Agario Rules: How to Play? is one of the most popular browser games in the world. Though it has simple game mechanics and rules, it could attract attention of millions of players all over the world. It took only several months for the game to grow from unknown project into a famous game with many servers in different parts of the globe. This article will tell you everything about how to play Agario.

Eating — Primary Goal

Rules of the game are very simple. You appear in Agario as a small circular cell with random color / or special skin. Your cell grows when it eats other cells or special “food” distributed throughout the map. This food is called pellets (small colored dots on screen). Every time you eat a pellet your mass increases by 1.

The general rule is: eat everything you can and grow!

You have to eat the pellets in the beginning in order to collect starting mass. Then you can start eating smaller players! This is the main source for growing into a monster cell!

Don’t forget that you are playing against other people. They also wish to grow. Stay away from larger opponents: bigger players can eat you like you can eat smaller! Your task is to grow fast avoiding bigger cells. If you are fully eaten you start the game from the beginning.

  • The size of your cell is called ‘mass’. When your cell eats a player his mass adds to your cell enlarging it.
  • If you don’t eat you lose your mas over time. The bigger your cell is the faster your mass shrinks. You have to eat in order to survive! 

There is one thing that impacts gameplay a lot: when your cell grows your speed decreases. The more mass you have the slower your cell moves. It allows smaller cells to have advantage over large – they are faster and they can escape. But large agar can always eat smaller players if it reaches him.

Numbers: to eat someone you need to be at least 25% larger, meaning you need to have at least 25% more mass. For example if you wish to eat a cell with 1000 mass you need to have at least 1250 mass in order to do it. If your mass is almost equal you will just fly through the enemy. This rule works for all situations in the game.

Throwing Mass / Splitting

SplittingHow to eat a smaller player if he always moves faster? The answer is: you can split! When you press ‘Space’ key your large cell splits into two smaller parts. Each part has ½ of your previous mass. When you split, one of your parts jumps ahead and can eat all the smaller cells on the way. It’s a very useful ability and you need to master it.

This trick can be used not only for eating. You can split in order to move faster. 2 smaller cells move faster than 1 large. This can be used for escaping from threat. 

  • If you wish (and if you have enough mass) you can split into more than 2 parts. Just press space several times. You can split your cell into 16 parts. Right now the game doesn’t allow splitting into more parts. If you have 16 parts and will try to split into more nothing will happen. BTW, this allows to eat Viruses and Mother Cells without any aftermath.
  • After you throw your mass you will have to control several cells for a period of time. After some time your spitted parts will unite into one and you will become large again.
  • Pay attention: you can split whenever you want but you can’t unite back whenever you wish. The time before your parts will unite depends on the mass of your cells, the more mass they have the longer it will take.

You need pay strong attention to when to split and when to avoid doing this. Sometimes there are situations when it’s much better to stay large instead of splitting into parts. When you are controlling multiple cells you are very easy to eat. A larger cell can throw a half of its mass inside a group of your small cells and eat most of your mass.

Numbers: the rules of eating by throwing mass are the same. Your part must be at least 25% larger than your opponent in order to consume his agar entirely. For example if you see a cell with 1000 mass and wish to eat it by splitting you need to have at least 2500 mass. When you split you will throw ½ of your mass = 1250 which is 25% larger than your opponent. You will be able to eat him.

Ejecting Mass

You can not only throw your mass by splitting. You can also eject small portions of your mass by pressing W key. Every time you press W you send small parts of your mass (18 points) in front of you.

  • You can’t control these small parts. They just fly ahead for some time and then stop.
  • You or any other player can eat these ejected parts and become larger.
  • Pay attention: when you eject mass, you lose a portion of it!

This mechanics can be used for several reasons: to feed your ally / teammate, to attract smaller cells and eat them by splitting or for feeding a virus! 


Agario VirusVirus is a special static cell. It is green and spiky. It doesn’t move and it appears randomly on the battlefield. It is your best friend if you know how to use it. Starting mass of a virus is about 140 when it appears. You can hide behind the virus if you are smaller. But you’d better not touch it if you are larger or you will explode into multiple parts.

Virus is your most dangerous weapon against other cells. You can eject your mass into it. Every time a virus receives mass it grows. After you feed it for about 7 times it will split into 2 viruses and the new part will jump forward – through the opposite direction of ejection. Thus you can bomb larger players. If your bombing attempt is successful a target will explode into several smaller parts.

Not only you can bomb. Your enemies can also use this move against you. If someone tries to throw a virus inside your cell, you can try to escape or try to bomb the same virus into your enemy. Start ejecting your mass into the same cell and if you are lucky enough you can succeed.

Mother Cell

Mother CellSome game modes have other rules and new objects. For example you can see a Mother Cell in Experimental mode. Mother Cell is a round dark-red static cell. It doesn’t move. It ejects pellets periodically and small cells can benefit from it. They can just move around Mother eating new pellets.
But move around carefully. If you move your agar inside Mother Cell it will be eaten and divided into pellets which will appear around mother cell. 

This is the end. As you see the rules of Agario game are not difficult. All you need is to grow eating other players. Though the rules are simple, the game will offer you a lot of interesting situations and funny moments. Good luck and see you on battlefield!

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