Agario Teams Game Mode: Rules and Tricks

There are several game modes in Agario and Teams Mode is one of them. It’s possible to switch to this mode from the main menu of the game. The menu for this is located near the field where you enter your nickname.

This game mode differs from others and the main difference is that you need to cooperate with other players in order to help your team to dominate.

When you start the game you become member of one of 3 teams: Red, Green or Blue. You can’t select which team to join, everything is randomly. The game puts you into the team and you need to help your team to control the server.

What team wins? There are no winning conditions. All modes in Agario don’t have winning conditions. The game continues until the wipe of the server and balance of forces always changes.


The first thing you may notice is that there is no standard leaderboard with nicknames on the right. You will see an indicator with team progress instead. The indicator shows overall performance of your ream.

This indicator shows shares of total mass each alliance controls. For example if you are playing as Red agar and Red team dominates the major part of the circle will be colored with red. If the alliances control relatively equal parts of overall mass, the circle will be colored with 3 colors in equal shares.


That’s why you will never see nicknames of players in the leaderboard. This mode is not only about becoming the biggest but also about helping your group to dominate. That’s the primary goal.

Eating Rules

If you played you know that in most modes your cell can eat cells of any other players. But in Team mode you can eat cells from enemy groups ONLY. If you are Red you can eat Blue and Green cells only! The game will not allow you to eat Red agars because they are your allies!

That’s the largest and the most important difference. If you try to eat Red agar you will not be able to do it. You will just come close and will not go through it.

You should take this information into account and always keep it in mind! That’s because your allies may sometimes become obstacles when you move. They may slower your movements if they are on your way because you will not be able to eat them or pass through them.

Split-Killing and Feeding

There is one thing you should know: you still can split-kill enemy players but you can’t feed you allies by splitting! This is very important information! Don’t even try to feed a bro by splitting. You will not be able to do this. You will just split and your ally will not eat your mass.

So how to feed allies? The only way is to eject mass using W key. W key works as usually and you can share the mass using this feeding key.  This method may seem slow but there is no other way. If you wish to feed faster you may split into several parts…


Viruses in this game mood work similar to Free for All. It’s a dangerous object you should pay attention to. If you are larger the virus will split your cell into many parts.

You can eject your mass into the virus and attack other player. The viruses are static and don’t move.

Viruses are much more important in this game mode than in others. That’s because virus is the only way to destroy large enemy cell. Even a small agar can bomb large enemy but this may help teammates a lot. Virus is a very dangerous weapon against enemy alliances and not all players understand this…

Switching the Team

Many players ask if it’s possible to switch the team. Right now you can’t do this without switching a server. When you start playing, the game puts you into the team on random basis and you continue playing in that team after death. The only way to change team is to reload browser window. But if you do this you will most likely be reconnected to the other server. If you are lucky enough you will be placed to the same server but this happens too seldom.

If you really wish to change the team but to stay on the same server you may try to reload browser window several times until the game places you on desired server.

Cross Teaming Support

There is a way to build an alliance with representative of opposite team. You may offer him friendship as you usually do in other modes and he may accept it. But your new “Bro” will be destroying representatives of your Team. You can’t eat them but he can. That’s not the best way to act because it leads to weakening of your starting alliance. If you wish such friendship you’d better play Free For All.


  • Use spectate mode before you start playing. This will help you to understand, what team dominates. If the domination is total you may reconnect to other server…
  • Always help your allies to eat enemies. That’s what the game is about! Share your mass!
  • If you are near virus and you see a large enemy, try to bomb him! This may help your allies to eat this cell and your team will get larger share in the leaderboard.

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