Attributes: Firearms, Stamina, Electronics

Every character has 3 main attributes that affect his power: Firearms, Stamina and Electronics. They are basic. Open your inventory, click “Overview” tab and you will see details of your character.


As you see every attribute has a number which tells you how many points you have in each. In general the more points you have the better it is. Strength of your character depends on these numbers directly. Each of these attributes affects your character in one way or another.

  • 1 Firearm point gives 1% Extra Damage (for every weapon you use). That’s important for DPS role. If you wish to maximize damage pay attention to this stat.
  • 1 Stamina Point gives 30 extra Health. The more HP you have the longer you can survive. If you wish to play as a Tank you may want to go with more Stamina to get extra health.
  • 1 Electronics point gives 10 extra Skill Power. This power determines how strong your skills are. It affects your skills in different ways. It increase duration of abilities, power of effect, radius and so on. If you wish to be support you may wish to have higher Electronics attribute to increase power of skills.

The size of bonus every attribute gives can be seen at Character tab in your inventory. For example 60 Firearms will increase your damage by 60% with any weapon equipped. The build of your character depends on how many of each atribute you currently have. Distribution is the key.

Weapon Talents

The other reason to boost Attributes is that many weapons have different Talents. For example talent “Deadly” increases critical hit damage by 11% when you use this weapon. That’s great, but most talents on high rarity weapons require player to have certain amount of attribute points in order to benefit from the talent. For example “Deadly” talent may require 400 points in Firearms. If you don’t meet the requirement the talent will not be active and you will not be able to use all power of the weapon. Some of the talents may have two attributes requirement.

Pay Attention: There are weapon talents with very high unlocking requirement. For example you may find a weapon with talent that requires 700 Firearms! 700 points is very difficult to reach. Usually that means that you will have to forget about other attributes and focus on one. You will have to pick the gear with Firearms bonuses only. In most cases this is not the best way to act. Though the talent may be really good, you will have to sacrifice a lot in order to get it. In most cases having a balanced build is much better than going deep within Electronics, Stamina or Firearms only.

How to Increase?

You know how the Attributes work and how they affct your build. Now it’s time to find out how to increase them. There are several ways to increase your AP numbers:

  • The Division is all about getting better gear. Your primary goal is to level up and get cool items. The better the items you equip are the more benefits you get. That’s because every piece of gear boosts one or sometimes even two attributes! For example a piece of body armor may give +13 points to Firearms and thus increase damage by 13%. Gas mask may give bonus to your stamina and so on. That’s the most important reason to get high rarity items. If you look at the Attributes of high level character you will see that the numbers he has are much higher than the numbers of low level character. That’s mostly because of gear. High level items can give hundreds of extra attribute points, while low level items are much weaker! Thus your build depends on equipped items a lot.
  • The second way to get more attributes is gear mods. High rarity gear allows you to add different mods. These mods also have attribute bonuses. That’s the main reason to modify your gear. The better mods you have the higher bonuses you receive.
  • Gearing is not the only way to increase power. You receive the points every time you level up. But you don't distribute them yourself. All stats grow equally with every new level. If you compare level 4 and level 21 player without gear you will see that level 4 player has 28 points in Firearms, Stamina and Electronics while level 21 player has 192 points in every category! In general you will receive 50% of your AP from leveling and 50% from proper gearing.


One of the most important questions is: should you focus on one attribute or not? On my opinion having a balanced character is a better idea than focusing on one side only. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t offer equal distribution. The way you distribute your AP depends on your role and play style. If you play as a healer / support you may want to have more point is Electronics. But don’t forget about Stamina and Firearms. You still need health and attack power to survive.

The way you distribute points depends on your role and gear you have. For example you may find a cool weapon with amazing talent. This talent may require you to change your build slightly in order to be unlocked. Why not? You will slightly change build but receive great bonus in return.


The Division allows you to change the way you distribute your attributes any time. You just need to find new gear for that. If you wish to increase health just find an item that gives bonus to Stamina, put it on and enjoy. This may take time and efforts but anyway you can change your build at any stage of the game.

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