Agario Experimental Game Mode: Rules and Tricks

There are several game modes in Agario and Experimantal is one of them. You can select this mode in main menu of the game. Dropdown menu for this is located near the field where you enter your Nickname.

What’s the difference between this mode and others? The largest difference is that it’s not regular mode. It is used for testing new game features and possible updates. It’s like PTS server in MMO game. The goal of this mode is to let players test new features and see how these possible updates may affect the gameplay. That’s why you may encounter some unusual mechanics while playing there.

It was added to the game on the 11th of June 2015. Originally there was a large “mother” cell in the center of the map. This cell produced 10% of the food. Later on this large cell was removed and now you can find several small “mother” cells on every experimental map.


Experimental mode differs from Free For All (FFA) and others. The main difference is virus behavior. In FFA a viruses are always static and can’t be moved. You can eject your mass to the virus using W key and after about 7 shots a virus will throw a new virus but will stay on the same place.

In Experimental viruses are not static, they can be moved! When you W the virus it moves but doesn’t grow and doesn't split. It makes it easier to resist attacks. If you are attacked you can also start bombing the virus and it will move to other direction. This behavior affects gameplay a lot.

Mother Cells

The other difference from FFA is that there are “Mother” cells. These cells are very useful because they produce food. Every mother cell ejects pellets and you can eat them. These cells usually attract small agars and you can use this. If you are big enough you can hunt small players near “mother” cells.

Mother Cell

What happens when you W (feed) mother cell? Your ejected mass will be turned into pellets :) You can use this trick to attract smaller cells and eat them.

Mother can also turn one of your parts into pellets. If you have a small part you can move it into mother cell and it will transform it into pellets you may eat. This trick can be used when you wish to get united faster.

If your agar is much larger than Mother cell and you will try to eat it, you will explode. If your agar is smaller than mother and you will try to hide behind mother, you will be turned into pellets. As you see the cell is very interesting and sometimes dangerous object. I recommend you to try all the described things yourself in order to understand everything.

Mother Cell vs. Virus

Do you remember that Viruses in this game mode can move? So what will happen if you W virus into Mother Cell? The virus will be eaten and turned into pellets. This can be a source for growing. Just don’t forget that you will have to spend your mass to move virus into mother. If the virus is too far you will have to spend too much mass for this. This trick works great if the virus is located not far from mother and you don’t need to spend too much mass for moving it.

Virus vs Mother Cell

Other rules of the mode are the same: eat enemies, grow, eat again. In general playing Experimental is funny. The strategy differs from FFA due to viruses behavior and mother cells. If you are tired from traditional Free For All I recommend to try this great mode.

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