The Division: Guides, Tips, Secrets

NARRATOR: The labyrinthing subways and tunnels of New York are an ideal setting for "The Division's" first paid expansion, which introduces Underground Operations, special missions that consist of… [..]
Agents, the Public Test Serve for patch 1.8 for The division is live and it's time to take a look at the new classified gear sets. We are starting with the D3-FNC set. This is really interesting as… [..]
Welcome back agents. The Strategic Homeland Division, SHD, or the Division for short, is activated in response to a catastrophic virus outbreak. Manhattan is at the center of the epidemic and has fallen… [..]
MALE SPEAKER: "The Skeptics Guide to the Mind-- What Neuroscience Can and Cannot Tell Us about Ourselves." The first two chapters are about out of body experiences, phantom limbs, problems assigning agency… [..]
Hey guys, Wolvie here! This video is a quick tutorial on how you can find all the hidden intel quick and easy in Tom Clancy's The Division. There are six types of intel you can find in the game. These… [..]
Hey guys, today I'm going to show you how to do the Police Academy Glitch. This glitch allows you to skip the entire mission as far as the boss fight. It's better to do this glitch with a team but… [..]
This is Mack, for Pixel Enemy, here with some Call of Duty: WWII action. While Sledgehammer Games has really refined the customization system, making it a little more limited than the previous Pick 10… [..]
Hi everyone, so here we are with some not completely pleasant news about The Division. Now essentially the end game content has had to have a bit of an Nerf thrown at it by Ubisoft. So what happened? Well,… [..]
Hello everyone. another Ubisoft game and another problems video. Who would have thought within merely hours of this game coming out there would be a host of issues? OK, so let's start with the big… [..]
More and more games have started to jump on to the latest trend of the always-online experience involving guns, gear and grinding. One of the latest games to do so may be the most ambitious, yet. This… [..]
Hi! Welcome to Math Antics. In this lesson, we are gonna learn about long division. If you haven’t already watched our video about basic division, then be sure to go back and watch that first. It will… [..]
Hi everyone. So this is a quick video because I've been seeing lots of reports online, reviews you might say of The Division that suggests that the game is well fundamentally broken because the mobs… [..]
Hey what up guys CHU_Neco here! Today The Division. We take on the last State of the Game Livestream and talk about the Update 1.2. Let's go for it! On May the 12th Massive Entertainment showed us… [..]
Hey guys, Wolvie here! In this video, I want to talk to you about how you can get weapon camo's in Tom Clancy's The Division. To get access to these camo's you're going to need an upgrade… [..]
This is the island of Ireland. The island is politically split between the Republic of Ireland an independent country, and Northern Ireland, which, together with Scotland, England and Wales, form the United… [..]
♪ [music] ♪ - [Don] In our last video, we covered how specialization in our work allows us as an economy to produce more, but each of us also specializes in how we use our minds. There's much to… [..]
Hey guys, Wolverine here! This video is a quick tutorial to show you how to use L1 to aim and R1 to fire in Tom Clancy's The Division. Now currently if you go to the settings and scroll threw the button… [..]
Hey Everybody, Kershoc here. Today I want to talk to you about a build I started using in 1.4 that still holds strong in 1.5. I like to call Firestar.What this build is not. This is not designed for PvP… [..]
Hi guys whats up? I've saw some guys talking about a signature skill glitch Just leaving the gun in the inventory and getting the talent from it Getting signature skill resource quickly, as a 4th talent.… [..]
Alright, hey guys my name is Sunwind and welcome to another Division Video. In this video we'll take a look at all the talents. Please keep in mind that you can only have 5 active talents at any given… [..]
Hey what up guys. CHU_Neco here! Today lets talk about The Division Update 1.2. Its the second free update for the Division and its goin to be release in May 2016.Lets go for it. Dark Zone mission? Well,… [..]
Alright hey guys my name is Sunwind and in this video I'll show you all the elements and resources and their value. Planets are densely packed with minerals to mine and collect, and knowing which ones… [..]
Hey Youtube! Let's get started. My new stats rolled in with the pts server reset so now you can see what your gear and weapons will roll on generally once the final patch is released. Let's take… [..]
The Division is getting a new zone in 1.8, and not just another expansion of the Dark Zone. It's the West Side Pier, which appears to include a stranded aircraft carrier as a playable space, and introduces… [..]
-Ubisoft's RPG The Division has been released, and it packs quite a punch. Set in a post-apocalyptic New York City, the third-person RPG features everything from response of player customization to… [..]
Hey what up guys CHU_Neco here! Today The Division. We show you how you can cheese the Incursion Falcon Lost. Lets go for it. It didn't take long: The community has already found an exploit to make… [..]
ISAC: Incoming transmission. We did it. Esmay's alive. Woo-hoo.This new rig is like a ballistic shield for my system. So thanks, Esmay. A good deed is its own reward. Only it's not. Where's… [..]
ISAC: Incoming transmission. You're going to want to see this. Rainer, I have Esmay. Patching her in now.What happened? Did you find Alex? Listen, it was really bad down there, but-- Esmay? Alex? Are… [..]
Hey guys, my name is Sunwind and welcome to another Division video. In this video we will take a quick look at all the perks that you can obtain in the game. Now do keep in mind that the perks are passive and… [..]
ISAC: In-coming transmission. Well, I got to hand it to you guys. You sure know how to bring it. That was a job well done. Asher isn't going to be hijacking our Comms anytime soon. I'm patching… [..]