Base of Operations Explained

Base of Operations is one of the most important places in Tom Clancy's The Division. This place is your “home” where you can find many useful objects and NPCs. This article will tell you everything about the base: what for it is used, how to upgrade it, how to take new quests there and other information.

Game map in The Division is divided into zones that are called districts. In the beginning of the development every district had its own Base of Operations but later on devs decided to place only one huge base instead of several small. Now there is only one large base and you can find it in the middle of Manhattan to the west of the Dark Zone. The image below shows location of the base on game map:

Base of Operations Location

You should know that the base is the only place in the game that is completely yours and you always visit it alone. It’s your personal instance. Your teammates can’t enter your base. Once you enter the doors – you are separated. This will not kick you from the team, but you will not be able to see the teammates.


When you enter the base you will notice that it’s divided into 3 main wings: the Medical, the Technology and the Security wing. All these wings are offline at first and you will see it on the large screen in the game:

Base of Operations Status

To get them back you have to complete special missions and bring in people who can manage these wings. That’s how you start upgrading the base. For example to recover medical wing you need to secure a special doctor Jessica Kandel. After rescuing her, she will start working at the medical wing and it will become active. The same is about other 2 wings. You need to complete missions in order to find special people and bring them to work.

After you bring these special people you receive opportunity to upgrade the wings. All of them have special progress bars which show your see upgrading progress. What wing to upgrade first? It’s your choice which of them you wish to upgrade and develop. You may focus on one area or try to boost all 3 simultaneously.  We recommend to pay attention to the wing that is connected with your playing style. For example if you are Support / Healer – upgrading Medical wing is your primary goal.

How to Upgrade?

Every wing has a list of 10 possible upgrades (30 upgrades in total for the whole base). Every upgrade has different cost of special Supplies. The table below shows all the upgrades for Medical section.

Medical Wing

UpgradeSupplies Cost
Virus Lab500
Disaster Aid1000
Intensive Care400
Hazmat Unit400
Decontamination Unit200
Pediatric Care200

There are 3 types of Supplies, one per each wing. The supplies can be obtained by completing missions. For example Medical section requires Medical Wing Supplies. They can be gathered by completing Medical Missions and Medical Encounters only! There is no other way to get them.

How to find the missions? You need to open your map. They will be marked with special logos. The logos are different for every Wing and they are easy to identify. You should also use Situation Reports (described below).

What’s the reason to upgrade base?

As you know your character has Skills, Talents and Perks. When your character progresses to new level he receives special points that can be spent for upgrading his skills. But most of the skills are locked by default. That’s where the base upgrades matter. 

Level of your wings affects the amount of the skills you can access within certain specialization. For example if you level Tech wing up to 30% you will get access to 4 skills in Tech tree. But if you level the wing to 50% you will be able to access 6 skills! As you see upgrades of your base give you new powers and that’s why they are important.

Upgrade Benefits

Purchasing new wing upgrades also give you new Perks! For example if you spend Medical Supplies for building Clinic you automatically receive Medkits perk which increase Medkit inventory by 1 slot. All the parks are permanent and you may decide what upgrade to build first.

What upgrades to purchase first? That’s all about you. We recommend to look through the list of available upgrades and the perks every upgrade provides. After this you may decide what perk you wish to have now and what later on. Purchase the upgrades according to the perks.

The more you upgrade your wings the more skills, talents, modifications and perks you are able to unlock! That’s why you will have to upgrade your base!

Personal Stash

There is important object you should know about and use: your personal Stash. This is where you can keep your items if you don’t want to keep them with you. It’s your personal storage.

All the items you extract from the Dark Zone also arrive here. As you know the items from the Dark Zone are contaminated. The decontamination process cleans the items and you can use them after that. Find out more about this in our special Dark Zone guide.

Crafting Station

The only Crafting Station in the game is located at the base. Here you can create different stuff. Read our guide to find out all the details about this: Crafting in The Division: Full Guide.


Base of Operations is not only for accessing new skills. It’s a very important place where you can find many beneficial objects. You can find different vendors which sell armor, weapons, modifications, ammunition and all other stuff. It looks like these traders sell only low level and low rarity gear. But that’s not a problem, you can always get better items from Dark Zone vendors and looting.

Situation Report

There is a special NPC who can give you report about what’s going around. She will tell you about new missions, encounters and all other information that may be useful. Check this NPC regularly and you will always have something to do.

Restock Crate

Restock crate is located near the exit. When you open it you receive new ammunition, medkits, grenades and other useful stuff that will help you in the game. Similar Restocks can be found in other locations like Safe Houses and even in different missions.


  • Don’t ignore upgrading your Base of Operations! This will give you access to new skills and powers!
  • Always check your restock crate once you leave the base. You may find something valuable there.
  • Don’t look for crafting stations in other locations. The only station is here.

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