists of all kinds! In today's video we'll discuss the importance of community and everything you need to know about guild in our medieval world. So gather around your medieval… [..]
Opening our list of the Top 10 Xbox One Games of 2017 so far is Lego City Undercover Rising above LEGO's usual movie licenses is their extraordinary, and extra funny, original story, starring LEGO… [..]
This is a 2D video, click here for the 3D SBS version Hi, how are you my friends? Welcome again to Real o Virtual I apologize for not having released any video for a month But we have been really busy… [..]
Our stories speak of the ones that came before. The old ones. We've done Killzone at Guerrilla for over a decade. Interiors and corridors in lots of greys. We want to do something beautiful with lots… [..]
REPORTER: Devin, I covered your career at the University of Texas. Where'd you disappear to? [MUSIC PLAYING] YOUNG MAN: Today is the day that we put Memphis on the NFL map. SPORTSCASTER: A long shot… [..]
Good evening, my name is Knife Runner. I am 18 years old and I live in Bavaria. I am modder and I am creating a patch for "WFaS" at the moment and I have done some research about "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord"...… [..]
Welcome to Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide expansion. Rising Tide introduces new gameplay possibilities and challenges for players. Here is the new ocean variant of our Explorer unit.… [..]
You're supposed say something now Oh, right We're going to do 14 takes.. That was the first one.. The team's going to make more fun of us with each take.. Of course. Hello, I'm Michel Guillaume… [..]
>> Orangina: Whoa, Jesus Christ, man, what's wrong with you? I don't need to see that crap! >> Orangina: Hello. >> Afghans: Hello, how are we? >> Orangina: I'm good. Like all great warriors I'm… [..]
Today we take you to the Warhorse Studios We questioned Dan Vávra about his latest act on Kickstarter. We are also going to show you the new gameplay from Kingdom Come: Deliverance. we will talk about… [..]
A solitary queen carries the crown to a new land. Run deers. Hey guys. Welcome to Kingdom: New Lands. I'm Wade, Lordminion777. It has been a while since we have checked out the kingdom, but here's… [..]
Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you've been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher we've got your back. Let's take a look at the comings and… [..]
Here we are in medieval Bohemia 1403. Lovely, isn't it? I wonder who lives in that house over there. You can almost smell the flowers. I'd love to go exploring this open world landscape. Hey, hey,… [..]
We are standing in front of the Greek Embassy, where a crowd of protesters has gathered to support the release of two Czechs held in custody, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar. The reason for their imprisonment… [..]
Oh-ho you know it's bad when the Japanese are complaining. Alright, so this Intruder War Areas and honestly it looks like it's from 2004. Like, what are they flying a fucking pelican? This gives… [..]
That's right. We have known and come to know the King of the Universe. Amen? He is the righteous King, He is the rightful King, and yet we struggle because we're in between. We've have experienced… [..]
And we're back for this walkthrough of Casper and this time we'll explore some secret passages First, in the basement. So it's compulsory to use the golden key here and check that you have… [..]
RABBI SCHNEIDER>> (Music) Beloved, all of us want to feel good. It's only natural. But did you ever consider that Jesus calls us to also share with him in his sufferings? This is an important word.Stay… [..]
Ok, hello everybody. Seems we are online. Perfect. Welcome here for the very first live of Bulwark Studios and mostly on CROWNTAKERS game. First I want to thank you very much for joining our first streaming… [..]
Hello, friends. A few days ago I played in the open beta test in the Ghost Recon Wildlands. The game has changed a lot and I have something to tell you, Getaway Well firstly, the developers produced optimization… [..]
A cyclist's road-weary legs have gone viral. Social media users appear to be universally grossed out by this image of Paweł Poljański's legs... yet we can't stop looking. Poljański posted the… [..]
We've always maintained that God's words and work are contained in the Bible. It's simply impossible for God to speak beyond the Bible. The Bible contains the fullness of God's salvation.… [..]
Hello everyone! This is the ArtArmor Workshop. And we have a chainmail master as our guest. He can make such riveted chainmail. Hello everyone! My name is Vova. I've been making chainmail for more… [..]
Eternal Winter, an open-world survival game currently in early acces, developed and published by Developers Pack. In this game, you must survive in a harsh and cold environment by scavenging for food,… [..]
E3 is the foremost event for video gaming, The Electronic Entertainment Expo is where pretty much all games are announced, And while a huge amount of trailers and more were released, We've gathered… [..]
This is Mack, for Pixel Enemy, here to discuss what went down during the EA Gamescom 2017 show. Though the event isn’t as huge as E3, I still had high expectations, with my main desire being to see some… [..]
Björn: My name is Björn Pankratz, I am Björn: game designer and Björn: project head at Björn: Piranha Bytes for Björn: 15 years and... Björn: ... would like the next slide, please. Björn: So you can see… [..]
(Community subtitles by Danil Zorin) StarCraft II Legacy of the Void is the ending - a greately anticipated ending - of the whole StarCraft II franchise. We carefully followed that game for last five years.… [..]
Hey guys, Lavid here. Coder artist developer of Arakion along with my co-coder Andrew Milne. Alpha two is out next week for all backers and a lot has changed. With that in mind I thought a video showing… [..]
Hi, are N3CR0N and Welcome to My New Video One of the most pleasant surprises of this E3 It is undoubtedly the game developed by Ubisoft Montreal For Honor where we can play Vikings, knights and samurai… [..]