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Hello and welcome! My name is Jay. Today we will have a look at how to install Minecraft Forge 1.12, how to install mods after installing forge, and what you have to pay attention to so your game doesn't… [..]
Welcome to guide numero dos - "Early Game Stability," I'm your host B.R. Brainerd. After April Fools' day my appearance is back to normal. Don't mind the blood, it's not human, well it is human but it's… [..]
In the old school days of Minecraft you Legitimately had to drag items around by hand [where] [ever] you wanted to put them no matter What thankfully as time has gone on, Mojang has done a lot to improve… [..]
Hello, everyone and welcome back to another Minecraft tutorial. This video is a step-by-step guide on how to get the secret advancement 'How did we get here?'. In order to get this advancement… [..]
DISCLAIMER: you already might know some of this if so give yourself a high-5! Things you didn't know about the Llama Llamas are passive, but if a player hits one, it will spit once, dealing a single… [..]
Today I'll show you 10 simple uses for pistons In the bottom left corner I'll be writing the the thing I'm working on.. Floor Patterns I'll start off with something really simple, just to show how basic… [..]
Things you didn't know about: The Inventory You can drop entire stacks of items using Ctrl + Q! This is usally much quicker than dragging them out... This method can be used in creative mode if you… [..]
Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo Welcome back to another Minecraft video in this one We're going to take a look at the observer block and we're going to take a look at why it is the best block in… [..]
- Welcome back, Brites! I'm Sabrina Brite. - And I'm Sabrina. - DJ Monopoli or you can call him DJ Brite. And today on - [Both] Terabrite Games - We're going to be changing our skin for Minecraft.-… [..]
Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another Minecraft tutorial In this video, I'll be showing you how to build the AFK Fishing farm That you've seen me and some of the other Hermits using on the… [..]
Terms and Conditions I can not guarantee that you didn't know all of these things. I mean, how would I have any chance of knowing? So please, please don't be mad at me or brag about it in the comments.… [..]
CRAFTING RECIPES I DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED I love learning new crafting recipes, but I'm surprised I don't know them all! You might know all these and I'll look like a fool, but that's… [..]
Mark: Okay! Mark: Alright- Wade: Up- Down Mark: *Laughs* Mark: *laughing gibberish* your guy doing like, is this Mark: Hello Everybody! My name is Markiplier Mark: And W- *Dying of lack of air* Mark: *Starts… [..]
Okay the first thing you want to thing about when you're playing 2048 is to think about moving all of your pieces over into this corner square here or any corner square. I like to think of the upper… [..]
Making a grate from the usual clay I use It's a bit less than 50 cm in diameter and about 5 cm thick Making holes in the grate to let the flames through Getting clay from a termite mound. Termites… [..]
Why Minecraft is so popular and addictive? Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game: it takes the term "sandbox" to a totally new level. You can basically build anything in Minecraft. With its endless building… [..]
Matt: What's up, guys? Matt and Trevor from AchievementHunter.com. Trevor: Heeey, Matt. Matt: We're doing a guide, Friday the 13th: The Game; we're gonna kill Jason. Trevor: Oh, really? Matt:… [..]
Hey everyone, this is your chubby but yet adorable YouTube expert Derral Eves. Now I was just recently asked by one of my subscribers on the importance of utilizing tags in your YouTube videos. Guys tags… [..]
Hey, Eric here were 30 by 40 Design Workshop, talking about how to choose the best computer for architecture today. Whether you're a student, aspiring architect, a draftsperson, or if you're in… [..]
[MUSIC] This week On Windows, we're talking Skype bots and cutting costs, for Quantum Break on PC that is. We're giving you a glimpse into the future of personal computing with Windows holographic.… [..]
Every year, we get a lot of requests to do sponsored shows and we end up turning the vast majority of them down. But every once in a while, somebody approaches us and suggests something really interesting,… [..]
Factions The German Army World War II The Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany, now the Weimar Republic, was only allowed to have 100,000 men for it military to prevent future aggression. Hitler bypassed… [..]
My favorite class at school is Minecraft. You can make friends by working together with teamwork. [MUSIC] >> You can build anything you want, pretty much. It's pretty much limitless. [MUSIC] >> When… [..]
-Hey-hey, everybody! [sighs] I was thinking about not making a video today. Then I remembered, when it comes to playing games, I'm always game! [laughs] All right, let's play. "Temple Run 2. Take… [..]
There’s no one definition to what makes something a country. What decides if a country is a country essentially is whether or not other countries agree that the country is indeed a country. For this reason,… [..]
Say your players evil shark Once again, I saved the town, sweetie It's time to come inside little boy mom. I'm playing with my bow and arrow shooting a bad shark That's trying to ruin the town… [..]
At a gravity defying five degree angle the leaning tower of Pisa is lucky it didn't end up as a pile of rouble. So why does the leaning tower lean? Well the original foundations were just twenty meters… [..]
I'm sure all of you have seen the balls-to-the-wall 8K gaming setup that we created just a few months ago. And I'm also sure that you thought there was no way that we could Michael Bay that. Well… [..]
- Hey guys, this is Austin, and welcome to the Boson 4.0 So, for $400, not only are you getting a system that's going to be easy to build, especially if this is your first time building a gaming PC,… [..]
This video is a parody. We are not affiliated to Nintendo. ‘Been in da game for 20 years, and I know that Mario will always be the favorite, the number one. But deep inside, I don’t care. FALSE ! I’m not… [..]