Good evening Gwent Players, I'm Cricket and today I want to do a different stream highlight, because it showcases something, I've been seeing a lot these last days. According to Gwent up, Henselt… [..]
This part of this video shown early-game gameplay. If you want to skip to "Late-game" click a button on the upper left. Too afraid to go down there... Eat dirt! I really like spike trap in this game. One… [..]
Don't be fooled by her childish appearance Zoe is an ancient being, a cosmic messenger of Targon. And when the Aspect of Twilight appears, she warps reality itself. Welcome... to the Zoe Champion Spotlight.… [..]
What is up guys its GJUNIOR GAMING and today I'm just gonna be doing a video of a secret thing i found in the game. Erm I'm not giving myself credit for finding this erm someone else found this.… [..]
Hey guys! what's up welcome back to another episode of Livegames Wild where today we're gonna take a look at the new winter DLC here on dying light known as the white death bundle it's $2.99… [..]
Hello everyone this is FDC8K here. this is a gaming review on Asus r558UQ and the game is Ghost Recon wildlands. here is the configuration of the laptop it has 2gb NVIDIA geforce 940 MX graphics. 7TH generation… [..]
Jo folks, what goes and welcome to a new video of Jokernineeleven This time a Ghost Recon Wildlands Glitch, the game is out today and this glitch is still out of the open beta And indeed an Xp and resources… [..]
Your task to get this reward is Bought all the upgrades of a Skill branch. to buy skills, you need skill points and resources Resources such as gasoline, health, comms, and food parcel units are littered… [..]
Hello. I'm Bruno Guerin, live content director on Assassin's Creed Origins. For the first time, we're including the Photo mode in Origins, so I'm here to take you through some of the features… [..]
Welcome to the Premier Club. In 2017, we’ll be bringing you 3 RuneScape expansions starting with the Golden City of Menaphos, as well as a complete Bank rework, an elder god quest and a litlle British… [..]
Hello everyone, welcome to Shadé’s Youtube Channel! Yes, it’s actually pronounced zah-day not shade. You’ve already seen these aerial vehicles soaring gracefully in the Tolbrynd skies, But you still have… [..]
Damien: It's incredibly hard for me to get, uh, time to really play with other people. So, like, this is the first time in months I've been able to do it. I might not be able to do it again ???:… [..]
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Hey what is up guys, so in this video I'm going to display how I earn about 5 million silver per hour through farming. So my go-to place will always be Saunil Camp. which is located southeast of calpheon.… [..]
Hey whats up guys? Im gonna be showing you the fastest way to get a boat. So first of you wanna go to Ephiria. Which is all the way west wards. Ok. So its all the way over here Epheria port.Then you should… [..]
Hello and welcome to my scroll guide in black desert. today we will be looking at all kind of summoning scrolls. Let's start with daily scrolls. Theese scrolls get offered to you by your black spirit… [..]
Hello I'm Agani, welcome this quick BDO guide. In this guide we will be going over the different ways to find people and places in the wonderful world of black desert online. When playing black desert… [..]
In today's video we're going to be talking about leveling up. I'm not going to be talking about skill levels because that'll be for another video. But in this video we're going to be… [..]
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Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Beer. Every once in a while your workers will be out of stamina and need to regenerate. The easiest way to do that is to give them some Beer.… [..]
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Hello and welcome to my passive moneymaking guide. This time we will be covering calpheon and it's profitable nodes. lets start north because you don't need much contribution points to get started… [..]
Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Workers In Black Desert, you don‘t need to gather all the materials required for crafting yourself, you can send out workers to do that for… [..]
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Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Cooking. In Black Desert you can craft a lot of food. There are many recipes for many different purposes, so having a high cooking level… [..]
So I'm gonna be going over the marketplace today from what I understand it's pretty simple and straightforward you know you go up to this girl or boy can't really tell anymore let's just… [..]
Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Black Stones On your adventures in Black Desert you will come across two main types of Black Stones - Black Stones (Weapon) and Black Stones… [..]
Hey everyone, last time I showed you all the Ranger Awakening Weapon Quest Line. This time I want to show you the Tamer Awakening Weapon Quest Line. First you’ll obviously need to be level 56. Next, you… [..]